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Diana Ross Comes To HSN With Fragrance, CD

December 4, 2017

The original diva Diana Ross is joining the hordes or celebs who have launched fragrance lines, debuting on Tuesday with her “Diamond Diana” collection and dropping a new album then, as well.

“This personal fragrance is inspired by the powerful connection between music and sensual memories,” Ross said in a canned statement. “Sensual scent vibrations are carried from heart to heart like music. Everyone should have a diamond.”

HSN’s press release went a little bit overboard on this one:

Modern, with a gender-free spirit, the accord creates a radiant harmonious energy. This alluring memorable composition creates a new story each time it is worn. The sheer sensory experience of the down-trail is memorable.

Cut to a glistening glass-diamond, the bottle was personally designed by Ms. Ross inspired by her special crystal collection. A perfect 100 ml design with 60 facets forming an exquisite pointed cap with an internal Diamond Diana monogram.

Diamonds are the most romantic and rare gems in the world. A visual statement, the bottle evokes both elegance and mystery of the precious stone. The precision lines of the bottle creates a prism of light surrounding the masterpiece design with the clear scent inside.

The luxurious packaging is presented as a gift in a black velvet jewelry box adorned with silk black and bordeaux floppy ribbon. “Diamond Diana by Diana Ross” is embossed with 24k glittery gold dust. A special message from Ms. Ross is included in each box.

“Diana Ross has carried her signature fragrance concept in her heart forever,” Rodney Hutton of Simon James London said in a statement. “Our privilege was merely executing her precise design direction to bring her vision to life.”

Ross’s album release, “Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection,” will also be available e on CD on HSN. It is a 15-song collection with some of her biggest hits.

A special holiday package will also be available as a bonus CD along with the “Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection” CD only on HSN. These holiday recordings include: “What the World Needs Now Is Love,” “A Wonderful Christmas Time,” “Winter Wonderland,” “Let It Snow,” “Silent Night” and “Ave Maria.”
Ross will make guest appearances on HSN Tuesday throughout the day.