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HSN Rock God Jay King Says Lapiz Bowls Will Be Back In May, But Not Turquoise Ones

February 14, 2010

Rock god Jay King has been on HSN all this weekend with his Mine Finds from the Tucson Gem Show, and he gave an update Saturday night about his popular turquoise bowls and lapiz bowls.

King told viewers that his lapiz bowls will be back on HSN in May, and that he’ll have 200 to sell. But the news as the turquoise bowls was not so great.

It doesn’t look like we can expect them anytime soon. King, who travels the globe looking for unusual stones to craft into jewelry, said the turquoise bowls use a lot of “rough,” as they say in the rock biz.

To make 700 turquoise bowls for a recent visit, King said, “We burned through tonnage (of turquoise).”

As a tease, King had one of his lapiz bowls sitting on the table as he did his HSN presentations.

King has HSN’s Today’s Special Sunday. It is a pair of turquoise inlay interchangeable earrings, which have turquoise, mother of pearl and black enhancer that you can change out on the earrings. The earrings are $90.