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Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Son Tim Thanks All Her Fans For Their Condolences

January 3, 2012

One of our great readers, Cindy, told us that deceased Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s son Tim had written a nice note on the company website.

In a tragedy that shocked all her fans, and us, larger-than-life Jeanne, 71, died of cancer June 10. And then in an incomprehensible second tragedy, on July 1 her daughter Lee, 47, died.

The message from Jeanne's son Tim

Quacker Factory is still continuing, with the plus-sized model Angel becoming the public face of the sparkly clothing line on QVC. But is a principal in the company, and in his recent post he thanked Jeanne’s fans and said he was putting her Boca Raton home on the market.

“Thought you might be interested in seeing a note from Tim Bice on the Quaker Factory website,” Cindy wrote. “I miss Jeanne and Lee so much, we all know it won’t quite be the same without them, but I know they would like us to continue quacking along and supporting their goals, ideals and clothing. Tim posted a beautiful link to Jeanne’s home. It is so stunning, I can just picture her at home, it is so warm and welcoming…just like Jeanne. Here is the link, it certainly helped me with closure. Thank you, Tim, for thinking of her many fans. We all send our love.”

Here is the link to Tim’s letter:

In it, Tim writes, “I am very greatful to every one for the outpouring of support these past several months. Needless to say, it has been a very difficult time for me.”

The late, and great, Jeanne Bice

But he added that he is busy pulling himself up by the “brastraps,” and looks forward to “getting back to the Q” and doing Quacker Factory shows.

It must be devastating to go through the holidays without your mom and sister. We wish Tim all the best, and look forward to seeing him on QVC.


Happy Birthday With The Angels, Jeanne Bice!

July 20, 2011

Today is QVC Quacker Factory queen Jeanne Bice’s birthday.

It was heart-warming to look at her Facebook page and see everyone wishing her happy birthday in heaven.

From what we understand, it would have been her 72nd birthday.

With your warm and caring personality, we should have known you were a Cancer, Jeanne.

It also happens to be the birthday of QVC designer Chloe Dao.

QVC Will Air Tributes To Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday At 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

June 24, 2011

QVC has scheduled two memorial shows for Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice Friday, one at 9 a.m and another at 8 p.m. The network has also posted several videos related to Bice, including testimonials from designer Isaac Mizrahi, and hosts Shawn Killinger and Jane Tracey.

Angel Smedley, who represented Quacker Factory when Bice couldn’t make it to West Chester, also posted a message on QVC’s website. Here is part of it.

Last Thursday, Susan, her son Jack, Siobain-our buyer, Michelle-our Director, Lisa-our Vice President, Doug-our Executive VP and I flew down to Florida for Jeanne’s memorial. We landed in Ft. Lauderdale & met with Leslie-who also works with us at Quacker Factory.

The QVC team left together to go to their hotel & then Tiago picked us up at the airport & took us to Jeanne’s house. It was so weird to be there without her there. I mean—she WAS there, all of her memories, her QVC awards on the wall, her Hall of Fame-which is a hallway where the walls are covered with framed newspaper & magazine articles about her.

Jeanne Bice

I put a short video of this wall on my QVC Facebook page. Barbara met us at the house and we all stayed up till after 1 am talking about Jeanne.

After we FINALLY went to sleep, but I can assure you, not one of us slept well that night. We got up and talked some more, then got ready for the Memorial Service.

The QVC team came to Jeanne’s before the service so they could see her house. None of them had been there before—they were just blown away at the gorgeous details of her home. What a testament to Jeanne to have four major executives from QVC fly down to Florida to attend her Memorial Service.

So we piled into our cars and headed to the service. Now the QVC group was following us—please remember this—the only one of us that lives in Florida is Barbara, and she lives two hours away!!!! So it was a bit of a fun adventure getting to the church.

We followed the directions Page, Jeanne’s assistant, left for us. But little did Page know, the main road we were to take to the church was CLOSED & UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!

Luckily I had just purchased an I-phone, so I pulled up a map & got us there in plenty of time. But we were all panicking in the car, we did not want to be late, or make the QVC team late!!

We arrived at the church and greeted Tim & Lee, and many other members of Jeanne’s “family”. We walked in and saw a number of Quackers sitting in the pews. It was so nice that they came. We were all there for the same reason–to remember Jeanne.

The Pastor performed a beautiful service, and then Tim got up and gave a wonderful testament to his mother. He made us all laugh. It was a nice break in the sadness. He just talked about what she might say if she were there & how she touched so many people.

Jeanne was just a person who stayed with you, even after she whizzed away on her scooter. She just had that gift. Many of you have told me on Facebook, that you felt like you knew her personally, even though you had never met her. Well Jeanne will be with us all, we will remember her funny stories, her advice and her kind words for a very long time.


Jeanne Bice, The QVC Quacker Factory Queen, Lived A Plus-Sized Life And Made Us Believe

June 13, 2011

We were at a baby shower Sunday afternoon in South Jersey when BFF Ann called to tell us the news that QVC Quacker Factory queen Jeanne Bice had died of uterine cancer.

Ann had read Joanie-B’s post on our blog tipping us off to the sad news. Thanks for the info Joanie.

Bice, who would have celebrated her 72nd birthday July 20, passed away Friday. We had not been aware of it, but last month Bice announced she had cancer during one of her QVC appearances. She had been scheduled to appear on QVC today, Sunday, our kid sister Karen’s birthday.

