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Chef Wolfgang ‘F—k’ Lets Loose On HSN

February 14, 2017

Wolfgang Puck has had at least one temper tantrum on HSN that we blogged about. Now the celebrity chef used some really salty language on the home shopping network, according to TMZ.

We don’t know how they got the video, or who other than nuts like us were watching HSN late-night, but Puck used a naughty word starting with “F” that rhymes with his last name. He said it very nonchalantly, as if forgetting he was on-the-air live.

We thought there was a time-delay on home shopping channels to avoid just this kind of thing, but the censor did not catch the profanity.

Host Susan Runyan, ever the pro, just glossed over it and pretended like Wolgang hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary.

A Fellow New Jerseyite Uses F-Word On QVC

January 20, 2016

We posted this on Facebook a week or so ago, but for those who missed it, here goes.

Leave it to one of our fellow Jerseyites to use the F-word on QVC, much to the chagrin of host Leah Williams.

Caller Rosalie announced that she was from South Jersey and lived on an island — an area with few stores — so she said she purchased her clothes from the home shopping network. She particularly liked the proprietary brand Denim & Co.

At that point you hear a male voice, apparently Rosalie’s husband, in the background.

“Do you see I’m on the f–king phone?” Rosalie shouted at him — and to QVC’s audience.

Williams told viewers, “Oh, it’s a live television show and Rosalie didn’t want to be interrupted on the phone. So we’re going to let her take care of whoever was interrupting.”

Lucky him!