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Jacque Gonzales Bids Farewell To QVC

May 23, 2017

Time to say bye-bye to QVC host Jacque Gonzales.

We remember when she arrived at QVC, a perky young lady. Over the years QVC glammed her up quite a bit, and we imagine her hiring was to appeal to the Hispanic demographic, at least in part.

We haven’t seen much of her on the home shopping network recenty, and on Monday she posted on Facebook that she is leaving.

“I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that today I am leaving QVC,” she wrote. “It has been such a privilege to get to know so many of you and be part of your lives for the past 15 years.”

She added, “I would absolutely love to stay in touch with all of you – you can find me on my NEW Facebook Page:”

And Gonzales ended with, “Blessings to all of you.”

Wish we knew exactly what happened, but we don’t. We’ve been too busy working long hours at our start-up paper to be snooping around.

QVC Host Jayne Brown’s Mom Dies

July 19, 2016

Condolences to QVC host Jayne Brown on the loss of her mother.

Brown posted the sad news on Facebook.

“Hello my friends,” she wrote. “It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I share with you that my mother passed away yesterday. I ask for your prayers for my family during this difficult time. I will be back with you soon but for now I ask for a little time to grieve. Blessings, Jayne.”

Her fellow host Jacque Gonzales was among those sending good thoughts to Brown.

“Jayne – you, your family and your mother’s beautiful soul are in our family’s prayers,” she wrote. “Please send prayers to Jayne Brown and her family – her dear mother passed away yesterday.”

We send our prayers as well.

Barry Ort, Kenneth Jay Lane Rep On QVC, Dies

December 27, 2013

Barry Ort

Barry Ort

Here’s some really sad news: Barry Ort, who repped the Kenneth Jay Lane fashion jewelry line on QVC, has died.

We learned the news on Facebook Thursday, through a post by QVC host Jacque Gonzales.

“It is with heartfelt sadness that I let you know that our dear friend Barry Ort has unexpectedly passed away,” Gonzales wrote. “Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers.”

We checked Ort’s Facebook, and there was no mention or explanation of his death.

But QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts posted an item on his death n, and QVC host Lisa Robertson mentioned him on Facebook, as well.

Here is what Watts wrote:

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of QVC vendor Barry Ort. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Barry will be remembered for his wit, creativity and philanthropy. Barry brought the iconic Kenneth Jay Lane brand to the QVC customer in 1991, and eventually became the on-air spokesperson for the brand around the world. He was known for his commitment to creating products for QVC that generated awareness and raised funds dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer.

Barry was beloved by many at QVC, and his warm personality and great sense of humor will be missed.

Claire Watts

Robertson put this on Facebook. It sounds like she and Ort were tight.

I found out today that my dear friend, Barry Ort, has passed away unexpectedly. It is a huge shock to the many of us that love him. I was trying to think of how long I have known him, and realized it has been so many years and he was so easy to be with, that it feels like I have known him forever.

We went to lunch recently and I enjoyed letting him do the talking and me doing more of the listening for a change. We talked about work a lot, as we both love it, but also about life, love, friends, family, broadway and everything else.

He was always an adventure, always fun, always with another idea. I went places with him that I never would have gone without him. From unusual broadway shows to Inaugural Balls, and enjoyed every minute of it. What you saw with Barry is what you got. He was “true blue”, did not have time for “airs” and wasn’t too concerned with what other people thought of him.

I can not believe he is gone. I loved and valued him very much. My greatest hope is that I was half as good a friend to him, as he was to me.

We’re not big fans of costume jewelry, but the Kenneth Jay Lane line was classy, and we remember Ort as being a witty and informative guest on QVC.

So sorry to hear of his passing.

Is Singer Celine Dion Coming To QVC Friday?

October 31, 2013

QVC host Jacque Gonzales has been posting on Facebook about her trip this week to New York City, and she spilled the beans on her visit Wednesday.

“BIG NEWS!!!! What was I doing in NYC for the last couple days???” she wrote.

“Spending it with CELINE DION!!!! YES!!! Mark it on your calendar – THIS FRIDAY 7pE/4pP on QVC to hear tracks from one of the MOST INCREDIBLE albums I’ve ever heard – ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ from Celine Dion – her first English Language album in 6 years! PLUS – Only for QVC Customers – exclusive bonus tracks! Please spread the word! I’m BEYOND excited! What would you ask Celine if you could ask her one question???”

Celine Dion and Jacque Gonzales

Celine Dion and Jacque Gonzales

Call us dummies, but we were unsure if Ms. Dion will be performing live Friday or not. Did Gonzales just tape an interview with Dion for the show Friday, or will the diva be in West Chester?

