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Home Shopping Vendors Randolph Duke, Bradley Bayou and Rachel Zoe All Did Stints At Troubled Halston

September 5, 2011

What happens when you design for the Halston company, and leave? Apparently, you become a vendor on a home shopping network.

The Sunday Styles section of The New York Times today did a story headlined “The Men (And Women) Who Would Be Halston.” It is about the parade of fashion designers and executives who have tried to replace Halston since his death 21 years ago.

If you’re a home shopper, you’ll recognize several names in the story, namely Randolph Duke, Bradley Bayou and Rachel Zoe. Little did we know that Duke, who does a line for HSN, was hired by the Halston company in 1996. Duke was a former design director for Henri Bendel, which we also didn’t know.

Halston alum Bradley Bayou now has a line on QVC, in addition to his couture collection in LA

BTW, the story says that Duke “now sells dresses on the Home Shopping Network Web site,” which raises several questions. For example, any designer who has an active line on HSN (it’s correct name, New York Times) appears on the network to hawk their wares. If a line is on its way out, HSN usually just sells the stuff, often on clearance, on its website. So what’s up with Duke and HSN?

We’re told that Duke’s Halston line in 1997 was critically acclaimed, and that he dressed actress Minnie Driver for the 1998 Oscars.

But things went sour soon. “Fabric bills were not being paid on time,” Duke told The Times, and he quit.

In 2002 LA designer Bayou, who has a collection on QVC, was brought in. Said to have a celebrity clientele, he did a line called Bradley Bayou for Halston. Apparently Queen Latifah, now an HSN vendor, and Oprah Winfrey wore his garments.

But things went sour soon. When Bayou asked the Halston company for more cash for advertising, it said no. Bayou bounced in 2005.

The Times quoted Bayou as saying, “I feel like I let him (Halston) down, and he’s rolling over in his grave.”

Movie maven Harvey Weinstein bought Halston in 2007 for $25 million, and Zoe, who now has a line on QVC, was named creative director.

But things went sour soon, and Zoe exited by 2008.

Got that all, folks?