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Evine Sales Flat In Second-Quarter

September 3, 2018

Catching up here, on the second-quarter results that Evine posted last week.

Everythng’s relative, we guess, and the No. 3 home shopping reported basically flat sales, up just over 1 percent to $150.8 million. Since HSN was down 11 percent and QVC saw a 4 percent gain.

Evine cut its net loss, bringing it down to $40,000, “improved by approximately $2.0 million year-over-year, representing the best second quarter performance since fiscal 2000,” according to the company. It also boasted that it had introduced 17 new brands during the second quarter.

And there were lengthy remarks Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt.

We had a very productive quarter and I’m pleased with our results. We not only accelerated top line growth, but we improved bottom line profitability and grew Adjusted EBITDA by 12 percent year-over-year. We also strengthened our balance sheet and overall liquidity with an amendment of our credit facility that will provide interest expense savings and additional availability.

Our expertise is in building great brands. We do this by curating a portfolio of enticing products that have a unique story and then, with the right storyteller, we bring these products and brands to life across all of our platforms.

We strive to keep our content fresh and relevant with a combination of both core and new brands. To that end, we introduced 17 new brands during the quarter and celebrated a number of milestone anniversaries. Additionally, during the quarter, we continued to advance our digital and social initiatives, grow our subscription business and increase purchase frequency.

As previously announced, Evine noted that Anne Martin-Vachon had joined the network as president Aug. 1, and oversees merchandising, marketing, digital, broadcast and production. Previously, Martin-Vachon was president of the Canadian multiplatform digital commerce company TSC – Today’s Shopping Choice, a division of Rogers Media.

Evine also said that:

* The top performing category in the quarter was beauty and wellness, which grew 27 percent year-over-year, reflecting continued strength from our subscription business.

* Digital net sales as a percentage of total net sales increased 450 basis points to 52.6 percent, reflecting a continued focus on making the customer experience seamless across all platforms.

* The return rate for the quarter was 18.7 percent; an improvement of 40 basis points year-over-year and across multiple categories.

* Gross profit dollars increased to $56.9 million and gross profit margin was 37.7 percent.

* Operating expenses decreased 1.7 percent or about $1 million year-over-year to $56.0 million, reflecting reduced variable selling and distribution expenses.

QVC Honcho Dan McDermott Should Be Careful What He Asks For, As He Gets Some Blowback After Seeking Comments On The Network’s Recent Customer-Service Award

January 17, 2010

Any good lawyer knows that you must never ask a witness a question in court that you don’t already know the answer to. That’s something Dan McDermott, QVC’s SVP of customer services, should take to heart.

He wrote a blog on crowing about QVC’s recent recognition as a Top 10 retailer for customer service, ranking fifth in the NRF Foundation/American Express 2009 Customers’ Choice survey.

“On Tuesday, sitting among leaders of the nation’s top retailers, I represented QVC at the National Retail Federation’s 99th Annual Convention and EXPO in New York City,” McDermott blogged. “It was one of those ‘I LOVE my job days’!! For a 2nd year in a row, QVC has once again been recognized as a top 10 retailer for customer service…And what can I say? WE’RE THRILLED! To be ranked 5th among a group of like-minded retailers – leaders like LL Bean, Zappos,, HSN, and, Inc. – is an honor.”

But then he opened the door to trouble.

“If you shopped with us over the past year, hopefully you have experienced just how hard we work to ensure you receive a rich, engaging experience EVERY time you shop with us, across our multiple channels,” McDermott blogged. “I’m always open to hear what you think on how we make QVC your preferred destination for shopping! Tell me about it. Feel free to post a comment…”

Well, his invitation prompted a half dozen comments on his blog, and two separate threads on QVC’s forums.

One thread started “If the Q made the top 10 customer satisfaction list… can you imagine where the other top online retailers rank? QVC right up there with L L Bean? Not a chance. ( I give this post about 10 minutes.)”

On a second thread,

“I accidentally went to the Blogs page and Dan McDermott is quite proud of this fact,” one poster wrote. “QVC is up there with Amazon, L L Bean and HSN. Let the constructive criticism begin.”

On McDermott’s own blog, several posters complained about what they called QVC’s high shipping and handling fees.

“QVC has not kept pace with their industry peers in the area of shipping, that is for sure,” wrote one poster. “Each of the organizations you have listed either offer discounted shipping OR they offer to ship the order ALL IN ONE BOX. Reducing the embedded carbon footprint in online shipping should be a top priority for all of these companies, including QVC.”

Agreed another, “I would have to agree what other commentators are saying. Shipping, often equal to a significant percentage of the item price, is a real deterrent. It especially does not make sense to ask customers to pay extra shipping for the same item, if one gets more than one.”

Racism And Prejudice On QVC’s Online Forums: Jewelry Made In Italy And Mexico Is OK, But Items Made In China And Korea Prompt Nasty Rants

October 26, 2009

We read QVC’s online jewelry forum regularly, and we believe there is racism from some posters regarding jewelry made in China and Korea.

On Monday, one QVC poster immediately complained that singer Marie Osmond’s new Shine! jewelry line is manufactured in China and Korea.

This is not the first time we’ve heard this complaint made. There have been many such posts over the past months. Robert Lee Morris, for example, was criticized on the forum because his QVC jewelry is made in China and Thailand.

Now, QVC sells a lot of gold jewelry made in Italy, and does remote shows from that gorgeous country. The home shopping network makes a big deal about touting the talent of Italian gold factories.

QVC also sells a load of handmade silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico. Again, there is lots of information offered about the specific Taxco silversmiths and their familes who are creating the jewelry.

QVC also offers artisan-crafted jewelry from Indonesia, where the vendor dresses up in costume and talks about the way the jewelry is handmade in her country.

Is it us, but doesn’t it sound like a double standard — or a touch of racism — for QVC viewers to complain about jewelry being made in China, but not about gold imported from Italy or silver coming from south of the border?

What’s the prejudice against China? We don’t see any rants about some of QVC’s gold not being manufactured in the good old USA.

We’re just saying.