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HSN Rock God Jay King’s Green Turquoise Bowls — And Wedding Band

April 7, 2012

Sorry we’ve been remiss in posting. Work is a bitch.

But we did find time this week to watch portions of HSN’s Designer Jewelry Day, including rock god Jay King.

Two interesting things on that front. We remember a few year’s back when callers would ask about King’s personal status, and hosts would say that he was “taken,” that he had a girlfriend.

Well, we noticed that King is now wearing a wedding band. Congrats on the marriage Jay!

And even though King’s company, Desert Rose, is in New Mexico, he is apparently living in Vero Beach, Fla.

Secondly, King said that he will be bringing in both blue and green turquoise bowls. He has done bowls made out of blue turquoise and lapis before, and they always sell out in a flash. He’s never had green turquoise.

There will be 500, so keep your eyes peeled. They sell like hotcakes, even though they are several hundred dollars each.