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Joy Mangano Sells 30,000 Of Her New Performance Sneakers In Their Debut

May 4, 2010

HSN’s in-house inventor/entrepreneur Joy Mangano in only three hours Monday sold out 30,000 pairs of her new performance sneakers, which give you a workout when you walk, according to the home shopping channel.

“I’m always striving to find innovative technologies and products that offer more to the consumer, and who doesn’t want to tone and get a secret workout with every step you take?” Mangano said in a canned statement Tuesday.

“My goal was to design a foot flattering silhouette incorporating this ground-breaking Get Fit technology, and I just knew our HSN customers would fall in love with them. They are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever slipped into!”

But Joy, you’ve got to getter a snazzier name for those sneakers, not the current Performance Platforms with Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers.

“Our goal was to create a product that would provide toning benefits and at the same time offer a stylish look,” Keds president Kristin Kohler Burrows said. “We are excited by the consumer response and look forward to continuing to collaborate with our great partners Joy Mangano and HSN.”

Beyond Huggable Hangers: HSN’s Joy Mangano To Add Exercise Sneakers To Her Repertoire

May 1, 2010

Joy Mangano

HSN calls her its Mother of Invention. Known for selling millions of Huggable Hangers (I’ve got a closet full of them), Joy Mangano is now doing sneakers that tone your butt and legs when you walk in them.

The New Yawk-accented Mangano will unveil her new footwear collecton, Performance Platforms, May 3, when the shoes will be the Today’s Special. The line, which uses Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers, will be exclusively available at HSN and

“I’ve reorganized closets with Huggable Hangers, revolutionized kitchens with GreenPan, and freshened homes with Forever Fragrant,” Mangano said in a canned statement Friday. “Now I hope to enhance every step in Performance Platforms with Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers. It’s finally time to be stylish, comfortable, and active.”

Like a number of similar shoes on the market, Performance Platforms are designed to promote muscle activity, while you walk, and tone muscle groups like your calves, quads, hamstrings and butt.

“Joy’s innate ability to highlight an everyday item like sneakers with an advanced patent pending fit technology is what has kept her at the top of her industry and an HSN customer favorite for the past ten years,” Lynne Ronon, HSN’s executive vice president of merchandising, said. “The introduction of this new footwear reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with innovative product assortments and technologies.”

The shoe’s patented Celliant Lining is supposedly formulated to help increase the complete comfort of the shoe. Additional features include a removable comfort insole; a soft compression heel uniquely designed to help return energy with every step; and the muscle activating outsole that helps to tone key muscle groups and benefit your body while walking.

The Performance Platforms with Get Fit Technology by Grasshoppers will come in a lace-up style and a slip-on style both in your choice of colors: Champagne Beige, Silver Grey and Classic White with a Today’s Special (one-day only) price of $59.95 (regular price of $74.95)

“We are thrilled to be presenting this exciting new collection to the HSN audience,” Keds president Kristin Burrows said. “The Performance Platforms collection is designed with our breakthrough Get Fit technology by Grasshoppers to help activate and tone key muscles groups. It is a unique offering in the toning footwear market combining style and comfort with distinct health and wellness benefits — a combination consumers have come to expect from the Grasshoppers brand.”