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Joy Mangano Exits HSN in Wake of Its Purchase by QVC

December 21, 2018

For anyone who has been following what is going on after HSN was purchased by QVC’s parent, this should not be much of a surprise: HSN mother of invention Joy Mangano is leaving the network. We think she’s steamed.

So the inventor of the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers, whose life story was depicted in a movie, is hitting the road.

The press release doesn’t have any comment from Mangano, which we read as a tip-off that she is not happy about all of this.

Here it is:

HSN Announces Joy Mangano Departing to Pursue Other Professional Opportunities

December 20, 2018: Retailer will continue to offer inventive products, such as Huggable Hangers and My Little Steamer.

St. Petersburg, FL (Dec. 20, 2018) – HSN announced today that after nearly two decades with the company, inventor, designer, entrepreneur and HSN team member, Joy Mangano, will be leaving HSN to pursue other professional opportunities.

“We and our customers are enormously grateful for all that Joy has done for our shopping community,” said Mike Fitzharris, President, HSN. “She has been an important part of the family for many years, and her creativity has influenced us all. We thank her for her contributions.”

Over the years, Mangano has delighted HSN customers with a steady stream of innovative products, such as her record-setting Huggable Hangers (more than 800 million units sold via HSN platforms), her My Little Steamer, SHADES Readers, Forever Fragrant line of cleaners and fresheners, Ultimate Closet line of organizers, and her collaborations with IMAN and Ming Tsai. Mangano launched her first invention, the Miracle Mop, on QVC in 1992 and continued with QVC until HSN acquired Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs, Inc., in 1999.

“Joy may be leaving, but our customers will be able to continue to shop Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer and many of the great products she has presented on HSN over the years,” said Fitzharris. “And at the same time, customers will continue to see other fresh, innovative brands come to HSN as we add to our product assortments and create engaging new customer experiences.”

Fitzharris added that HSN has launched more than 100 brands over the past year, including new brands, propriety brands, crossover brands from QVC, and brands that HSN had worked with in the past. “We are incredibly encouraged by our customer response to our new offerings and look forward to bringing more for her to shop and enjoy in 2019,” he said.

In October, Qurate Retail Group, announced a series of initiatives designed to restore HSN to growth by focusing the business on offering more diverse products, enhancing the on-air presentations, driving digital growth, and improving the customer experience. These initiatives included the consolidation of the HSN and QVC US buying teams into one organization, with the goal of increased speed to market with the best brands, products, ideas and entrepreneurs; optimized product assortments to maximize customer choice; a more aggressive pursuit of “white space” opportunities; and better alignment with product suppliers.

The writing was on the wall when Qurate, owner of QVC and HSN, in its October announcement said it was merging buying functions for the two home shopping networks. In that press release was also word that Qurate was shutting down Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs on Long Island, and shifting its work to West Chester, where QVC is based. We mentioned all that in our blog. And in our lede we wondered how Mangano would be affected.

Newsday later reported that Ingenious Designs had issued so called “WARN” notices that it was going to lay off 66 workers starting in late December and ending Feb. 28.

Mother Of Invention Joy Mangano Celebrates 15 Years On HSN

September 2, 2015

HSN mother of invention Joy Mangano is celebrating her 15th anniversary on HSN, and she will be bringing a host of new products to the home shopping network.

Mangano’s parade of hits includes the original Miracle Mop, Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer, the Clothes It All Luggage System, MemoryCloud Pillow and Forever Fragrant.


She will be introducing her first-ever vacuum incorporating her Forever Fragran technology, a new genuine leather color block luggage set, s luxe leather magazine tote and s dual magnification Hollywood Spotlight Mirror. Throughout September, HSN will celebrate Joy’s anniversary with exclusive offers, including sales of with up to half off Joy Mangano products.

“I’m thrilled to celebrate my 15th anniversary with HSN,” Mangano said in a canned statement.  “I love creating solutions for everyday problems and designing products that make people’s lives a little bit easier. I have a lot of surprises in store for everyone – it will be a month long celebration filled with joyful discoveries!”

HSN will air “15 Years of JOY” on Sept. 12 and 19. to catch Joy live and visit all month long for this special event.

Here is the boilerplate on Mangano’s company:

Ingenious Designs LLC:IDL is a subsidiary of HSN Inc. and was founded in 1991 by its president, Joy Mangano. Joy is one of the most recognized and successful electronic retailing personalities in the industry today. With more than 650 million sold, her famous Huggable Hangers are in homes across the country!

The company is a leader in designing, inventing, and marketing innovative and unique products including the original Miracle Mop, My Little Steamer, and the Clothes It All Luggage System. In addition, IDL has broadened its scope by developing and managing product lines for icon and celebrated supermodel IMAN, celebrity chefs Ming Tsai and Lorena Garcia, Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson, and Four-time GRAMMY Award-winner Keith Urban.

Bradley Cooper Joins Cast Of Film Bio Of HSN’s Joy Mangano

March 23, 2015

Wow, HSN mother of invention Joy Mangano must have had quite a life so far.

