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QVC Host David Venable To Broadcast Live From Chapel Hill

August 4, 2015

We guess you can go home again, or at least QVC host David Venable can.

Venable, the No. 1 home shopping network’s expert in the kitchen, will be on the road and broadcasting live from a parking deck in Chapel Hill, N.C., on Wednesday, according to the Charlotte News & Observer. Free tickets to the event are gone.

Venable, a Charlotte native and University of North Carolina grad, talked to the newspaper about his memories of favorite local foods such as cheddar biscuits, which sound out of this world.

David Venable heads South

David Venable heads South

He also waxed on about his mother, a single mom who raised three kids, and her cooking, like her mayonnaise drop biscuits. We loves us some biscuits, have you noticed?

On Tuesday, Venable will be doing a book signing for his most recent cookbook, “Back Around The Table,” at an area restaurant.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi’s New QVC Lifestyle Line Is Online, And He’s On The Air From His Studio Saturday Night

December 5, 2009

QVC has high hopes for Isaac Mizrahi’s line, with CEO Mike George predicting it will be the home shopping channel’s biggest hit.

We caught a bit of the fashion designer on “Posh in the Park” Friday night, when Mizrahi appeared with host Lisa Robertson. We interviewed him years ago, and on the air he seemed charming and at ease.

Saturday night at 8 p.m. QVC will officially launch his show, “Issac Mizrahi Live!,” from a studio installed in his work space in Manhattan.

QVC has all of Mizrahi’s products online now, and they include apparel, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, food and housewares.

The jewelry and shoes didn’t do much for us, but we loved the plates with a bow ribbon design and a dress he had with a T-shirt-type top with a fancy silk print bottom.

Food Network Star Paula Deen Gets A Touching, Teary Call From A Fellow Southerner — And Fan — On QVC

November 17, 2009

There were several priceless moments on Food Network star Paula Deen’s show Monday evening on QVC, including one that almost had us tearing up along with the charming celebrity cook.

Deen, known for her “Y-all” Southernisms, had a live audience at the QVC studio in West Chester, Pa. We’re not trying to be mean, but they were the heaviest group of people we have ever seen in one place. And we are not exaggerating. They must love to eat Deen’s butter-laden dishes.

Anyway, Deen sells food items and cookware on QVC. She was on with a fellow Southerner, host David Venable, when she started talking about the ham sausage she was selling. It’s her No. 1-selling food item on the home shopping channel. And Deen loves those sausage patties herself.

“I put it in my mouth and I suck on it, I suck until all the juices are gone, and then I chew it,” she told Venable, who was left a little speechless by her remark. We guess he has a dirty mind like us.

Deen and Venable, who looks like he’s been eating a lot of Deen’s food, later called the cook-restaurateur from Georgia one of our favorite Southern expressions: Sweet pea.

But putting all our reporter cynicism aside, there was a really touching moment at the end of the show. The only thing like it we have ever seen on home shopping was when host Rick Domeier wiped away tears during his recent anniversary show.

Lisa from Mississippi called in, and said, “I love you Paula, and David, too.” She was crying, apparently so excited and happy to be talking to Deen.

Moved by the woman, Deen almost started to cry, as well, telling Lisa she loved her, too. The caller told Deen she was buying her sausage patties as well as turkey breast for Thanksgiving.

Deen was obviously was still touched by the woman, who she said had “the sweetest voice,” and she turned to Venable.

“David, you don’t realize how you touch people,” Deen said. “You don’t realize how you touch ’em until you get a call like that from that little lady and it makes your heart just full.”

Good for you Paula.