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QVC Vendor Ellen DeGeneres Also Selling Line At Bergdorf’s, N.Y. Post Says

September 14, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres, she of the hit daytime talk show, has been slumming at QVC.
But now she has also done a deal with tony Bergdorf Goodman, the New York Post reported Sunday.

The blonde New Orleans native already hawks her lifestyle collection, ED, on QVC, along with her dog food line.

But there was a party last week at the pricey Manhattan Bergdorf’s to kick off the products that DeGeneres will be selling at the store and on its website. According to the Post, Bergdorf will be selling ED goods such as $525 thrown pillows, a considerably higher price point than her home shopping wares.

The expensive items will be exclusive to Bergdorf’s brick-and-mortar stores through Sept. 22, and at Bergdorf’s website until the end of the month, the Post said.

Ellen DeGeneres Debuts Home Collection On QVC

October 16, 2014

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will launch, E.D. On Air, a seasonal home collection created especially for QVC, on Oct. 24, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

DeGeneres will broadcast live from the Los Angeles set of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to debut the line.

Here’s part of the spiel from the press release:

E.D. On Air will bring together DeGeneres’ love of design, home décor and holiday gift giving across multiple product categories.

A noted expert on home design and renovation, DeGeneres’ homes have been extensively covered in publications such as The New York Times, Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

Her first foray into product design will include holiday trim, a selection of holiday tabletop items, throws, scented candles and other decorative accents and gift ideas.

“I am thrilled to launch my home line on QVC,” DeGeneres said in a canned statement. “I wouldn’t do it with anyone else, because QVC combines everything I love — shopping, watching TV and acronyms. LOL.”

Known best for her hit daytime syndicated talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Now in its 12th season, the program has earned 51 Daytime Emmy Awards in addition to many other industry accolades.

“Ellen’s credibility and appeal have allowed her to captivate an incredibly broad audience,” QVC Executive Vice President Doug Howe said. “Her infectious personality and uncanny spirit can be seen throughout this line, and we’re confident that our customers will once again welcome her with open arms.”

Actress Kate Walsh, Touting Her HSN Perfume, And Ellen DeGeneres Sniff Bare-Chested Men Looking For ‘Boyfriend’

November 10, 2010

Show us four young shirtless men with impeccable pecs, being nuzzled on the chest by Ellen DeGeneres and actress Kate Walsh, and you’ve got our attention. We likey, as Carrie Bradshaw would say. And that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon.

Flame-haired Walsh appeared on “Ellen” to flog her new fragrance for women, Boyfriend, which will debut on HSN later this month.

Kate Walsh by Roberto D'Este

Walsh, who made her name on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. McDreamy’s wife and is now stars on “Private Practice,” had a tough act to follow on “Ellen.” The perky, usually hilarious blonde comedian had just finished interviewing super star Madonna by satellite, with Madge making a poignant plea against the bullying of young gay people.

The tone of the talk show got a lot lighter when Walsh, who just turned 43, came on. Walsh is utterly likeable and charming, and we predict she will be well-received by HSN shoppers.

The Boyfriend Kit

She told Ellen that she came up with the idea for Boyfriend after she had broken up with a boyfriend, and missed his scent. Ellen showed one of the promos that Walsh shot for HSN, which shows her bouncing up and down on her own bed in her bedroom. The cat in the spot, by the way, is not really Walsh’s pet feline.

Then Ellen arranged a test for Walsh, which gets back to the shirtless beefcake. Ellen made Walsh smell each one of the guys to see if she would recognize which one was wearing her fragrance, Boyfriend. Ellen also did some sniffing.

And Walsh did well, correctly stating that studmuffin No. 3 was wearing Boyfriend.

Ellen had “The Boyfriend Kit” fragrance grouping, which HSN will be selling, on the set of her show.

At the end of the segment, Ellen finally mentioned that Boyfriend will launch on HSN, and that everyone in her studio audience would be getting the new perfume.

Actually, we’d rather get one of the guys.

Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun At QVC, And Joan Rivers’ Bees, As She Return To Sell HALO Pet Food

August 16, 2010

Ellen digs Joan's bees

Last week we saw a very witty promo that Ellen DeGeneres did for QVC, where she tongue-in-cheek mentioned network staples like Joan Rivers’ iconic bee pins. DeGeneres sells her HALO pet food on QVC, and was telling viewers she would be back with her line this Thusday.

In the on-air promo, DeGeneres says says become obsessed with QVC.

“I can’t stop,” she says. “If you could only see the Diamonique ankle bracelet I’m wearing.”

DeGeneres ends the spot pretending to be on the phone with QVC, saying, “I’d like to order the Joan Rivers bee pin and a set of pans.”

Monday QVC put a press release on the blonde comedian’s return to QVC to unveil the latest additions to her holistic pet care collection. The 12-time Emmy Award winner and “ardent animal lover,” as QVC calls her, is scheduled to appear live from the set of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. to hawk products from her HALO, Purely for Pets line.

As in her promo, DeGeneres good-naturedly mocked QVC in her press release statements, too.

“I’m so happy to return to QVC for a couple of reasons,” DeGeneres said. “For one, I want as many people as possible to know about the health benefits of feeding their animals HALO. Secondly, there is a Joan Rivers turquoise necklace that I have my eye on and I’m hoping they’ll give me the employee discount.”

DeGeneres’s natural line includes a variety of food choices, supplements and treats for dogs and cats, as well as a stain and odor remover kit, with prices ranging from $20 to $40. “Each product was created with the belief that good nutrition is the single most important factor in a holistic approach to wellness,” the press release says.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ellen back to QVC,” Claire Watts, QVC’s president of U.S. Commerce, said in a canned statement. “Her unique line of wholesome products has really resonated with our customers, who clearly want to provide a healthy lifestyle for their pets.”

HALO, Purely for Pets products are made with natural ingredients, including butcher-quality chicken, eggs, carrots, flaxseed, green peas, barley, sweet potatoes and cranberries, to provide pet owners with wholesome, healthy products to enhance the overall wellness of their pets.

Sunday Wrap-Up And Home Shopping Dish: HSN’s Fran Drescher Turned Down Threesome With Warren Beatty, But Ex-HSN Vendor Janice Dickinson Was One Of The 12,775 Women He Bagged

January 3, 2010

Warren Beatty proposed having a threesome with HSN vendor/actress Fran Drescher, according to a new book on the legendary actor and skirt-chaser. And Beatty actually slept with model Janice Dickinson, a one-time HSN jewelry peddler.

That’s just some of the juicy gossip to be found in the Sunday papers today about the celebrities that sell their wares on HSN and QVC.

The dish about Beatty and Drescher and Dickinson is in a story that the New York Post did about a new tell-all biography on the actor called “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America” by Peter Biskind.

Fran Drescher nixed threesome

Drescher, who will be on HSN today selling her line of skincare products, was up for a part in the 1987 bomb “Ishtar.” Beatty was having an affair with the movie’s leading lady, Isabelle Adjani, who complimented Drescher on her beauty.

And when Beatty suggested that the threesome have dinner that night, “just the three of us,” Drescher got the hint that he was not just talking about sharing a pizza. She declined the menage a tois offer.

Drescher shouldn’t have felt that special, however. The book claims that Beatty has bedded almost 13,000 women.

The Post’s Page Six also noted in its “Sightings” section that actress Charlize Theron was spotted buying a ring at the Me & Ro store in Los Angeles. Me & Ro do a jewelry line for HSN.

Sunday’s New York Daily News has a story headlined “16 Ways to Boot Winter” that includes a pair of boots from Stefani Greenfield’s Curations line for HSN. The boots are on clearance, at $99.

And finally, Sunday’s Parade Magazine, in its “Personality Parade,” talks about Ellen DeGeneres’ pets. The item mentions that DeGeneres owns a pet-care company named Halo. QVC sells the Halo pet food line.

HSN Introduces Kurgo ‘SkyBox Booster Seat’ For Dogs And Other Pet Products, To Match ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan And Ellen DeGeneres’ Offerings On QVC

December 28, 2009

Taking a page out of QVC’s book, HSN is now selling a line of higher-end pet products from Kurgo, including car seats.

