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HSN Lands 6th Patent, For HSN2 Platform

September 24, 2014

HSN has received a U.S. patent, No. 8,768,781 to be precise, regarding certain aspects of its HSN2 platform, the home shopping network said Tuesday.

The new patent for HSN2, a spinoff of the mother ship HSN, “highlights the forward-thinking culture at HSN and reinforces the company’s position as the industry leader in transactional innovation,” the press release.

That’s a bit of horn-tooting on the part of HSN, isn’t it? We guess that’s because this is its sixth patent.

U.S. Patent No. 8,768,781, entitled “Method and System for Improved E-Commerce Shopping” covers many of the proprietary features of HSN’s “HSN2” platform and is directed to a system and method that provides updated product information to consumers.

The claimed system and method provide the automated transmission of updated, time-sensitive information relating to a product, offering consumers the most up-to-date information about the various products offered on HSN2.

“This additional patent is yet another in a series of patents and applications directed to HSN’s unique retail shopping platforms which support the company’s boundaryless retail experiences,” the network said.

Additional United States and international patent applications have been filed directed to various applications and uses of HSN’s proprietary technologies.

HSN’s Advanced Services team members create, design, develop, install, integrate and test of direct-to-consumer transactional systems.

HSN Has Started Streaming HSN2 Live On

October 15, 2010

You can now watch HSN’s spinoff network, HSN2, live online.

The live video stream has been added to HSN’s website.

The second network launched on Dish Network Aug. 1, but that’s the only distribution it has so far.

According to the original press release on HSN2, it
is “designed to offer customers a curated assortment of encore airings of HSN’s must-see shows, products, brands and personalities.”

The announcement also said, “Programming for the new channel, which will be either complementary or counter to the programming on HSN, will be developed in unique and different ways to excite customers. The channel will also serve as a platform to test different ideas and develop new business opportunities for the company.”

QVC Will Watch Performance Of Second Networks In UK, Germany Before Considering One In U.S.

August 15, 2010

QVC Mike George

Don’t expect to see QVC launch a second network in the United States any time soon, even though rival HSA debuted HSN2 on Aug. 1.

QVC this fall does plan to launch second channels in the United Kingdom and Germany, QVC CEO Mike George said during a second-quarter conference call for parent Liberty Media Monday.

Those new shopping networks “will feature the best-of content, and expose QVC to more consumers,” according George.

And QVC in the second quarter started doing a late-night simulcast of its UK network on ITV, and a hour simulcast its Japanese home shopping nework in that country.

But you won’t see any of this happening in America yet, he added.

“The reason we chose UK and Germany for second channel is that it’s relatively low cost to get incremental distribution,” George said. In those countries the new QVCs will be “largely leveraging content off the main channel” but will have some original programming.

In the UK, the second network will focus on bearty, while the one Germany will be “more mixed,” with some focus on beauty, according to George.

“These taped channels provide modest revenue potential,” he said. “I don’t want to overstate the impact, and the key is to do it at a very low cost. In the U.S. we may at some point explore a second channel, but it’s a little bit lower down on our priority list…the equation for us is in terms of amount of revenue potential relative to the cost and caliber of the distribution. It’s not as clear cut a case (in the U.S.) as it is in the UK and Germany. So we’ll watch those two markets…At some point we might consider bringing it to the U.S., but that’s unclear at this point.”

HSN2, which debuted on Dish Network, is using taped content from HSN, content that was shot but never aired on HSN and some original programming.

HSN2 Will Be Streamed On, Says HSN CEO Mindy Grossman

August 5, 2010

We’re going to have to give you an abbreviated post on HSN’s second-quarter conference call Wednesday, because we’ve been writing since 8 a.m., and it’s 10:30 p.m., and we’re tired.

During the Q-&-A part of the call, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman spent a lot of time talking about HSN2, the sister channel to HSN that launched Aug. 1 on Dish Network.

“It expands our shelf space,” Grossman said of the new network, adding, “It’s not going to be a clearance channel.”

HSN2 is now in 13 million homes, and Grossman said she expects to have additional distribution soon.

Video from HSN2, which “will offer a curated assortment of encore airings of HSN’s must-see shows, products, brands and personalities,” so we are told, will be streamed on, just like HSN, Grossman told analysts. That’s good news for us, because we’re curious to see what HSN2 looks like, and we’re a Comcast subscriber, not Dish.

Grossman reiterated what’s already said about HSN2, namely that it will not only repackage content from HSN but will also be a test vehicle for the mothership network. HSN2 will also have original programming.

“We will be creating original programming for HSN2 that could and would be different than what we traditionally do on HSN,” Grossman said.

She pointed out that HSN shoots video that it doesn’t get a chance to run.

