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Temper, Temper: Judge Tells HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English’s Jilted Bride To Take Anger Management Classes

January 15, 2010

The soapy saga of HSN celebrity chef Todd English and the fiance he left at the altar, Erica Wang, doesn’s seem to end.

On Thursday Wang was in criminal court in New York City on domestic violence charges that English, a Boston restaurateur who sells a “Green Pan” line on HSN, filed against her. Both the New York Post and the New York Daily News reported on the court hearing.

According to the tabloid reports, the judge told Wang that the charges against her would be dropped in six months if she takes anger-management classes and does 10 days of community service. She must also abide by a restraining order that bars her from bothering English.

Getting the classic groom’s cold feet, English bowed out of his planned Oct. 3 wedding to Wang. The couple had paid for a $150,000 reception at the St. Regis in Manhattan, which Wang went ahead with despite the fact that her wedding had been cancelled.

The scorned woman, Wang, promptly gave the Post an exclusive interview where she blasted English, calling him “an animal.” The day after the Post ran the story, English lodged a domestic violence complaint against Wang, charging she used his watch to slash a one-inch cut near his eye last September.

Such drama.