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HSN Jean Queen Diane Gilman Rocks Chanel Bag, Chloe Blouse For N.Y. Times Interview

July 19, 2012

Wow, HSN jean queen Diane Gilman sure enjoys the good life with the money she makes hawking her wares on the home shopping network,

The New York Times did a rather snarky profile of Gilman, who wanted to meet the reporter for lunch at Bergdorf Goodman. We couldn’t afford anything at that store: It makes Bloomies look cheap.

anyway, here’s the profile:

Gilman was rocking her $24.90 denim jeggings while wearing “a Maison Margiela jacket, a Chanel bag, Manolo shoes and a Chloe blouse.” No. 1, we never heard of Maison Margiela. It must be really exclusive. No. 2, we can’t afford the other high-end designer duds that Gilman was sporting.

According to the story, Gilman has sold 5 million pairs of jeans on HSN, has a $175 million business and a customer base of 500,000 women.

Gilman,66,says that she’s making more money than she ever has in her life. Good for her. We aren’t. No wonder she’s walking around with a Chanel bag.

The redhead revealed that she is writing a book on baby boomers, and related a great quote to The Times that she said a New York garmento once told her: “Why would you want to design an old-lady jean for fat chicks?”

Why indeed? How about that Chanel bag? That would be reason enough for us.

Gilman also let the cat out of the bag about who does her hair, which is much too big for 2012.

She has it blown out at the upscale John Barrett salon, which is in Bergdorf’s.

Honestly, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Get a new, updated ‘do Diane!

We’re Still Waiting To Hear Back From QVC’s PR Department About Sheryl Crow’s New Denim Line

July 21, 2010

We sent QVC’s PR department this e-mail on Monday night, right after we watched Sheryl Crow perform and heard her say she was doing a denim line.

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:11 PM
To: Media Relations
Subject: question on Sheryl Crow

I just watched the Crow concert, and she said she is doing a low-priced denim line, jeans.
Will those jeans be sold on QVC?
The Homeshoppingista

We got this e-mail back from QVC at 8:25 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Please provide us with your phone number and deadline. Thank you for contacting QVC.

We supplied our number and deadline. And that was the last we heard from QVC.

So we still don’t know if Crow’s low-cost jeans will be sold on QVC. But don’t say we didn’t try to find out.

As for QVC’s PR department: How about doing your job?

Twiggy Is Just ‘Brilliant’ On HSN, And We Hope Her Jeans Are, Too

April 3, 2010

Saturday is Twiggy day on HSN.

The 1960s modeling icon — of short hair and painted lower eyelashes — debuted her Twiggy London line at midnight with her Today’s Special, a Union Jack Tote in a variety colors.

“I carry my life in my bag,” she said during her Saturday morning show. Now there’s something we girls can relate to.

Twiggy, now sporting long hair and more girth that during her modeling salad days, is quite charming. We like how she keeps throwing in British slang and word uses like calling items “brilliant” and talking about putting “bits” in her purse.

Twiggy, who expanded her career to include acting (with two Golden Globes and a Tony nomination) and even being a judge on “America’s Next Top Model,” is rocking a long gypsy skirt that we loved. But we were afraid it would be too long for 5-foot-2 shrimps like us.

Instead, we decided to give Twiggy’s jeans a try, in the grey color that we love so much but is so hard to find in retail.

We’re praying that their waistband don’t fall just two inches above our private parts, like 90 percent of the other jeans we’ve been trying on. How can you not feel like your pants are falling off?

Twiggy will be on all Saturday.

HSN Jeans Designer Diane Gilman, We Love You But Please Update The Big Hair

November 1, 2009

Clothing designer Diane Gilman does great jeans for HSN, pants that fit women who don’t have the bodies of a 16-year-old. We just wish the New Yorker would update her hairdo.

Saturday Gilman mentioned going to her hair salon located above an upscale store in Manhattan, and it got us thinking about her auburn hair again. What kind of advice is her pricey hairdresser giving her?

We’re from Jersey, so we know from big hair. And Gilman, a very attractive woman, has big hair. Right now, our frizz ball is clipped up behind our head, so we shouldn’t be pointing any fingers at Gilman.

But if we knew we were going to be appearing on national television, we’d break out our MaxiGlide flat iron and go to work on our hair.

And Gilman, who has HSN’s Today Special Value, uses the word “honestly” a dozen times an hour when she is on. If we took a drink each time she used that word, we’d be tipsy at the end of her shows. Girlfriend, please cut down on the “honestly.”

So far Sunday 45,000 pairs of Gilman’s velvet jeans, the TSV, have sold so far. So we guess HSN shoppers don’t care about Gilman’s ‘do, the way we do.