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Indian Couple Debuts Jewelry Shopping Show

June 30, 2015

Has anyone caught the “Prestige Jewelry Club” on one of their local cable channels or on Dish Network on channel 225?

The New York Daily News published a story Monday about Rakhi and Gaurav Jain, who supposedly had been selling their fine gemstone jewelry on unidentified home shopping networks, as well as having a wholesale business in Manhattan’s Diamond District on West 47th Street.

The couple then decided to sell their wares direct to consumers, at lower prices, by producing their own TV shopping show. They built a studio in New York City and hired on-air hosts, a la QVC and HSN, and started broadcasting in February.

In addition to watching it on your boob tube, you can view “Prestige Jewelry Club” on the Jain’s website,

The stuff is super pricey, we warn you.
Rakhi and Gaurav were raised in Jaipur, India, with their families in the jewelry biz. If you ever watch Nicky Butler on HSN, he often talks about buying gems and we think even making his jewelry in Jaipur.