Jeanne, we do believe

Bice was a jumbo-sized woman, and proud of it. She always wore a headband around her forehead, like Jane Fonda in the 70s, as if she was about to take an aerobics class.

Bice was the target of jabs by the media — this blog included — and show’s like E!’s “Talk Soup” because of her QVC clothes line and her army of rabid fans.

Her garments were typically strewn with sequins, or arrayed with scenes from Christmas or Halloween or Easter. We thought them often gaudy, but we often heard her fans — her “quackers” — like teachers call in and thank her for the clothes, which the kids they taught loved.

Bice was also resfreshingly frank about life. We remember her saying that on-air that she didn’t have a pot to piss in when her husband died. She built a clothing business Quacker Factory, and was always upbeat and inspirational.

She often told QVC viewers to “believe in miracles.” That struck a cord with us. We have little signs and rocks in our house that have the word written “believe” on them. Our ex, a college professor, mocked us about the “believe” affirmations. Cynics like him will always feel superior to the rest of the world — and be miserable themselves. He thought having faith was folly.

We’d rather stand with people like Jeanne, who also often said that she believed people have guardian angels. Again, so do we.

Jeanne was from Wisconsin, and we have a number of good friends in that freezing state. That was another strike in her favor.

QVC had a brief eulogy about Jeanne on its website.

“We are saddened by the news of Jeanne Bice’s passing,” wrote Doug Howe, QVC executive vice president merchandising, planning and sales. “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time. Since first appearing on QVC in 1995 Jeanne has been one of our most beloved personalities. Her passion and spirit will be greatly missed by all who knew her.”

Posters on Facebook and have been speculating about the future of Quacker Factory without Jeanne. We are sure she has management in place that run the company, and the plus-sized model Angel Smedley often appeared on the air in her place. Angel, appropriately enough, could be the company’s news spokeswoman.

The QVC hosts voiced their sorrow about her passing.

“She was candid, she was hilarious, and she was always, always, Always kind and respectful to everyone at the Q,” host Rick Domeier wrote on Facebook. “With love to you and your family Jeanne…”

Host Lisa Robertson posted on Facebook, “I was just informed that Jeanne Bice has passed away.I am without words. I had no idea her condition was that serious. I can not express the loss that I feel. She was a ray of light in the world. I was her biggest fan and she made me want to be a better person. If someone were to compare me to her,I could not think of higher praise. She was a treasure.”

Even ex-QVC host Patti Reilly, now transplanted to LA, posted this heartfelt message.

“Weeping & aching I longed to honor your passing. i longed to honor your life. searching everywhere, I found only one answer: honor myself. become all that I am. and carry you inside that beauty.”,” she wrote. “I love and adore you Jeanne. You have been a blessing in my life. I hope they have rhinestones in Heaven. Sparkle away, my beautiful friend!”

And the Quacker Factory website had this tribute:

Jeanne Bice loved life. From her childhood in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-taking care of her baby brother Dick, all through her married years to her adoring Butch in Ripon, Wisconsin, raising her beloved Tim and Lee, Jeanne was surrounded by love. Everyone loved to be at Jeanne’s house. That’s where the party was-everyday.

Life was perfect, until that day when Butch suddenly died and left her with her two children, and decisions to make.

As she later wrote about it, she pulled herself up by her bra straps and started over. Again and again. She discovered that Happy wasn’t a destination in life. ‘Happy comes from the choices we make and the way we think on life’s journey.’

Jeanne chose to love. She loved what she did-creating Quacker Factory clothes, with ‘sparkle and shine’. Clothes that made people Happy.

From QVC, with love

She loved QVC. Everything about it. She loved the people: the executives who ran it, and the production people who worked so hard to make every show perfect. She loved the famous stars who appeared there, and had to pinch herself when others considered her one.

She loved the hosts of her shows, her buyers and all the people who worked with her and for her to make Quacker Factory clothes a reality.

But most of all-above everything else – Jeanne loved the Quackers. ‘They come as customers, they stay as friends,’ she said over and over. Because that was how she felt. ‘I owe everything I have to these women who believe in me.’

Jeanne loved the stories they told her. On the cruises, at live-audience shows, or on phone calls during the shows. She would sit and listen. She could relate to them. She knew the power of friends to help each other, support each other.

It never mattered who you were. Rich, famous, powerful or not-it didn’t matter. Successful or struggling, size 4 or 44 – it never mattered. She loved who you were inside. She had time for everyone.

In college Jeanne studied to become a teacher. She’d laugh when she’d tell the story of practice-teaching and discovered that kids had their own ideas about how to do things. She said she gave up teaching, but that’s really not true.

Her most important lesson was that Jeanne Bice taught the world how to laugh and smile. She taught us how to look at the good side of things. She taught us to Dream. She taught us to Believe. She taught us to love ourselves; who we are, just as we are.

In the Rubber Duck Principle, Jeanne wrote this about Angels:

‘Sometimes we feel that we are all alone, as life brings us challenges to overcome and hardships to bear. But when we least expect it, help can appear. It may be a kind word from a stranger or a phone call at just the right time, and suddenly we are surrounded by the loving grace of God. Miracles happen everyday because angels are everywhere.’

Today, June 10, 2011, Jeanne joined the Angels who will make miracles happen forever.

God Bless Jeanne Bice. May she rest in Peace.

If you would like to make a memorial in Jeanne’s name, we suggest: ‘Feed the Children’, This was Jeanne’s favorite charity.

Jeanne, please be one of our angels now.