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Serious Skincare Victory Lap at Evine

January 19, 2019

Wondering how Serous Skincare, a refugee from HSN, did with its premiere on Evine? Here’s the press release.

Serious Skincare Launch Proves Victorious at Evine

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evine Live Inc. (“Evine”) (NASDAQ:EVLV), a multiplatform interactive video and digital commerce company (, today announced the successful debut of Serious Skincare on its network.

“Last weekend is an example of the magic of interactive video commerce at Evine,” said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer at Evine. “We expected the momentum would be big, given the brand’s large customer base. But we were especially pleased with how the Serious Skincare customer who hadn’t shopped with us before embraced our network. We are also delighted with Evine shoppers’ reaction to the new brand.”

“I am beyond pleased,” said Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, co-founder of Serious Skincare. “So many people had a hand in this launch, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception of Serious Skincare by both the network and customers. We are so happy to be home with Evine, and we can’t wait to share more during our next visit from Evine’s Los Angeles studio on January 25.”

Serious Skincare’s premiere included 17 live hours, with over 50% of customers opting into a subscription program to receive ongoing shipments to replenish their supply. During the debut, 11 items sold out, including the Microcurrent EGG, Anti-Aging Retinol Serum Duo and Reverse Uplift Kit.

The brand brought in over 3.5 times more new customers than average for the beauty category, and the network saw high engagement rates from viewers across on-air and social media platforms. Over 50 testimonial calls were received during the live television shows – including one from Jennifer’s husband, Sylvester Stallone – and Evine Facebook Live streamed shows saw the highest viewership in the prior twelve months. The network expects momentum to grow as brand awareness increases with each Serious Skincare visit.

Former HSN Vendor Jennifer Flavin Set For January Evine Debut

November 30, 2018

Jennifer Flavin, a longtime HSN skin care vendor and wife of actor Sylvester Stallone, is in fact coming to Evine.

This week in its third-quarter earnings report the Minnesota home shopping network said it had suffered a dramatic 12 percent drop in sales. CEO Bob Rosenblatt attributed the bad news to a new vendor’s debut being delayed until January.

Then a kind soul tipped us off about a subsequent securities filing that Evine made. In it, Evine said that Flavin, whose line is called Serious Skincare, was scheduled to debut on the network Jan. 3. It sounds to us that she is the vendor that Rosenblatt was eluding to.

There was no explanation for the delay, but sometimes legal issues are involved.

Flavin, as well as new Evine vendor Jane Fonda, are getting company stock.

This is from Evine’s 8-K:

On November 23, 2018, we entered into a restricted stock award agreement with Flageoli Classic Limited, LLC (“FCL”) granting FCL 1,500,000 restricted shares of our common stock in connection with and as consideration for entering into a vendor exclusivity agreement between our companies.

The vendor exclusivity agreement grants us the exclusive right in television shopping to market, promote and sell products under the trademark of Serious Skincare, a successful skin-care brand with a loyal customer base, that is expected to launch on our television network on or about January 3, 2019. Additionally, the agreement identifies Jennifer Flavin-Stallone as the primary spokesperson for the brand on our television network.

500,000 of the restricted shares will vest on the first business day following the initial appearance of the Serious Skincare brand on our television network. The remaining restricted shares vest in equal amounts on the first and second anniversaries of the initial appearance date. This summary description of the restricted stock award agreement is qualified in its entirety by reference to the agreement, a copy of which is included as Exhibit 4.1 to this Current Report and incorporated by reference in this Section 3.02.

On November 27, 2018, we issued warrants to Fonda, Inc. for 1,500,000 shares of our common stock in connection with and as consideration for entering into a services and trademark licensing agreement between our companies. Under the agreement the parties plan to develop and market one or more lines of products, including a fitness and wellness lifestyle brand.  Additionally, the agreement identifies Jane Fonda as the primary spokesperson for the brand on our television network. The parties also plan to partner with key retailers to offer a brick & mortar version of the brand.

Valentines’s Day Special: HSN’s Live On-AIr Proposal Rocks Jennifer Flavin Stallone’s Show

February 12, 2012

We apparently missed a very special moment on Jennifer Flavin Stallone’s recent HSN appearance.

Stallone, who yes is married to THAT Stallone, posted this video on Facebook of the on-air proposal of an HSN design dude to a model on the network.

