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Did HSN Vendor And Rap Entrepreneur Sean Combs Do The ‘Unforgivable’ By Allegedly Copying An Artist’s Design?

February 16, 2010

The new, smooth HSN version of Unforgivable's bottle

HSN vendor and rap impressario Sean “Diddy” Combs is being sued by a glassblowing artist who charges that Puff Daddy copied one of his designs for the bottle of the cologne Unforgivable, The New York Post reported Tuesday.

Artist Tom Patti alleges that Combs’ Sean John company ripped off one of his 1981 sculptures. The suit claims that the piece was on exhibit in a Manhattan gallery in 2006, and was valued at $40,000 then.

Combs denies he did any copyright infringement, and has taken his own legal action.

Combs is a new HSN vendor, and several months back he sold his Unforgivable men’s and women’s cologne on the home shopping channel.

But the fragrance was in a smooth bottle, not the ribbed version that allegedly copies the glass scuplture. Maybe the bottle design was changed after the suit was filed.

But there’s another twist to this story. Combs beleives that Patti sued because he was approached by The Urban Glass Quarterly about the resemblance of his sculpture and Unforgivable’s bottle.

So Combs is asking a Brooklyn judge to compel The Urban Glass Quarterly’s writer to produce her notes from her reporting for her 2008 story.