Here is what says:

With 220 million records sold worldwide, Celine Dion is one of the most recognizable and successful performers in pop music history. If you love her soaring vocals, then you won’t want to miss an unforgettable hour of music as QVC presents Celine Dion: Loved Me Back to Life.

Tune in as we offer her latest release, Loved Me Back to Life, her 25th studio album and first English-language record in six years. Take advantage of the opportunity to order this highly anticipated collection of 13 new tracks?along with a 5-song bonus CD exclusively for QVC®? before it hits stores on November 5.

Listen to the incredible range of this 5-time Grammy Award winner as she explores a fresh musical approach with an impressive list of musicians and songwriters, among them the legendary Stevie Wonder and R&B artist Ne-Yo. Experience the power of music from an extraordinary voice during Celine Dion: Loved Me Back to Life on QVC. Release date subject to change without notice.

Our Prayers Going Out To QVC Host Jacque Gonzales And Her Ailing Father-In-Law, Brother-In-Law

February 21, 2012

Prayers go out to QVC host Jacque Gonzales, whose been chronicling the stroke her father-in-law had and the kidney failure her brother-in-law was going through on Facebook. And she was appearing on the air doing all this hardship, as well.

It was heart-breaking to read the saga as it unfolded, first the brother-in-law ill and then the stroke for the dad. It’s a perfect example of when it rains it pours.

Here is one of the earlier posts:

“Hi – I first want to thank you all for the prayers for my brother in law Bill – he’s still in the hospital, but stable as they try to find out why his kidneys have failed,” Gonzales wrote. “Then this morning, my sweet father in law Jim had a stroke and was airlifted to a hospital in Philly. He’s in ICU and Dr’s are waiting to see if they will have to drain fluid from his brain. His 88th birthday is on the 28th.”

One of the next posts was this:

“My husband is taking his mother to the hospital now – the doctor said they could come in at this time to see my father in law. I’ll update when I hear news. Thank you for all the prayers. Blessings ~ Jac”

Then came this:

“Update – earlier this afternoon my father in law was more responsive, remembered his name, recognized his wife. We got a call at 1:15am that his condition has made a turn for the worse. We’re waiting to hear from the doctor on what needs to happen next. We’re praying that he’s in no pain – and hoping for a miracle. Thank you so much for your prayers. Blessings to all of you.”

Then this:

“Thank you all for your messages and prayers. My father in law is still in ICU and unconscious. The doctors said that there’s nothing more that really can be done. A priest came in to give him his last rights. Family is visiting him – and he’s stable. God Bless you all for our thoughts and prayers. As well as my brother in law Bill – he’s doing ok, still in the hospital and under great care.”

And most recently this:

“Home with my family. Father in law is in nursing home as of this afternoon. My daughter is trying to make me laugh with her new favorite word – “Awkward”. I know someone else mentioned their child saying the same thing. BTW – I think I was channeling Pippi Longstocking with my hair today – time for a trim. Be back later.”

Apparently some of Gonzales’s Facebook “Friends,” and we use that term lightly, were upset that she posted such downbeat news on her wall. What are they, crazy? Was she supposed to have just sounded jovial like nothing was going on?

We wish for a swift recovery for all.

QVC Host Jacque Gonzales Laid Up Six Weeks With Fractured Ankle

January 13, 2011

We e-mailed QVC host Jacque Gonzales — via Facebook — after we heard and blogged about her breaking her ankle. We never got a response back.

But Wednesday one of our kind followers posted on our blog that Gonzales had explained her situation on Facebook.

Here’s what Gonzales posted Monday.

Sorry I’ve been gone a while. Last Wednesday, the 5th, I fell down the last couple stairs at home…and fractured my ankle. They did surgery – 8 screws and 1 metal plate in my right ankle. It looks like I’ll be home for at least 6 weeks. Thank you for all the nice messages I’ve received. Blessings ~ Jacque

Yesterday Gonzales, whose mother-in-law is also sick, offered this update.

My hubby deserves a gold medal for taking care of me and his mom at the same time (even though we’re in two separate places)! I only have 5 1/2 more weeks off of my ankle! 🙂

Get well Jacque!

Did QVC Host Jacque Gonzales Break A Leg?

January 6, 2011

We had QVC on as white noise this Thursday afternoon as we tried to get some work done, and host Carolyn Gracie said that Jacque Gonzales had broken her ankle.