“What a great moment during our Valentine’s Day Host Pick, when Mike (HSN Lighting Designer) popped the question to Kristin (On-Air Model) LIVE! Best wishes from all of us at HSN to the engaged couple, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our fans on YouTube,” Stallone wrote.

Mike, who is very cute, did it right, on bended knee. And the engagement-ring diamond looked sizable, too.

Congrats you two HSN love birds.

HSN Vendors’ Six Degrees Of Separation: Jennifer’s Husband Sylvester Stallone Helps Laurie’s Spouse, Lionsgate Honcho Jon Feltheimer, Fend Off Icahn

August 18, 2010

In the HSN “family,” one vendor’s husband may have helped another vendor’s husband keep control of his company.

We’re taking about Jennifer Flavin’s husband, action movie star Sylvester Stallone, saving the bacon of Laurie Feltheimer’s husband, movie studio chief Jon Feltheimer.

Sylvester Stallone have given Lionsgate a hit with The Expendables

Flavin, as any home shopping fan knows, sells the Serious Skincare line on HSN. Laurie has an apparel and accessory line called Hot in Hollywood on HSN. Here’s the deal.

Laurie’s husband Jon, whose nickname is “Felt,” runs Lionsgate, a film and TV studio that has produced movies like the “Saw” film series, the Tyler Perry money makers, and the hot Emmy-winning TV hit drama “Mad Men.”

We interviewed Jon at Lionsgate in Santa Monica two years ago when we were working for place whose name we refuse to say, and profiled the company.

Laurie's husband Jon Feltheimer

At the Emmys that year in LA, where “Mad Men” won the award for best drama, we saw the show’s leading man Jon Hamm give Jon Feltheimer a warm embrace at the Governor’s Ball after the awards.

But that was then, when Lionsgate was the toast of the town. This is now. Lionsgate has recently had a string of dud movies. That provided an opening for corporate raider Carl Icahn, who has mounted a hostile takoever bid against Lionsgate, increasing his stake in the publicly traded company.

The battle between Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate and pesky and persistent Icahn, who has blasted Lionsgate management for producing box-office bombs this year, has been going on for months. It’s hard to keep track of it.

Laurie's Today's Special

Wall Street analysts agreed that Lionsgate needed a blockbuster film to prove that management still knows how to create a big movie. And Flavin’s husband, Stallone, provided it in “The Expendables,” a Lionsgate film.

The action flick, which also features Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, was No. 1 at the box office this past weekend, raking in $35 million.

Stallone’s potential rescue of “Felt” and Lionsgate may wind up one of the most important feats he’s ever performed.

Laurie should take Jennifer for a nice dinner, either on the West Coast or when they’re in St. Petersburg at the same time to appear on the Southern Channel.

Anyway, Laurie had HSN’s Today’s Special Wednesday: a ruffled military-style jacket for $50.

While we’re at it, host Bobbi Ray Carter’s eyes are looking awful wide open and slanted up, unnaturally so. We know you’ll slam us for saying this, but we think she’s had some work done.

Even CEO Mindy Grossman, Along With Criss Angel, Is Live In Vegas For HSN’s 33rd Birthday

August 15, 2010

Criss Angel's HSN Magic Kit

We’ll give credit where credit is due. HSN is really wowing us, first with its “Eat, Pray, Love” event last weekend (more on that later) and this weekend with its live event from Vegas, baby.

We’re watching it now, and illusionist Criss Angel is doing his thing, performing and hawking a magic kit with Callie Northagen.

HSN has transported a host of its hosts — Colleen Lopez, Bill Green, Chris Scanlon, etc. — to Sin City, and its celebrity vendors, like Wolfgang Puck, Jennifer Flavin Stallone to do shows in front of a studio audience. There were 25 celebs doing presentations, and the vibe was fun.

HSN also set up booths in Vegas with its jewelry, apparel, etc. The home shopping network at about 8 p.m. went to a shot of Jean Queen Diane Gilman in her booth, where we saw HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, live and in the flesh.

Lopez gave a shout-out to Grossman as a woman of style (that should ensure a raise, Colleen).

We know that QVC often goes on location, to Italy and Arizona, for example. But HSN’s Vegas event, with sets it built special for the gala and interacting with a live audience, was really creative programming for a home shopping network.