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HSN Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Brings In Our Latest Obsessions: Coral, Kyanite And Khamsa Hands

July 15, 2010

HSN jewelry designer Carol Brodie, formerly of the House of Winston, is on the same wavelength as us, it seems.

Brodie, a tall gorgeous blonde that we had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, has HSN’s Today’s Special, which is a ring with carved coral roses and white topaz. It sells for $90.

We have been a collector of coral for several decades, first getting turned on to it when we saw the red variety in Navaho jewelry in the Southwest. Carol’s pieces are done in soft pinkish coral.

To match the TS, Carol also has two different types of rose coral earrings, one button style and one drop, and a neckace as well.

And this visit Carol has a stone that we’ve just started collecting on the advice of someone who read our tarot cards: kyanite. This stone is said to be only one of two, the other being citrine, that don’t hold negative energy.

Kyanite is hard to come by, so its debut in Carol’s line, which is called Rarities, is quite logical.

Gem-quality kyanite is deep blue, like a Kashmir sapphire. But most kyanite has shiny flakes, like mica, and is very soft.

Carol has a kyanite bead necklace with a silver enhancer on it for $250. We’ve only seen one other necklace in HSN’s inventory that has kyanite.

Finally, we are looking for some good luck and warding off of evil, so we’ve been seeking out a nice Hamsa or Khamsa hand. That’s the hand you see people wearing as an amulet.

We’re told Khamsa means “five,” as in the five fingers of the hand, and that this symbol is known as “The Hand of God” and “The Hand of Fatima.”

Well, Carol has a lovely Khamsa charm done in silver and white sapphire and sterling, for $50.

The hand is also said to “initiate hope and prosperity to its owner.” We’re hoping that’s true.

So as we said, we and Ms. Brodie seem to be of the same mind when it comes to jewelry and gemstones.

We’ll be tuning in to her HSN shows today.