Animal lover Gracie brought it up because she said she was substituting for the ever-perky Gonzales on Saturday.

Jacque Gonzales

We immediately went to Gonzales’ Facebook page looking for details about the injury. But Gonzales doesn’t mention anything about breaking any bones. She just talks about her mother-in-law being in the hospital after a fall.

Gonzales does admit, however, that she is hooked on “Jerseylicious.”

We e-mailed Gonzales to find up what’s up, so we’ll let you know.

Host Lisa Mason, Totally Choking Up Twice, Bids QVC A Teary Farewell Tuesday

December 15, 2010

We almost started tearing up ourselves as we watched longtime QVC host Lisa Mason do her emotional final show — Diamonique, fittingly — on QVC Tuesday evening.

Mason also did the big reveal about her plans: She has written a book about God called “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.” More on that later.

Ms. Mason got choked up and was literally speechless twice during her two-hour show: For a few moments when her fellow host, Jacque Gonzales, called in on-air to say goodbye, and when makeup vendor Laura Geller called in at the show’s finale.

Mason, clutching a tissue, couldn’t get a word out when Gonzales called in. There was a long silence until Mason composed herself and Gonzales spoke up.

“You are my mentor, and took me by the hand day by day and step by step,” Gonzales, tearful herself, told Mason.

Gonzales threatened to hop on a train to Manhattan and stalk Mason in her Upper East Side neighborhood.

“I love you,” Gonzales said.

“I love you too, sugar,” Southern belle Mason replied back.

Later on, Mason joked about her temporary loss of words. “Was it an awkward moment of silence?” she asked. Only if someone doesn’t have a heart, Lisa.

Then near the end of the show, Geller called in and Mason just put both her hands up on her face, covering her eyes, and didn’t say a word, she was so emotional. Geller spoke up and filled up the dead air, singing praise for Mason until the beloved host was able to speak.

“Stop crying, wipe those tears already,” Geller told her.

They apparently see a lot of each other, since Geller lives on 68th Street in the Big Apple and Mason and her husband Gino are on 76th.

“Girl, did you see I lost it?” Mason told fellow host Jane Treacy later in the show, referring to her emotional reaction when Geller called in.

Mason got weepy more than once, not just with Gonzales and Geller.

Lisa Mason bid QVC viewers a teary goodbye

There were plenty of other call-ins, including former QVC host Kathy Levine, skin care vendor Dr. Adrienne Denese, makeup vendor Mally Roncal, designer Louis Dell’Olio, Affinity Diamond expert Michael O’Connor and Chaz Dean.

QVC also aired clips of QVC hosts Dan Wheeler, Jayne Brown and Leah Williams saying their goodbyes to Mason.

Mason, who joined QVC in 1995, also offered a bit of advice to viewers.

“Find a way to bring happiness to your life,” she said. Amen to that!

QVC did Mason a kindness by flashing the home page for her new website, We tried to get on the site after the show, but it was down. Maybe it crashed from the traffic from her fans.

Finally, Mason briefly talked about her book.

“It’s a great book, it’s not about me,” she said. “But it’s called ‘Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.’ It is about God and it’s coming out end of February. I’ll let you know where. And I want you to be there with me when we launch it. And it really is about how important God is to me and always will be. That will never, never, never vary in my life.”

Then Treacy and Wheeler come on the air with Mason, Wheeler handed Mason a bouquet of roses, and Treacy brought out a big cake that said “Best Wishes: We Will Miss You.”

For astrology buffs, Mason is a Capricorn born Dec. 28, which is also her wedding anniversary with Gino.

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Gained Weight Or Pregnant? What’s Up With Heftier QVC Hosts Like Jacque Gonzales, and HSN’s Connie Craig-Carroll and Shivan Sarna?

November 11, 2009

What’s one of the most-asked question from our Web site viewers? It’s whether specific QVC and HSN hosts are pregnant.

In the past week or so there have been numerous variations of the inquiry, regarding QVC’s Jill Bauer, Jane Treacy and Jacque Gonzales; and HSN’s Shivan Sarna, Lynn Murphy, Connie Craig-Carroll and Suzanne Runyan.

We wish we had the answer to your question, but we don’t. We’ve already blogged and said that these hosts have gained a lot of weight in the past few months. They can’t all be pregnant.


Jacque Gonzales

Next thing you know people will be asking if QVC’s David Venable, who has packed on a few pounds after taking over the cooking beat, is in the family way.

Neck-in-neck with the pregnancy question is what happened to Pam McCoy and Wes McCoy at ShopNBC. Cost-cutting, my friends, cost-cutting.