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QVC Airs Reruns On Gem Day

February 9, 2017

As far as we know, Evine pioneered rerunning its prime-time programming in the overnight hours, the wee hours of the morning. That was a switch, since it’s a home shopping tradition to broadcast live 24/7.

Maybe we’ve just missed it before, but early Thursday morning for the first time — at least that we’ve ever seen — QVC reran host Jane Treacy and gem expert Peyton Kelley’s introduction to the TSV. It is Gem Day at QVC.

Anticipating a snow day, we were up watching QVC at 3 a.m. or so when we saw a presentation on a rainbow-colored sapphire bracelet that sounded familiar.

It was familiar because we had seen it shortly after midnight.

On-screen QVC said that the programming had been previously recorded. We didn’t stay up long enough to see how many hours of the earlier programming, the “Gem Day Grand Opening,” was rebroadcast.

What gives?

QVC Diamond Tennis Bracelet: 18K, H Color, VS Clarity

January 10, 2015

Props to QVC for its Gem Day event Thursday, where it really upped its game.

The dominant home shopping network presented the highest quality diamond item we have ever seen on TV.

We tuned in for the final hour and saw Peyton Kelley talking about a diamond tennis bracelet. We looked at the screen and couldn’t believe our eyes: It said 18K gold.

We hopped on our computer and saw that not only was the bracelet 18k gold, the diamond quality was out of this world.

“As part of QVC’s quality requirements, randomly selected white diamonds from this bracelet have undergone a survey by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to verify the diamonds are natural and at least H color and VS clarity,” said.

Kelley explained that QVC had gone to a jewelry company that makes pieces for a high-end company and asked what it had in its vault. It was this bracelet.

Now, it was not cheap. The bracelet came in 6 3/4, 7 1/4 and 8 inches. The 6 3/4 was $4,719, and is now $5,099.

The diamonds ranged from 2.8 carats to 3.3 carats, depending on the length of the bracelet.

But that diamond quality! Wow! Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Herkimer Diamonds: ShopNBC Versus HSN

March 24, 2013

For the first time in a long while, we spent a lot of time in front of the boob tube tuned to ShopNBC Thursday and Friday for its Gem Day festivities, and we caught a bit of jewelry doyenne Judith Ripka on QVC last night.

Actually, we were pleasantly surprised at the assortment of goodies that the Three Amigos — Jersey Boy Chuck Clemency, Paul Deasy and Michael V. (we’re to tired to look up the right spelling on his name) — trotted out for the Minnesota home shopping venue.

Deasy really got in our good graces by pulling two Herkimer diamond necklaces out of his bag of tricks. HSN vendor Deb Guyot brought a Herkimer necklace to that home shopping network as a TS some months back, and we are wearing it as we write. Apparently, she doesn’t have an exclusive on the market.

Paul Deasy not wearing his tan jacket

Paul Deasy not wearing his tan jacket

Herkimer diamonds, quartz crystals that come to points at both ends, are supposed to be powerful spiritually, helping foster creativity and opening a shitload of chakras. The stones come from Herkimer County in Upstate New York, which was in the news last week when a crazed gunman killed some innocent folk up there.

Guyot’s Herkimer diamond necklaces for HSN are 5 mm, at 18 1/2 and 24 inches for $280 and $370, respectively.

On ShopNBC Deasy offered just the 18 inch length, but had two different widths, 5 mm and 6 mm. His necklaces, non-Gem Day priced now, are $358 and $418.|165&prop=Gem%20Insider|1519&icid=DN-_-JEWELRY-_-GemInsider

Deasy, a home shopping vet who is married to another home shopping vet, Judy Crowell, is a delight to watch. He made a lot of self-deprecating jokes about his clothes and his need to get one of Suzanne Somers’ Face Masters. He and Judy are lucky to have found each other.

Highlights Of QVC’s Gem Day: Affinity Diamond Highway Ring And Chrome Ceramic Watch

June 26, 2012

We’ve been backlogged again, and working Sundays, so couldn’t find time until today to comment on QVC’s Gem Day Saturday.

We weren’t overwhelmed, but since QVC has cut back so many of its jewelry presentations, we guess we shouldn’t complain.

QVC featured some new jewels for its airwaves, such as icy pink morganite. But that’s a stone that’s been a staple on ShopNBC and Jewelry Television.

The No. 1 home shopping network also hawked a lot of drusy, but once again the prices were exorbitant. QVC boasts that it only uses top-grade drusy. We’d rather have not top-quality drusy, and have a piece of jewelry that doesn’t break the bank.

The one thing we really were impressed with was Affinity Diamonds. Apparently so-called “highway” rings, which feature multiple bands attached to each other, are hot now. And QVC had a gorgeous tricolor one with diamonds.

Host Lisa Robertson and QVC diamond maven Michael O’Connor also showed off a chrome-colored ceramic watch with diamonds surrounding the face. That was a stunning piece.

O’Connor allayed our fears about the durability of ceramic watches. He said that the ceramic in QVC’s watches was an 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, harder than sapphires and almost as hard as a diamond. He added that the chrome color was baked through the watch, not just painted on. It was stunning.

HSN Host Bill Green Gets A Little Bored On Gem Day

January 21, 2010

HSN's Gem Day Today's Special

HSN is having its big Gem Day Wednesday, but host Bill Green was not very psyched for it.

We caught him this afternoon, and he was presenting some jewelry, but there was no vendor next to him to help chat up the merchandise.

Green got up and walked over to the models, saying, “I’m bored.” Well, we were bored, too, but we’re not a home shopping host who is supposed to sell, sell, sell.

Green caught himself, and said, “I should’t have said that.” But the “bored” remark was already out there, like the cow being out of the barn (is that the cliche?).

We’re sorry to say we’ve been pretty bored — like Green – with HSN’s Gem Day, and we love rocks.

By the way Bill, if you helped get us a full-time job, we wouldn’t be home in the afternoon watching you say you are bored.

QVC’s Gem Day Is Not Rocking

January 5, 2010

QVC jewelry lovers don’t seem to be impressed with Gem Day Tuesday on the home shopping network, and neither are we.

On one thread on the QVC jewelry forum, posters griped that most of the items are just sterling silver or not new merchandise.

On another thread, one woman was rather outraged that the Today’s Special Value, a multi-colored sapphire band ring, just came in sterling or in gold “clad,” not solid 14 carat gold. It is $139, on three Easy Pays.

The all-time price of gold has cut down on the inventory that networks like QVC are peddling, much to the frustration of jewelry geeks.