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Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince Wings Her Way Back To ShopNBC From HSN

January 22, 2012

One of our favorite jewelry designers, that master of crosses Dallas Prince, has bounced back to ShopNBC after a stint at HSN.

Prince, a gracious and classy blonde, had her first show back in Minnesota Thursday, for the No. 3 home shopping network’s Designer Day.

Here is what Prince posted on Facebook:

Hey Ladies! Just had fabulous shows on Shop NBC and I wanted to say thank you…..really had a blast with Kendy. Found out the prices were only good today, so prices on the internet may be higher than the actual price. Don’t wait! The new pieces sold like crazy…….go shopping. Hugs, Dallas

HSN is having its designer jewelry day Tuesday, with a TS from Studio Barse. We know it’s a ring, but we hope it’s not in bronze!

With the price of silver soaring, we are finding it better to find sterling pieces at TJ Maxx (although its selection has diminished) and local shops — such as Eastern Gifts and Dem Two Hands in Montclair — than on home shopping networks. The prices of these mom-and=pop shops are higher than they used to be, but they carry lovely handcrafted silver and gemstone jewelry.