White-hot actress Jennifer Lawrence is slated to play Mangano in a film, “Joy,” which comes out in December. And who are her co-stars?

Hunky Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, according to several press reports today. Wowser! We consider Brad very “Huggable.” And he just broke up with his girlfriend.

The movie is already filming, in places like Massachusetts.

Joy Mangano Busts Record With 157,000 Huggable Hanger Sales

November 27, 2014

Damn, that is one shit-load of Huggable Hangers!

HSN Mother of Invention Joy Mangano last Saturday busted her own record, selling more than 157,000 sets during her Holiday Home Gift Event. Mangano beat her old record of selling 99,000 Huggable Hanger sets in a single day on HSN earlier this year.

Huggable Joy Mangano

Huggable Joy Mangano

The Huggable Hanger Gifts by The Dozen set featured her most popular product in a one-time special “six in one” holiday gift set.

“Thank you to the millions of customers who have transformed their closets and their lives with Huggable Hangers,” Mangano said in a canned statement. “I am humbled by this recent milestone, which speaks volumes to how our smart shoppers have fallen in love with the art of organization.”

HSN’s Huggable Hangers Can’t Handle Faux Fur Coats

January 12, 2014

Here’s the dirty little secret about Joy Mangano’s Huggable Hangers: They break.

Our tip: Don’t use them on heavy coats.

We’ve been a big fan and booster of Mangano’s hangers, sold on HSN, among other places. We know that HSN has sold millions of them.

Our closets are filled with them, and they work great on regular sweaters, shirts, etc. But on big heavy coats, not so much. In fact, not at all.

Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano

We have a whole collection of fake fur coats that we love. They are very heavy. And we can’t tell you how many times we’ve been taking a fur coat our of our closet when the Huggable Hanger is was on slapped and broke. It it’s happened once, it’s happened 10 to 15 times.

We’ve seen Mangano demonstrate her hangers by hanging a heavy coat on them, and they seem to work. But when you are pulling a coat out of a closet, again, we’ve had them break many times on us.

We were thinking about that this past week when the temperature in Jersey hit 1 degree, and we pulled out out our longest, heaviest, warmest faux fur coat.

Huggable Hangers on HSN

Huggable Hangers on HSN

We were also reminded of it today when we saw that Mangano had the HSN TS, a collection of Huggable Hangers. As we were checking out her shows an item caught our eye: An over-the-door organizer with two hooks to hang on your closet door.

You can put shoes, belts, scarves, etc., in it, and it looked like a great way to get our stuff organized. Then we read some of the customer reviews. Guess what? The hooks supplied to hang it often broke, customers wrote. It reminded us of our Huggable Hangers snapping in half.

We had once received these same over-the-door hooks as part of a package of hangers were bought from Mangano, and we remember one of them breaking when we hung some clothes on it.

Here is what some customers wrote about the hanging organizer.

“The hooks break; they are not quality hooks-fragile,” one woman posted. “The door does not close because the hooks are too thick. The material is cheap. But the organizer is a designed fairly well.I ordered sturdy hooks elsewhere online. The hooks I bought elsewhere are great but not these hooks.”

“Loved this until my things crashed to the floor because the brackets are brittle plastic and should be metal,” another customer said in her review. “I only had it a quarter full too, It would be great if those brackets were changed. Returning broken pieces.”

“THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEED!,” a third person wrote. “So glad I have this, yes it did go up immediately. I put it up in Bathroom 2 and the hooks need to be metal, my husband is going to the hardware to purchase a more stronger hook.”

We may still buy the hanging organizer, with the knowledge that we’ll have to purchase hooks from Target or The Home Depot to hang it up with instead of the ones it come with. But that will boost its price beyond the $30 that HSN is selling it for, so is it really worth it?

Knicks Jill Martin Brings Closet Makeovers To QVC

April 11, 2013

Looks like QVC is bringing on yet another Joy Mangano-clone, albeit one that may attract a lot of male viewers.

The No. 1 home shopping network at 8 p.m. Friday debuts “Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover.”

Martin is another talent we’d never heard of, so we did a bit of research and found out she’s a broadcaster for the New York Knicks. Since we’d rather be flogged than watch a sporting event, it makes sense that she’s a stranger to us.

Jill Martin

Jill Martin

Martin is also an Emmy Award-winning TV personality and a New York Times best-selling author. informed us that Martin is a fashion authority and lifestyle expert. We do know that she’s hawking flocked hangers, i.e. knockoffs of the Huggable Hangers that made a name for Mangano, HSN’s invention queen. QVC also has invention guru Lori Greiner on its roster.

Here’s the dish on Martin:

Create an organized, stylish closet in a snap with TMP, The Martin Project, by Jill Martin during Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover on QVC … Martin has combined her impressive style expertise with her deep understanding of how real women need simple and easy solutions to stay organized, and now she comes to QVC to help you perform a Minute Closet Makeover.

Creating a more organized wardrobe for your clothes, jewelry and accessories, this collection of stylish organizational items, created especially for QVC, features a variety of versatile products with a fashionable edge to help you get control of your closet. Keep your life clutter free and feel good about how organized your life is with designs from The Martin Project during Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover on QVC.

