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Evine Live Quiz: Name The Most Famous Hand Model

August 9, 2016

Have you ever heard of Ellen Sirot, the world-famous hand model?

We haven’t, either, but that’s the way Evine Live described her in a press release Monday announcing that her skincare line is coming to the home shopping network Aug. 19.

Just what home shopping needs, another anti-aging beauty collection.

“Founded and created by world-famous hand supermodel Ellen Sirot, the collection uses advanced, patent-pending Transformative Glass Technology to deliver a skincare collection and philosophy never seen before in the industry,” Evine Live said. “Through an innovative day-and-night system for the face, body and hands, normal looking skin can achieve a glass like appearance.”

The press release said that for more than two decades, Sirot’s hands have won her the moniker of the “Supermodel of Hands,” doing work for Neutrogena, Dawn Dish Soap, Sally Hansen and Campbell’s.

And apparently, Sirot has served as a “hand double” for Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hillary Swank.

“Every woman has ‘that moment’ – the moment when they first notice their skin isn’t as smooth and youthful as it once was,” Sirot said in a canned statement.

We’ve certainly had our “moment.”

“For me, that moment came 15 years ago when I looked down at my hands… my livelihood… and saw the first signs of aging,” Sirot said.

“I couldn’t sit idly by and watch my hands age. I had to do something about it. I made it my mission and set out to find the perfect anti-aging hand cream,” she said ”What I didn’t know 15 years ago was that my quest for youthful hands would lead me to an ingredient as powerful as Transformative Glass Technology. Finding this technology changed everything for me. That’s when I decided I couldn’t let my life go by without sharing this discovery.”

Sirot uses patent-pending Transformative Glass Technology to “transform the look of skin into a glass-like surface,” we are told.

“There are ingredients in these beautiful glass bottles that will amaze you,” Sirot said. “A combination of unique peptides, 3-D oat sugars and mushrooms that create the look of toned skin; even molecules based on silicium that support the appearance of collagen, volume and elasticity. It’s really natural and just so effective. The best of science and nature working together hand in hand!”

Get it: hand in hand.

“In the world of modeling and advertising, few hand models are as prolific and revered as Ellen Sirot. We’re thrilled to share her story, expertise and product with Evine customers,” Chief Merchandising Officer Michael Henry said. “We look forward to building the Sirot brand at Evine and will continue to bring customers exclusive values on the industry’s latest technologies and trends.”