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App This, App That: HSN To Offer Emeril On iPhone, iPod Cooking Dash App

November 3, 2011

Those social-media junkies at HSN have teamed up with PlayFirst on an update to the Cooking Dash App for iPhone and iPod touch that adds what we are told is “a unique new restaurant venue” called “HSN Cooks with Emeril.”

Say what?

This app will feature Big Easy chef Emeril Lagasse cooking and serving some of his favorite dishes.

The new venue showcases an Emeril avatar and allows players to interact with virtual representations from Emeril’s top-selling Emerilware cookware and kitchen electrics line. Players can also instantly choose to purchase those very same Emerilware products directly from HSN’s e-commerce site, without leaving the app.

“Cooking is so popular today because it’s the perfect mix of food and fun,” Emeril said in a canned statement. “I’m excited to partner with HSN to set up shop on Cooking Dash so viewers can cook along with me in the studio and try their hand at running their own restaurant. If you love cooking then you’ll absolutely love this new feature.”

And from PlayFirst …

“This integration of game play, celebrity and shopping is a great new concept that we are excited to bring to our Cooking Dash users,” PlayFirst president and CEO Mari Baker said. “Players will enjoy interacting with Emeril in the game and joining him chopping, slicing and dicing with the same piece of cookware that they can later buy for themselves.”

When players enter Cooking Dash they immediately see the new “HSN Cooks with Emeril” venue. They can then enter the restaurant and begin to play.

During gameplay, they will have access to a variety of Emeril products including a blender, mixer, deep fryer and chef’s knife. As players progress through the game, traditional Cooking Dash characters such as Flo are joined by virtual Emeril and together they cook and serve various recipes for the restaurant’s diners.

Emeril’s products are then available in the DashMart, PlayFirst’s virtual store, as either virtual items or as an actual online order for delivery directly to your home.

“HSN recognizes that gaming, shopping and sharing are three of the most popular activities across mobile and digital platforms,” HSN executive vice president of digital commerce Jill said. “Mobile continues to be HSN’s fastest growing channel and this partnership with PlayFirst and Emeril helps us bring together content and commerce in a fun and innovative way.”

The Cooking Dash App, with the new “HSN Cooks with Emeril” restaurant venue, is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at