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HSN’s Joy Mangano Invents A Book

November 1, 2017

HSN is crowing that it will be launching the sale of mother-of-invention Joy Mangano’s first book, hand-signed no less, this Saturday. It is being published by Simon & Schuster and is called “INVENTING JOY: Dare to Build a Brave and Creative Life.”

“My life is proof that, no matter who you are or where you’re from, you have the power to change the world,” Mangano said in a canned statement. “I know it, because I’ve lived it, and I continue to live it every day at HSN. My book is about helping others find and take that first step in creating a better life and better world — and I am so honored to be debuting it here with my HSN family.”

The company that Mangano founded — IDL, a subsidiary of HSN — holds more than 100 patents and trademarks for her inventions, the No. 2 home shopping network said in a press release Wednesday.

“Since joining HSN more than 15 years ago, she has simplified everyday challenges for millions with innovative products that make a real difference, and INVENTING JOY might be her most important invention yet,” the release goes on.

“The book is an entertaining and binge-worthy read that will unlock the best and brightest version of you. And filled with lively anecdotes, catchy principles, and high-octane inspiration, it serves as a powerful and encouraging blueprint for readers who want to live with more success, confidence, and happiness.

HSN’s book package will include a signed copy of the book plus a set of free readers with a slipcase and a coupon book mark for $19.95 with free shipping and handling.

“We are proud to be the home of Joy and help her write the next chapter in her unending story of success,” HSN President Bill Brand said. “INVENTING JOY will not only delight, inspire and encourage readers, but take them on a relatable journey, celebrating life’s trials and tribulations.”