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Kate Somerville’s QVC TSV Is One Big Defective Dud

May 20, 2014

It looks like other QVC shoppers that picked up the recent Kate Somerville Today’s Special Value were as disappointed — and pissed off — as us. The damned dispenser doesn’t work! Talk about one big dud!

Somerville, skin expert for the Hollywood stars, recently offered a “dual-phase” serum at the TSV. It included Vitamin C “matrix” and an omega skin serum in side-by-side chambers, each with it own pump to dispense the stuff.$uslarge$

The idea was to pump both dispensers at the same time to get equal amounts of both treatments to put on your skin every night. We ordered it on auto-delivery, and we were excited to get it.

The first time we tried to use it, only the Vitamin C lotion came out, not the skin serum. We thought maybe we just weren’t pushing that other pump hard enough.

So we tried it the next night, and again, nothing came out of the skin serum dispenser. The next day we called QVC customer service and said the item was defective and we needed to return it. The rep asked if we wanted a refund or a replacement, and we opted for the replacement.

We hope that wasn’t a mistake, because we later checked the customer reviews on the Somerville product and it seems we we’re the only ones with a shoddy dispenser. Where the hell was quality control with this item?

Here are some of the comments:

“Returning this item. Very disappointed. Dispenser design needs to be trashed and taken back to the drawing board.”

“I was very excited and hopeful this seemed to be such a great product. My high hopes were brought down when I got the item. The pump doesn’t work well at all. You have to keep pumping to get a little bit of product out and never at the same time as the other side as they don’t ever work at the same time. For such a pricey product I expected better :(”

“I have used this once. Worked fine, now one side will not dispense any product! Where is the quality control on this product? It is going back and I don’t think I should be responsible for return shipping costs.”

“Didn’t get to try as one side pump did not work out of the box. Returned and will try another one. It sounds like the product would be very nice so looking forward to trying. If the replacement bottle is defective, will return and not try again.”

“Had to return because one side pump didn’t work. too expensive to risk replacing. just returned so don’t know if product works.”

“I read all of the other reviews and was surprised that everyone had the same problem. I don’t know why I buy Somerville’s products – like the original packaging of Exfolikate which didn’t work, neither does this one. I get the ‘yellow’ or the retinol side, but it’s almost like the other side is totally empty! I too will send it back!”

“Oy. Same problem as other people seem to be having – one of the pumps is broken. Very frustrating. I am going to return it, of course, but meanwhile I ordered another one, so that I can get it faster. I hope the second one works… I have high hopes for this stuff.”

“Opened box first day and only one side of the pump worked. Disappointed! Sending back will not reorder.”

“I was so excited to try this product. However, after pumping a long, long time only one side pumped out a tiny bit. I returned the product and I hope the replacement product works perfectly.”

“The pumps on my bottles didn’t work either. So I was unable to try this product. When I read about this problem I figured I’d just pump each one separately unfortunately no matter how I tried either together or separately and no matter how many pumps I gave this I couldn’t get anything out. Back it goes.”

Do you see a theme here? We hope our replacement works.