Beyond Huggable Hangers: HSN’s Joy Mangano To Add Exercise Sneakers To Her Repertoire

May 1, 2010

Joy Mangano

HSN calls her its Mother of Invention. Known for selling millions of Huggable Hangers (I’ve got a closet full of them), Joy Mangano is now doing sneakers that tone your butt and legs when you walk in them.

The New Yawk-accented Mangano will unveil her new footwear collecton, Performance Platforms, May 3, when the shoes will be the Today’s Special. The line, which uses Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers, will be exclusively available at HSN and

“I’ve reorganized closets with Huggable Hangers, revolutionized kitchens with GreenPan, and freshened homes with Forever Fragrant,” Mangano said in a canned statement Friday. “Now I hope to enhance every step in Performance Platforms with Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers. It’s finally time to be stylish, comfortable, and active.”

Like a number of similar shoes on the market, Performance Platforms are designed to promote muscle activity, while you walk, and tone muscle groups like your calves, quads, hamstrings and butt.

“Joy’s innate ability to highlight an everyday item like sneakers with an advanced patent pending fit technology is what has kept her at the top of her industry and an HSN customer favorite for the past ten years,” Lynne Ronon, HSN’s executive vice president of merchandising, said. “The introduction of this new footwear reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with innovative product assortments and technologies.”

The shoe’s patented Celliant Lining is supposedly formulated to help increase the complete comfort of the shoe. Additional features include a removable comfort insole; a soft compression heel uniquely designed to help return energy with every step; and the muscle activating outsole that helps to tone key muscle groups and benefit your body while walking.

The Performance Platforms with Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers will come in a lace-up style and a slip-on style both in your choice of colors: Champagne Beige, Silver Grey and Classic White with a Today’s Special (one-day only) price of $59.95 (regular price of $74.95)

“We are thrilled to be presenting this exciting new collection to the HSN audience,” Keds president Kristin Burrows said. “The Performance Platforms collection is designed with our breakthrough Get Fit technology by Grasshoppers to help activate and tone key muscles groups. It is a unique offering in the toning footwear market combining style and comfort with distinct health and wellness benefits — a combination consumers have come to expect from the Grasshoppers brand.”

HSN’s Joy Mangano Breaks Record With Orders For 180,000 Of Her Home Fragrance Product — Two Weeks Ago

February 17, 2010

Mangano's Forever Fragrant

Joy Mangano, HSN’s so-called “Mother of Invention,” is doing well with products beyond her Huggable Hangers.

Maybe they’re taking a cue from QVC PR, but HSN waited two weeks to finally put out a press release on inventor-entrepreneur Mangano making HSN history Jan. 31 by selling 180,000 units of her home fragrance product, Forever Fragrant, in one day.

She surpassed her previously held record, for Huggable Hangers, by more than 50 percent.

Here is Mangano’s canned quote.

“I am thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to Forever Fragrant. I believe in the product, but didn’t know just how many people would be as excited about it as I am. HSN, once again, has been the perfect platform to allow me to enter the homes of 93 million Americans and share with them such a remarkable new household item.”

Forever Fragrant are fragrance-releasing sticks and discs that last up to two years.

Mangano introduced six new scents to the collection during her January appearance: Blackberry Grape (deep purple); Coconut Colada (golden yellow); Country Home (red); Couture Powder (pink); Eucalyptus Desert (dark green); and Lavender Fields (lavender). Fresh Linen (white) and Vanilla Amber (amber), two of the original best-selling scents, were also reintroduced.


Mangano’s claim to fame is her Huggable Hangers. Laugh if you will, but our closet is full of them. They really do free up a lot of space in your wardrobe. There’s a reason more than 260 million of them have been sold.

HSN owns Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs LLC, making of the Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer. IDL is now also
managing and designing product for the guitarist Esteban, Iman, Serena Williams, Paula Abdul and chef/restaurateur Todd English.

“Joy epitomizes the creative, entrepreneurial spirit that thrives here at HSN and we couldn’t be happier about her latest accomplishment, especially as it coincides with her 10th anniversary,” said Lynne Ronon, HSN’s EVP of merchandising. “Her ability to take practical home solutions to the next level is unmatched. She has an innate talent for creating products that people need and want to have in their homes.”

We Guess Imitation Equals Flattery, With ShopNBC Doing Its Take On HSN’s Huggable Hangers

January 27, 2010

Call us crazy, but isn’t ShopNBC’s Top Value Tuesday, the “Hold Tru Velvet-Flocked Universal Hangers,” a dead ringer for HSN’s Huggable Hangers from Joy Mangano?

Don’t laugh at those Huggable Hangers. We swear by them, and 257 million of them have been sold.

Here’s what ShopNBC said about its version with 100 pieces:

“Our first hanger set Our Top Value, Hold Tru hangers will help you streamline your closet and make the most of your space! Each hanger features a slimline design, velvety flocked finish, and integrated nesting hook for vertical cascading. This 100-piece set has everything you need to keep your clothes hanging neatly while freeing up additional space. At only $0.57 a hanger, don’t miss out on this great value!”