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We Told You So: Upscale John Hardy Is Doing A Jewelry Line For QVC

September 5, 2011

High-end jewelry designer John Hardy is coming to QVC after all, with a line that’s supposed to debut at Fashion Night Out this Thursday.

He’s just the latest in a series of upscale jewelry vendors, such as Robert Lee Morris, Stephen Dweck and Judith Ripka, to hop on the home-shopping bandwagon.

We broke this story more than a year ago, and then were told that the item was not true. Even though we’ve worked as a writer for decades, we still hate when people lie to us.

So we’d like to work one of our deceased nana’s Puerto Rican espiritismo spells on the execs over at John Hardy and QVC.

In February 2010 we posted an item saying that John Hardy, whose wares are sold in places like Neiman Marcus, was creating a collection for QVC. Someone on the QVC’s forums had written that QVC host Lisa Robertson had said that during a meeting.

We had contacted QVC and John Hardy before we wrote the blog, but they didn’t immediately get back to us.

After our blog appeared, QVC’s Erin Mulholland and John Hardy’s Edith Bagda denied that any such line for QVC was planned.

Well, we just read the 2Q press release for QVC’s parent, Liberty Media.

“We are excited about our strong product and programming line-up for the third quarter as we expand our presence in New York’s Fashion Night Out this September with the exciting premieres of John Hardy jewelry and Heidi Klum accessories,” QVC president and CEO Mike George said in canned statement.

Liar liar, pants on fire.

Seriously, we do hope, with the help of nana Isolina, that your pants do go on fire.

QVC And John Hardy Deny That The Upscale Silver Designer Is Planning A Jewelry Line For The ‘Q’

February 22, 2010

Both QVC and John Hardy said there’s nothing cooking between them, and that the luxury silver designer isn’t going to sell jewelry on the home shopping network.

“To my knowledge, there are no plans to launch a John Hardy line with QVC,” network spokeswoman Erin Mulholland said Monday.

And on Wednesday, we heard from Manhattan reps for the John Hardy company, which actually makes its jewelry and has its studio in Bali.

“QVC is as great company and we have a lot of respect for what they are doing,” Edith Bagda from John Hardy’s marketing department said in an e-mail. “Currently we have no plan to launch our handmade jewelry through their channel.”

We did a blog citing a QVC jewelry forum post that said host Lisa Robertson had been overheard at a QVC party saying that Hardy was coming to the No. 1 home shopping channel.

That person better do a better job of eavesdropping next time.

Anyway, can’t you John Hardy folk think about doing a lower-priced line for QVC? That’s the only way we can afford your gorgeous cuffs, which we adore and gaze at in Neiman Marcus. Robert Lee Morris took the plunge, why not you guys?