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How Much Did Xcelerator, Weight Watchers And Hypnosis Each Contribute To Fergie’s Weight Loss?

August 13, 2015

Well, Sarah Ferguson’s appearance on QVC Wednesday to tout a juicer was news in Great Britain, where The Express did a story about it.

The headline from the article used a great quote from the Duchess of York’s debut on the home shopping channel: “‘I’m no longer Duchess of Pork’ says Sarah Ferguson in her new job SELLING JUICERS.”

On QVC Fergie said she went whole hog on a diet after seeing a photo of herself at nearly 200 pounds.

We blogged about her TV appearance yesterday (sorry we misspelled Duchess), selling the Fusion Xcelerator, but at that time didn’t realize some of the questions it raised.

Fergie — or perhaps more accurately, QVC host David Venable — said words to the effect that her 50-pound loss was due to a combination of factors, including the Xcelerator.

We were reminded by readers later that Fergie had previously served as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. So how much did that diet regime contribute to her diet success, we wonder.

Then the New York Post Wednesday had a story with the headline “Trance-ing With The Stars,” about celebs using hypnosis to get them to work out. That article said that Fergie was among the “notables” who had “sung the praises of hypnosis for weight loss over the years.”

So, granted, QVC did qualify the claims about the Xcelerator’s contribution to Fergie’s weight loss, but we don’t know, it doesn’t seem quite kosher.

How much did the fancy blender, Weight Watchers and hypnosis each contribute to Fergie’s weight loss?

Duchess Of York Joins QVC To Tout NutriBullet Copycat

August 12, 2015

Are we seeing things?

Are we actually seeing the Duchess of York — Sarah Ferguson — on QVC hawking a NutriBullet knockoff with David Venable?

Ferguson is promoting QVC’s Today’s Special Value, the Fusion Xcelerator, which she said was a key component of her weight-loss success. She told Venable that she went from 192 pounds to 137 in just 13 months.

“The Fusion Xcelerator allowed me to turn my life around,” Ferguson said on

FYI: Several readers have pointed out since we posted this blog that Ferguson was also a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, which is not mentioned on QVC. Makes one wonder how much of her weight loss was due to Jenny and how much to the Xcelerator.

We must say that Ferguson is rather charming and relatable.