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ShopNBC’s Suzanne Somers Blogs About Larry King Interview, Her Controversial New Cancer Book ‘Knockout,’ And Close-Minded American Cancer Society

October 30, 2009

ShopNBC’s Suzanne Somers has blogged about her recent interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” and what she believes is the obstinancy and close-mindedness of conventional oncologists.

The blonde actress/entrepreneur faced off on the show with Dr. Otis Brawley, who is with the American Cancer Society. He was dissing her new book, “Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, And How To Prevent Getting It In The First Place.”

Somers’ book advocates alternative treatments and diet as ways to cure and prevent cancer, rather than always turning to chemotherapy.

According to the actress, a year ago she was misdiagnosed at one point for full-body cancer, and thought she was going to die until finding out she was really OK. Scary stuff.