Even in a recession, Americans are still spending on their dogs and cats, which is probably why HSN has decided to start offering the Kurgo goods.

The merchandise, ranging in price from $23 to $80, includes harnesses, back-seat restraints and a travel carrier. Our favorite, however, was a Skybox Booster Seat for small pooches, like our parents’ min-pin Max or our neighbor’s Yorkie.

QVC offers a collection of pet products from the Cesar Millan, the animal behaviorist whose show “Dog Whisperer” airs on the National Geograpihc Channel.

My mom just bought a fancy dog-bowl “Neater Feeder Spill Proof Feeding System” for Max, for $27, on QVC.

The set holds bowls in place so that water and dog food from Max’s dishes won’t ruin my mom’s new wood kitchen floor.

Even Ellen DeGeneres is selling a line of premium dog food on QVC named Halo.

No-Names Rachael Ray, ‘The View’ Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Do Their Thing On QVC Friday

October 23, 2009

When we tell friends we’re doing a blog on home shopping, some stick up their noses and say they wouldn’t be interested, they don’t know anyone on QVC or HSN. Ignorance is bliss.

So they have never heard of Madonna, who has appeared on HSN to promote her children’s book, or Paula Abdul, Ellen DeGeneres, Susan Lucci, Bobbi Brown, Natalie Cole…We don’t have time to go on and list all the celebrities and big names that have home shopping lines.

Today a couple of fan favorites are being featured on QVC. TV food star Rachael Ray, who has been on QVC for a year with a cookware line, has Today’s Special Value, a stoneware set for $47 and change.

And Elisabeth Hasselbeck of “The View” will be on Friday with her apparel for QVC’s Dialogue line.

Ray was just on, and her hair is long. Does she have extensions, or have we not just seen her in awhile? Last time we looked, she had short hair.

Wall Street Guys, Don’t Diss Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Faux Fur Vest For QVC

October 16, 2009

QVC has a lot of celebrities on now — from Ellen DeGeneres to Rachel Ray to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe — who have their own TV shows where they can promote their QVC lines, the home shopping network’s chief told analysts Friday.

But why did everyone laugh or poke fun at Zoe’s faux fur vest? We like it, guys.

QVC CEO Mike George, at an investors day Friday for the network’s parent Liberty Media, outlined the channel’s strategy for working with TV celebrities. The idea is to “bring engaging personalities” to QVC who have their own fan base and platform to to promote QVC. DeGeneres has her daytime talk show, will be a judge on “American Idol,” and sells premium pet food on QVC, for example.

QVC used to just care about how many items it sold, not viewership. But that has changed under new owner Liberty.

George said that when DeGeneres is on QVC, “We see a huge spike in ratings. We see good sales as well, but what we really care about are these ratings, because we know as we aggregate eyeballs and extend our viewership, we’re introducing more and more people who were QVC skeptics to a really different and interesting experience. We know they’ll come back. We know some percentage of them will become customers for life.”

Zoe has her own show on Bravo, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” as well as a line of accessories for QVC.

George showed a video clip of her talking about that faux fur vest we mentioned, which sells for $79. We were not at the Liberty conference (we listened to the Web cast). But we heard some twitters (laughing, not social messaging) from the audience during the Zoe video. Guys, be nice!

But we guess QVC is laughing all the way to the bank. Zoe kicked off her new line when QVC did a remore shoot during Fashion Week in Manhattan, and George said that event did very well.

“When you marry a compelling personality like Rachel Zoe, a fabulous product like that faux fur vest — that I know all of you are eyeing — a Fashion Week remote under the tents of Bryant Park, and a whole lot of pre-show publicty….(the show) did $200,000 per minute in sales and even more exciting for us, brought in 17 new customers per minute. That is 14 times our average rate of new–customer acquisition for apparel items,” George said.

As an aside, George said very tongue in cheek that the faux fur vest, “I regret to tell you is sold out.”

Hey, QVC shoppers gave it rave reviews on the network’s Web site.