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Goodbye QVC Creede Silver Strike Sale

October 6, 2016

QVC is having a big silver jewelry sale today.

Nonetheless, some posters on the home shopping network’s forums have been lamenting the fact that the annual Creede Mine Silver Strike celebration that was a mainstay of the channel in October is no more.

Here’s what one poster had to say. We can’t vouch for her math and dates, but here it is FYI. And she’s pissed.

Two-thousand-sixteen saw the cancellation of California Gold Rush after 28 years, Big Bonanza Silver Day after 27, and Klondike Gold Rush after 28. Lastly, 17 years after being launched as Creede Mine Silver Strike at Midnight, October 2nd, 1999, QVC cancels the long-established jewelry event, wrapping up a combined one hundred years exactly of jewelry events celebrating the landmark mining disoveries that shaped America, and thus, QVC.

Jewelry isn’t QVC’s greatest category any longer, yet there was a time when over a hundred new items – over twenty million dollars-worth would be presented all day October 2nd. This year, not a single hour a silver jewelry is scheduled on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, yet a full seven hours of Serta will feature yet another bedding or mattress Today’s Special Value.

QVC and the QVC hosts for years told customers that October 2nd was Creede Silver Silver Strike, yet how does QVC show loyalty to those customers in 2016? Not by continuing their decades-long traditions of jewelry events yet with reduced hours to reflect their current inventory, but cancelling them outright without a formal announcement or apology!

How does it make those feel who have a connection to these events, as soon as one ending, anticipating the next a year later?

October 2nd to me is a celebration of Nicholas Creede’s discovery of the last great silver boom of the Old West, and more importantly, the silver event I looked forward to watching for 24-hours every year. If QVC isn’t going to celebrate any longer, I have no choice but to turn QVC off and celebrate on my own. Here’s to 41 days until my celebration of my favorite day of the year, October 2nd, the date of the once great, and now late, Creede Silver Strike.

Since we follow the quarterly earnings of QVC and HSN, and we keep up on brick-and-mortar retail, we know that with this rotten economy jewelry sales have tanked all over. Gold and silver prices have also soared, putting a crimp on the business.

Sometimes it seems like we are the only jewelry lovers who are still opening our wallets to buy bling.

So we do miss QVC’s day-long jewelry extravaganzas.

Don’t know what your thoughts are, but we’d love to hear them.

QVC’s Creede Silver Sale Is A Big Bust

October 2, 2010

QVC’s Creede Silver Day this year is a huge letdown, a paltry excuse for what was once 24 hours of programming and millions of dollars of merchandise.

The No. 1 home shopping network is only airing seven hours of Creede Silver TV programming Saturday, instead of round-the-clock fare.

But we are told that Creede Silver Day will be 24 hours online. Big whoop! And we just looked at the online items, and they are nothing to write home about.

To add insult to injury, the Today’s Special Value isn’t even a Creede Silver item. It’s a $125 skincare set from Dr. Denese!

Jewelry geeks, we are being dissed by QVC.

QVC’s Jewelry Maven Peyton Kelley Reports Mom Is On Road To Recovery, And Offers Up Silver From National Geographic-Associated Line

October 15, 2009

Peyton Kelley, who missed QVC’s Creede Silver Sale because his mother was sick, was back on the air Thursday.

Kelley, who travels around the world as QVC’s director of design and development, hosted a Silver Marketplace show with Jane Treacy.

Explaining his Creede absence, Kelley had blogged earlier this month about being with his sick mother in a hospital in Louisiana. She did not sound like she was in great shape.

But in his latest blog, Kelley said his mother is on the road of recovery.

“Thank you all so much for the warm thoughts and prayers,” he wrote. “Mother is stable but will be in the hospital at least another 30 days or so. The ten days (and nights) that I spent with her in the hospital were so special. She has a long road ahead but I know that she will do it.”

In his new blog, Kelley also tipped off viewers about what to expect  on Thursday’s silver show, writing that it would feature “two pieces from Novica,  in association with National Geographic. In 2000, they joined forces with a fair trade mission to preserve traditional culture and skills in developing nations.”

Treacy said that National Geographic Channel was one of her favorite TV channels. And since we know some great folks over at Nat Geo, we’ll give the network a plug as well.

Peyton’s mother was watching her son on the silver show (“Hi Mom,” Treacy said), so the lady must be feeling a lot better.

QVC’s Peyton Kelley Absent From Creede Silver Sale To Be With Ill Mother

October 2, 2009

QVC ‘s Peyton Kelley, who travels the world in his role in jewelry design and development, is usually a guest on the home shopping network’s major jewelry shows.

He was slated to appear on Friday’s 24-hour Creede Silver Sale, but on his QVC blog he said he is in Louisiana, where he was born and raised, at a hospital with his mother.

He wrote that she is recovering from surgery, “stable but not doing very well.”

Here’s hoping she pulls through.

Lackluster QVC Creede Silver Sale Launches Without Old Western Backdrop

October 2, 2009

Looks like QVC ditched the hokey Western-themed sets that it used to have for its Creede Silver sale and its big Gold Rush events.

And I guess some of the hosts all got a memo from corporate, because several of them Friday morning were wearing deep purple, the hot color for this fall. 

But so far, none of the merchandise is earth-shattering. The designs are pretty pedestrian at the ol’ Q, although the network is making a big point of saying it is the biggest retailer of artisan-crafted jewelry.

Not for nothing, as we say in Jersey, but host Jane Treacy has got to ditch the unflattering lavender nail polish she’s wearing. She wore it once before, and the QVC jewelry forum was flooded with posts about how ugly the color was.

Who can look at the jewelry when that purplish nail polish keeps catching your attention? Girlfriend, throw that polish away.

QVC and ShopNBC Both Stake Claims On 24-Hour Silver Jewelry Sales, Creede Silver Vs. ‘The Great Silver Stampede’

October 2, 2009

Home shopping’s David, ShopNBC, is taking on Goliath QVC. The No. 3 network scheduled an all-day sterling silver jewelry sale for Friday, the same day that QVC is doing its 8th Annual Creede Silver sale.   

Essentially, instead of “counter programming” against QVC, ShopNBC is going head to head against it, with its own silver bonanza, “The Great Silver Stampede” all day.

It’s not clear how much silver merchandise ShopNBC is bringing in, but it’s a big event for QVC. The No. 1 home shopping network has carted in more than $20 million worth of silver jewelry for its event, which commemorates the anniversary of Nicholas Creede staking a claim to the Holy Moses Mine in Colorado, starting the West’s final silver boom.

On QVC’s online jewelry forum, customers were griping that QVC doesn’t put its Creede items on the Web site until the sale starts at midnight. ShopNBC, in contrast, had its Silver Stampede wares on its site Thursday.