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Our ‘Jerseylicious’ Trip To The Shore: Rhinestone Sunglasses, Eliot Spitzer’s Jersey Girl Hooker Ashley Dupre And Yes, A QVC Connection

April 25, 2010

Ashley Dupre has come a long way since working in the Manasquan shop where we bought our cargo pants Saturday

As we were driving down the Garden State Parkway Saturday to meet our friend Ann at the Cheesequake rest stop — to continue down to the Shore — we realized with terror that we love many of the same styles as the “Jerseylicious” girls. We love animal prints. We love big jewelry (go big or go home). We like T-shirts with metallic designs on them.

As our niece Sydney once told us, “You like shiny things.” Yep, just like a magpie.

In line with that preference for bling, we just bought a pair of huge bug-eyed sunglasses that have rhinestones on them.

When we showed our parents the sunglasses last week, they laughed out loud at them. Too big, they said. So we brought them to show to Ann, who has impeccable taste. Ann hated them. She liked the shape, but not the rhinestones. We always wear jewelry, and that glasses with the rhinestones are too much, Ann said. We love the rhinestones on the sunglasses. That’s the best thing about them.

So we and Ann reached a compromise: We will only wear the sunglasses on the beach, since we never wear jewelry on the beach. Ann gave her OK on that.

Next we headed south to Manasquan, to a craft show where Ann’s friend/ex-colleague Bernadette was selling this wonderful, fanciful jewelry and pictures that use her artwork. It was a beautiful day, sunny and windy, so it was great.

Then we strolled over to the main drag in Manasquan to check out the shops. We stopped at a place called Rare Cargo that had great, unusual clothes. There were dresses that had a $500 couture look selling for $79. We found a pair of camouflage cargo pants we loved, and we went to pay for them.

The woman ahead of us on line was wearing an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring the size of a Chiclet, which caught our attention. We were so busy eyeing it that we missed much of the conversation between that woman and the shop owner. We did hear the woman say something about one of store’s ex-workers being in Playboy. The shopkeeper said, “Yes, she’s on the cover.”

We didn’t know what they were talking about, and we just paid for our pants and left. Outside, Ann clued us into what was going on. The former shop employee was Ashley Dupre — the Jersey Girl, fellow Taurus, and hooker — who brought down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. We guess the money was better as a a prostitute than working at Rare Cargo.

Dupre, who writes a sex advice column for the New York Post that we never miss Sundays, is in fact on Playboy’s cover, and inside uncovered.

It was off to dinner and drinks at the Lobster Shanty on the inlet in Point Pleasant. We went in to use the ladies room, and as we were washing our hands we looked at the woman next to us. She was wearing a gorgeous silver necklace. We told her it was gorgeous.

She said thank you, and then almost conspiratorially asked, “Do you watch QVC?”

Girlfriend, do we watch QVC? We told her we not only watch it, we blog about it.

Then she pointed to her necklace and said “Joseph Esposito.” We can’t believe we didn’t recognize it.

We told you there was a QVC connection here.

Eliot Spitzer’s Hooker Calls John Mayer A ‘Douchebag’ For Dishing On How Jessica Simpson Is In Bed: Got That?

March 14, 2010

Sexual Napalm

As the New York Post reminds us Sunday, QVC vendor/singer Jessica “Sexual Napalm” Simpson will debut tonight on VH1.

Her new show, “The Price of Beauty,” airs at 10 p.m.

In its “TV Week” section, the Post’s headline actually is “Sexual Napalm,” referring to John Mayer’s rather indisreet remarks to “Playboy” magazine about how the Texan blonde is in bed. He used “crack” and “napalm” to describe her.

Simpson recently told Oprah Winfrey that she was not happy about Mayer’s public comments.

Simpson, on her new TV show, travels around the globe to look at what is considered beautiful in different cultures. “Wonder if she brought any souvenirs back for Mr. Mayer?” that snide Post asked.

But the best is in another section of the Post, the “Ask Ashley” sex advice column written by the notorious Ashley Dupre, the New Jersey-bred hooker whose escapades with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer brought him down.

This week Mike from New Jersey asked Duprey, “What, exactly, is ‘sexual napalm’? And doesn’t that seem like a bad thing? “

Duprey, we guess based on her years in a career that required discretion, made it clear how she feels about Mayer.

“OK, first let me say how much of a douchebag I think John Mayer is,” she wrote. “(Am I allowed to say douchebag in The Post? Because that is the perfect word to describe him — so I’m using it! Oh, and any man who thinks John Mayer is the man, well, you’re a douchebag, too. So there.)”

Duprey wasn’t finished.

“Why he felt he needed to broadcast that Jessica was like ‘crack cocaine’ when it comes to sex is beyond me,” she wrote. “She has a sister, a family and a freakin’ nephew now! How old are you, John? 15? Sounds like it.”

And we loved Duprey’s “kicker,” as we say in the journalism business.

“Now that’s out of the way, ‘napalm’ refers to chemicals that can cause an explosion,” she wrote. “By putting sexual in front of it, I guess he meant what they experienced was a ‘sexual explosion’ of sorts, which to me seems more like a compliment. But really, only he knows what he means by all of his gibberish. And at this point, I’m the even bigger douchebag for sitting here and writing about it. But I do feel better now.”