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HSN, Comp Lady Gaga A Joy Mangano Mini-Steamer Right Now!

March 2, 2012

Lady Gaga really does dig HSN.

The Queen Monster posted this on Facebook last weekend:

“Me steaming my vintage polyblend Halston with a teapot is a vision, should have sprung for the ministeam on HSN. #KettlesAreForTeaNotFashion”

Lady Gaga regrets not springing for Joy Mangano's $19.95 mini-steamer

By “ministeam,” Lady Gaga had to be referring to HSN queen Joy Mangano’s “My Little Steamer” mini-steamer.

A recent profile of HSN CEO Mindy Grossman in Elle magazine ended with an anecdote about “Born This Way” Gaga.

Grossman was meeting with Lady Gaga about doing a line for HSN. According to Elle, Lady Gaga told Grossman, “You have the neatest job,” or words to that effect.

Is Lady Gaga Doing A Line For HSN? Read Elle’s Story On Mindy Grossman

February 18, 2012

If you want a good read about HSN and CEO Mindy Grossman, we advise you to check on Elle magazine’s profile of home shopping’s most celebrated head honcho.

Here is the link:

The article, headlined “Mindy Grossman’s Sell-A-Vision Success,” includes interviews with not only Grossman but HSN vendor Iman, super host Colleen Lopez and home designer Jonathan Adler. Once again, the story is about how Grossman has “morphed HSN from a cheesy and weird guilty pleasure into a flourishing business energized by the talents of the fashionable,” according to Elle.

In the story, Grossman says that the entertaining lifestyle programming she had seen on HGTV was the model for her transformed HSN.

The story describes Lopez as “the unrivaled queen of the HSN hostesses: Its top seller.”

“We’ve gone from nerdy kid in class to, like, the homecoming queen! We have street cred,” Lopez told Elle.

HSN hosts are expected to read WWD to keep up with fashion trends, we’re told.

There also some intriguing tidbits about Grossman meeting with the execs from Facebook and Google in Cali.

But the kicker is the end of the story. I won’t give it all away. Let’s just say thet Grossman has met with Lady Gaga about doing an HSN line.

Read the story.