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QVC’s Kirks Folly Line Closing Up Fairy Shop

October 1, 2014

It’s the end of the yellow brick road for Kirks Folly, the fanciful and fairy-filled line of jewelry that is sold on QVC,

On Facebook Jenniefer, “your Fairy Godmother,” posted a note about the demise of the collection, offering her “fairy farewell.” No more fairy dust, costumes or dreamy sets on QVC or anyplace anymore.

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

I have to express our great love and appreciation for you, your friendship, kindness, loyalty and just being the very special group of people that you are ~ and you are truly a magical group!

We’ve spent 35 years dancing in the light of the Seaview Moon and Sparkling the World together. Each and every one of you is an important part of our lives. We’ve met you in stores, at fairy tea parties, in live audiences, on QVC, on cruises, and at factory sales.

We’ve gotten to know you through your letters, e-mails, phone calls, Facebook and Youtube. You are the heart and inspiration of Kirks Folly.

This is very difficult to say, but I must tell you that Kirks Folly will be closing its Fairyland Doors on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. The Kirks Folly that we know and love has had its glorious time in the sun. We know that every ending is a new beginning, a new chance to Dream and Believe ~ and that only the fates and the fairies know what lies ahead for each and every one of us.

Kirks Folly is ending its run by holding a Fairy Farewell Online Sale
Wednesday, Oct. 1, thru Friday, Oct. 17. Its a 70 percent sale off already discounted prices.

The company will also have a Fairy Farewell Factory Sale on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 2115 Broad St., Cranston, Rhode Island.

We would love to see as many of you as possible! This is a perfect time to pull out your costumes and party with the Kirks Folly Witches. Let's celebrate 35 years of enchantment in Fairyland style!

We love you all and don't want you to worry about us. We are all in good health and as much as we've loved it, we realize that this Chapter has come to an end.

We will always be here for you ~ you can find us on Facebook and Youtube and, as always, email me at Please keep the magic of Fairyland forever in your hearts and continue to Sparkle the World.

Miffed Kirk’s Folly Fans Want Their Fairyland Sets Back On QVC, Which Nixed Them

November 2, 2009

Fans of the Kirk’s Folly jewelry line on QVC are hopping mad that the home shopping network has put the kibosh on the elaborate sets that used to be the backdrop for Folly’s shows.

Kirk’s Folly jewelry is, how shall we say this, fairy-inspired. In the past, Kirk’s Folly “Fairy Godmother” Jenniefer Kirk would come in and have her folks dress up their set on QVC, with magical fairy dust and angel wings.

Kirk would wear elaborate princess-like costumes, and even the QVC hosts would sometimes wear this get-up, as well. This whimsical line is not our thing, but its fans are devoted and cult-like.

Well, the fancy sets are now gone, and that has some posters to QVC’s online jewelry forum ready to stuff fairy dust down the throat any QVC exec they can get their hands on.

Kirk’s Folly apparently told a poster that “QVC has taken a specific direction for their branding and they had no choice but to comply.”

But according to one poster, “The set is what made the products so magical.”

Here is a closer look into the Kirk’s Folly fairy world, at its Web site.

Or check out the “bonus video” here for a guided tour of Kirk’s Folly.