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Emmy Winner’s Wife Rocked HSN Necklace At The Awards Ceremony

August 31, 2010

The Emmy necklace

We always enjoy reading HSN host-with-the-most Colleen Lopez’s Facebook posts, and she had a good one Monday.

Colleen said that she had just viewed the time-shifted Emmy Awards, and she was surprised and pleased to see that the wife of one of the Emmy winners was wearing a necklace that is featured on HSN’s Designer Gallery.

“I just finished watching the Emmy Awards – that I TVo’d from last night…..And LO and BEHOLD there was our fabulous Amanda Jaron Designer Gallery Necklace on the wife of Steve Levitan’s wife, Kristen!!” Colleen said on Facebook. “As he gave his funny and touching tribute to his wife…..Check out that fabulous necklace!!! Congrats, Amanda ♥

Steve Levitan who won an Emmy for comedy writing for “Modern Family.” Colleen posted the video clip, as have we.

The necklace had chunky faceted onyx beads with sterling silver flowers on them. We’ve seen Colleen’s presentations on the piece, and she said she had purchased it for herself.

Jaron commented on Facebook that Krista Levitan (that’s how Amanda spelled her name) had purchased her necklace on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The necklace sold for $200 at HSN, but it appears to be sold out now.


Just In Time For Easter, QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Lays Another Egg With His TSV: Continued Disappointment With This Talented Designer

March 29, 2010

We had high hopes when we heard that designer Isaac Mizrahi was coming to QVC. We met and interviewed him almost a decade ago, and he was delightful. And we loved his clothes at Target.

As we’ve said before (sorry if you’ve read this already), we wore a $59 black cocktail dress that Mizrahi did for Target to the Emmy Awards in LA in 2008. And, we swear we’re not bragging, we looked just as good as many of the women who had thousand-dollar gowns. We dressed up that LBD with big jewelry and were good to go.

But after all the hype that QVC generated about Mizrahi coming on board, when his line debuted we weren’t very impressed. But we have tried to keep an open mind. When we heard he was doing the Today’s Special Value for Monday, we were looking forward to seeing it. Well, it was quite the disappointment, as has been the rest of his QVC collection.

It’s a scoop neck knit top with “embellishment,” namely a few jeweled flowers and a denim/grosgrain ribbon flower pin, which is removable. The TSV is $40.

That top is as uninspired and pedestrian, and even ugly with the “embellishment,” as it could get. Isaac, what is wrong with you?

We checked out the QVC online forums to see what posters thought, and they echoed our gripes about the TSV.

Here are some of the brutal comments on the Mizrahi top:

“My computer broken or are we not even talking about Issac’s TSV? I don’t want it, it is just not for me. This is the first time in a year that I have not seen people talking about the new fashion TSV. Bad sign, I think.”

“My first thought was K-mart meets Quacker Factory. I have nothing against the man, but somehow I feel insulted by this item.”

“I am all for stimulating the economy and I wish him great success but I would only order it at the $19 end. And he could keep the pins.”

“$45.00? Wait a sec. Did I see and read this correctly? $45.00 TSV is a cheap tacky T-shirt that is selling for $45.00 (after S&H) that is just insane!!!”

“You aren’t the only ones who dislike this merchandise line, trust me. TSV is just ridiculous! Who on earth…. WHY on earth would anyone wear something like that unless it was their child’s art project???…And topping it all off? That huge black ribbon thing reminds me of something a person wears as a gesture of mourning. Personally I think QVC needs to step it up and dump some of the ‘Blue Light specials’ that it pushes on us. Actually this would work great as a Blue Light special but the price would have to be slashed from $45.00 to maybe $9.99.”

“Walmart wouln’t even sell that — that is horrific and a ridiculous price.”

“Methinks its headed for the clearance section…I like Isaac and have a few of this things but this top doesn’t say spring to me.”

Yes, these ladies are frank. But we happen to agree with them.

Isaac, you better step up your game. Please bring the zing and zest your Target collection had to the Q.