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ShopNBC Comes Up With The Wurst Idea: Oktoberfest

September 28, 2012

Leave it to ShopNBC to come with a new home-shopping theme day: Oktoberfest.

Yes, ShopNBC is dedicating today to all things German. That means King-werk steins, Hermann-Speilwaren Bears, Schneider dolls and cuckoo clocks.|3484&BreadCrumb=prop&catprop=3484&icid=GN-_-Banner-_-Oktober.092812

The Today’s Top Value is a $150 beer stein. Here’s the description:

King-Werk Thewalt 1893 Medieval King’s Stoneware Stein w/ Crown Lid

A stein so elaborate and rich in detail that it must only be fit for a king!

From the oldest brand in the business, the prestigious Thewalt 1893, this magnificent Medieval King’s Stein has been authentically handcrafted and hand-painted in the traditional style of a centuries old craft.

Richly decorated with lion heads and crowns, the stein reveals its magnificence in its unique pentagon shape. An embossed pewter crown lid makes a dramatic contribution to the overall body. The decorations flourish in a classic medieval-blue finish.

Made in Germany, this incredible item is a Limited Edition of only 2500. A certificate of authenticity is included to indicate both the specialness and uniqueness of the piece. Located in Germany’s Western Forest, Thewalt 1893 is the oldest stein maker worldwide. Their steins are made from finest German clay only!

We Stopped Drinking, And We’re Seeing Pink Elephants On QVC In Marie Osmond’s New Jewelry Line

October 26, 2009

Singer Marie Osmond is rocking the biggest hair we’ve ever seen and is showing some cleavage on QVC during Monday’s premiere of her new jewelry line, Shine!

Osmond already does dolls for QVC, but the jewelry is new. Our favorite, not that we can afford it, was a pink elephant ring. It was $149, huge but cute, with 375 hand-set crystals. It sold out. Critter jewelry is big now.

There was also an elephant charm bracelet for $70.

“My children are always giving me elephants,” Osmond said.

Elephants show “that God has a sense of humor,” with their wrinkles and big ears, according to the singer. “They’re a woman’s animal,” Osmond said.

There was also a pave dragonfly pin.

Singer Marie Osmond Dances Into QVC With New ‘Shine’ Jewelry Line, And Put A Sock On It Patti

October 25, 2009

Marie Osmond, who famously fainted on “Dancing With The Stars,” Monday debuts her new fashion jewelry line on QVC, Shine!

The Mormon singer has been selling dolls for quite some time now on QVC, and in fact she has a doll show tomorrow right before the 3 p.m. debut of her jewelry. We saw a big chunky fake gem bracelet and a variety of earrings on QVC’s Web site from her line.

By the way, we have the TV on, and QVC host Patti Reilly is selling an edible candy jewelry maker for “girl gourmets.” Is it us, or has she gotten increasingly loud and annoying ever since she lost a ton of weight? Next time she’s on, we’re putting the TV on mute.