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Want ‘Great In Bed’? Watch Evine With Shinder

September 19, 2017

This is great, according to Evine.

Today, Tuesday, the No. 3 home shopping network will debut the House of Greatness from beauty-industry veteran Randi Shinder. We are not familiar with her, but according to Evine’e press release she is “best-known as the creator of CLEAN Perfume, Lip Fusion, Fusion Beauty and Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty.

“Randi is a powerhouse in the fragrance and beauty industry and we are thrilled she’s joining the Evine family and are looking forward to this strategic partnership,” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement.

“We can all subscribe to greatness being a way of life. Here at Evine we live by our mantra to be good to others and to be good to yourself. House of Greatness and Randi’s revolutionizing line of products that fuse science and beauty is a perfect match for our customers who seek out new ways to live, look and feel great.”

The announcement said that House of Greatness “is an empowering lifestyle brand developed with the core belief that greatness should be a way of life, a conscious mindset to inspire and motivate to do great and be the best version of yourself.”

The line includes fragrance, beauty, home décor, apparel and jewelry, including I Smell Great, Great in Bed, Great Bath, Great Home and jewelry collection, Great Intentions.

Additionally, House of Greatness will include brand collaborations from “celebrity beauty and lifestyle expert Spencer Barnes and supermodel and actress Bar Paly.” We haven’t heard of either one of them.

House of Greatness will debut on Evine in September and will expand with new introductions monthly through next January and beyond.

“House of Greatness has been a labor of love,” Shinder said.

“My passion has always been fragrance and beauty and I’m referred to by many as a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. Over time my passions have evolved into creating this exciting lifestyle brand that not only invites greatness in all aspects of ones’ life, but also empowers women who believe good is not good enough and strive for greatness in their everyday life, values, aspirations and dreams.”

House of Greatness will debut with the fragrances I Smell Great and Great in Bed.

The press release left us speechless when it said:

I Smell Great is the first and only fragrance brand based on extraction to develop scents directly from things women love the most. Combining true extraction with patented self-renewing scent spheres allows the wearer to reactivate the fragrance up to 6-8 hours after application. In addition to fragrances, I Smell Great will also include scented candles.

Great in Bed is a collection of products specifically designed for the bedroom to promote great rest, great energy and great bedroom experiences. The fragrances within Great in Bed are formulated with magnetic energy water to increase energy and attraction while delicately scenting skin from head to toe. In addition to fragrances, Great in Bed will also include scented candles, atmosphere sprays and sleepwear and extend into bedroom accessories and bedding.

Following the September introduction of I Smell Great and Great in Bed, and in time for the holidays, will be the debut of Great Bath, Great Home and Great Intentions.

Barnes and Paly will be making guest appearances during the premieres. He had worked with will be Spencer Barnes, who has worked with celebrities including Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev and Angie Harmon. She has worked with Liam Neeson, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson.

Each will showcase their own unique lines created in collaboration with Shinder.