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HSN Host Diana Perkovic The Latest To Exit The Network

December 15, 2013

Another one of my favorite home shopping hosts is leaving the airwaves: HSN veteran Diana Perkovic.

We missed the news, but one of our astute readers tipped us off. It was apparently yesterday that it was disclosed on-air that Perkovic was leaving, and several other HSN hosts bid her farewell.

“Bill Green gave her a farewell today and they showed some old videos of her,” our poster said. “She said she would miss HSN.”

Diana Perkovic

Diana Perkovic

And this was posted on her Facebook page: “An important message for Diana’s HSN fans out there: All good things must come to an end, and we’re all afraid that was exactly what happened yesterday. Diana has left HSN after over 13 years with the company. We thank Diana for a great 13 years on the air at HSN and wish her the very best of luck in the forseeable future.”

Oddly enough, that message wasn’t posted by Perkovic but rather by a dude named Justin Floyd.

And this character kept re-posting that message when Perkovic’s fans expressed dismay that she was exiting.

Her bio is still on

“Diana, originally from Toronto, Canada, debuted on HSN in 1999,” it says. “She’s a big reader, particularly politics, business, and biographies. Diana enjoys home improvements, from tiling floors to reupholstering furniture.”

We found Perkovic to be knowledgeable and enjoyed her beauty and fashion presentations.

Good luck wherever you land, girlfriend.

Actress Kate Walsh, Out Of Scrubs, Tells Us About Her Boyfriend On HSN

November 12, 2010

We caught a bit of actress Kate Walsh’s debut on HSN with her “Boyfriend” perfume Thursday morning, and she seemed pretty at ease hawking her new fragrance for women.

Walsh, a gorgeous redhead, was wearing a red dress. She was a bit of a tease. She told host Diana Perkovic that some of her co-stars on ABC’s “Private Practice” — “You know who they are,” she told HSN shoppers — had sniffed her Boyfriend and loved it.

We're getting sick and tired of running this photo

Walsh’s cast mates on “Private Practice” include hunky Taye Diggs, Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman.

Walsh described her fragrance as a mix of vanilla and musk, and explained how she came up with Boyfriend.

The actress broke up with a boyfriend (small “B”) five years ago, and missed him and his scent.

“You know how your guy smells,” Walsh said, noting that you can smell your man’s aroma and pheromones on his shirt and other clothing. (Funny, the shirt of the guy we’ve been dating is hanging on our doornob, and we can’t smell him on it. And we’ve been sniffing it like a hound looking for a hare all week.)

Anyway, after her break-up Walsh went to a store looking to buy a men’s fragrance to remind her of her guy, and they were all too strong. Hence, she came up with her softer version of man’s fragrance for women.