“We already do a lot of B-roll for a lot of our shows,” said Grossman, and that “B-roll” can air on HSN2.

Grossman also touted HSN’s “Eat, Pray, Love” promotion coming up this weekend, a partrnership with Sony Pictures. It ties in with the movie based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller, which stars Julia Roberts and debuts Aug. 13.

The HSN “Eat, Pray, Love” event will feature 30 brands and designers, with 400 new products, Grossman said.

And HSN’s 33rd birthday celebration, live from Las Vegas, Aug. 14 to 15, will be telecast from Planet Hollywood and magician Chriss Angel will make a special appearance, according to Grossman.

HSN Lands Patents For HSN Shop By Remote And E-Commerce Options

July 28, 2010

HSN has secured two patents, including one for HSN Shop by Remote, which is in 30 million homes, and is the only U.S. service of its kind to allow customers to buy products with just a few clicks of their remote control, the company said Wednesday.

“This patent reinforces our position as a revolutionary force in television and retail as we continue to bring exciting innovations to our customers that enable them to shop whenever and however they choose,” John McDevitt, HSN’s vice president of advanced services, said in a canned statement.

The HSN patent entitled “System for Improved Interactive Television Processing” covers many of the proprietary aspects of the HSN Shop By Remote platform and provides for a transactional environment between a server and one or more display devices. Using the unique identity of a given customer operating a display device, the HSN Shop by Remote system generates and transmits customized transaction data, creating an individualized transactional experience.

In addition, HSN secured a patent called “Method and System for Improved E-Commerce Shopping.” The patent includes many of the proprietary features of the platform that allows consumers to view multiple video product presentations.

The system provides both a live video feed as well as pre-recorded video segments that may be related to one or more product presentations.

“Consumer appetite for online video viewing and shopping options is rapidly expanding, creating tremendous opportunities for e-commerce providers to monetize these channels,” McDevitt said. “Our second patent helps protect our video and e-commerce technology and reaffirms our leadership position in transactional innovation.”

As part of its strategy to provide customers with access to great shopping experiences across multiple platforms, HSN has deployed the HSN Shop by Remote interactive television service and is also today the only retailer streaming live HD video on three screens: TV, online and mobile.

With a focus on capturing additional growth opportunities in mobile, HSN has over the last year launched an i-phone app, an android app and, most recently, a WAP site. And Aug. 1 HSN will launch HSN2, effectively becoming the only home shopping network with a second TV shopping channel. HSN2 will provide customers with more viewing and shopping options as it offers 24 hours of encore airings of HSN’s favorite brands, products and personalities.

HSN To Launch Second Home Shopping Channel, HSN2, On Dish Network Aug. 1

June 14, 2010

HSN2 is coming Aug. 1

It never fails. The one morning we sleep in (after getting just four hours of sleep each of the past five nights), which for us meant getting up at 8:30 a.m., HSN has some real news.

Monday HSN announced that it is launching a second home shopping channel Aug. 1 that will be offered on Dish Network. The network, called HSN2 (there’s a creative name), will essentially air reruns of HSN’s shows.

Or, as HSN’s talented writers put it, HSN2 is “designed to offer customers a curated assortment of encore airings of HSN’s must-see shows, products, brands and personalities.”

So, unlike HSN, HSN2 won’t be live.

“We are excited to launch HSN2 and provide our customers greater access to additional viewing and shopping options,” cleavage-baring HSN CEO Mindy Grossman said in a canned statement. “With different personalities, great brands and products airing simultaneously on each of our channels, customers will enjoy twice the entertainment, inspiration and discoveries.”

And Dish Network, who we used to cover when we were at Multichannel News, chimed in as well.

“Dish Network is pleased to support HSN on the launch of their new channel, and we look forward to offering HSN2 to our customers later this summer,” said Jerry Grasmick, Dish’s vice president of commercial services and sales.

Very illuminating, Jerry.

For the first several months, the channel will focus on feedback from HSN2 viewers and customers and respond accordingly.

“HSN is committed to being a leader in transactional innovation and exploring ways to grow and reach our customers through multiple platforms,” John McDevitt, HSN’s vice president of advanced services, said in his canned satatement. “HSN2 offers yet another means for our customers to access the high quality production and engaging shopping experiences they have come to expect of HSN.”

Programming for the new channel, we are told in the press release, “will be either complementary or counter to the programming on HSN, will be developed in unique and different ways to excite customers. The channel will also serve as a platform to test different ideas and develop new business opportunities for the company.”

HSN leaked the story to The New York Times, which ran it under the headline “Up Next: Reruns From HSN.”

The story quotes Grossman as saying that HSN2 will have original content.

And HSN2 will be in Dish’s 14 million homes. HSN is in 95 million households.