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HSN’s Honking Larimar Ring Is A Temptation We Can’t Refuse

August 5, 2012

We should have, but we couldn’t, resist ordering HSN’s TS, a huge larimar ring, and the matching pendant, Saturday.

It came from the husband-wife team of Sajen Silver, Marianna and Richard Jacobs, who defected from ShopNBC to HSN several years ago.

HSN’s larimar pieces, photo from Colleen’s blog

As host-with-the-most Colleen Lopez explained, along with the Jabobs, creamy blue and white larimar (it reminds of us a cloud-ribboned sky) is a one-source stone, coming from the Dominican Republic.

In fact, here is the dope on larimar from

Can’t make it to the Islands? Then bring a piece of paradise home with this serene larimar ring. This rare stone, reminiscent of the Caribbean’s sun-dappled waters, comes from only one place on earth — the southwest mountains of the Dominican Republic.

Ancient volcanic eruptions there infused this stone with the beautiful blue-green color patterns that make it so unique. Swathed in a curving, contemporary, sterling silver setting, it exudes a graceful charm that’s the perfect complement to your casual yet elegant style.

Colleen actually did a great blog on “the dolphin stone” (hey, Colleen blogging is our turf!)

By the way, we got THE warning from QVC about returning too many items. We’ll be blogging on that little gem in the next couple of days,


‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson ‘Watchaholic’ Joins Jennifer Lopez As Part Of HSN Family

July 21, 2012

As we speak, “American Idol” and “dawg” Randy Jackson is in the house at HSN, hawking his watches.

Jackson appears to be enjoying himself with HSN host Colleen Lopez, and his watches are pretty good looking. We especially liked his skeleton watch, which was clear in the front and back, revealing the timepiece’s inner workings. There was also watch whose numerals looked like stylized piano keys.

Randy Jackson

Jackson is a self-admitted “watchaholic,” and we love watching someone who is passionate about what they’re talking about. He told Lopez that he started collecting watches when he was 12, and that he had 500 to 600 now.

Jackson just said that he was on “The View” this morning, and all the hosts were wearing his watches.

Several people have called in saying this is the first time they have purchased any items from HSN.

Lopez pointed out that she had talked to Jackson before, when he called in during the HSN appearances of fellow “Idol” host Jennifer Lopez and songstress Mariah Carey.

We were also touched when Jackson spoke a watch with an argyle pattern on its face. He said that his mom, who has passed away, often wore an argyle sweater. That watch was pretty cool looking.

Jackson’s sister Sue also called in, and said she had purchased one of his HSN watches. She complimented him on the argyle watch dedicated to their mother.

“I love it: HSN rocks,” Jackson said at one point.

“You’ve definitely upped the cool factor here,” Lopez said.

Yes indeed.

‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson, With Watches, Joining HSN For Its 35th Anniversary

July 3, 2012

HSN has quite a 35th birthday bash planned for July.

The festivities will include celebrity premieres, including “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, Rachel Roy, and Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons (think Gene Simmons) hawking their collections.

They include:

*Timepieces by Randy Jackson: On July 20, Jackson will launch Timepieces by Randy Jackson, an exclusive collection of luxury watches. The collection includes contemporary classic styles as well as automatics, sport, ceramic, couture and limited edition pieces. Unique style elements include diamonds, colored dials and Swarovski crystals.

Randy Jackson

* Lorac: Hollywood make-up artist and red-carpet authority, Carol Shaw, will kick off the month with the brand’s launch on July 3.

* Judith Light Jewelry Collection Premier: Recent Tony winner Judith Light will introduce her new, exclusive jewelry line on July 13 featuring statement cocktail rings and pieces inspired by nature.

*label Rachel Roy: Designer Roy will appear live on HSN for the exclusive launch of her new capsule collection, label Rachel Roy, on July 7.

* Shannon and Sophie’s Jewel Box: Rounding out the month, Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons – wife and daughter of Kiss’s Gene Simmons – will launch their first-ever collection of apparel and jewelry on HSN July 30.

Heads up, Facebook fools (we are among them): July will also feature “HSN All Access,” virtual birthday parties on HSN’s Facebook page, giving fans an inside look at the lives of Jackson and Iman as well as HSN hosts Colleen Lopez, Amy Morrison, and many other HSN favorites.

HSN Mobile users will also have insider access to Nate Berkus and Roy as they participate in special mobile-only “Livechat” sessions where they will answer questions and share their thoughts and inspirations behind their HSN lines.

HSN is also teaming with Norwegian Cruise Line to offer the “Cruise a Day Giveaway,” where HSN customers will have the opportunity to win a cruise each day in the month of July. Customers can enter several times a day by visiting the HSN Arcade, a place to shop, watch and play casual online games.

All month long, customers can play to win a cruise for two plus airfare to a variety of exotic destinations including Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Bermuda, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Winners will be announced each evening on HSN at 8 p.m.

HSN’s Herkimer Diamond Necklace Sold Out In Six Minutes!

March 11, 2012

We’re glad we ordered our’s early!

HSN’s Today’s Special, a Herkimer Diamond necklace, and its matching ring and earrings sold out at about 12:06 a.m today.

In other words, they all sold out in six minutes! That’s the quickest we’ve even seen a TS fly out the door. We got in early by checking at about a quarter to midnight last night, saw the necklace was up on the site and ordered it.

Host Colleen Lopez and jewelry designer Deb Guyot were both on at midnight, explaining some of the fascinating lore about Herkimer Diamonds, which are found in Upstate New York.

They were discovered by the Mohawk Indians, and are 500 million years old — older than many other gemstones.

These “diamonds” are quartz, but are 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, versus typical quartz, which is 7 on the scale.

And Lopez said that the Herkimer Diamonds that HSN got a-hold of are the best grade available.

Guyot’s initial batch of Herkimer jewelry sold out so fast that her segment on HSN was cut short, and the home shopping network was scrambling to find other times to sell.

Last night Lopez said that Guyot would be back for a Herkimer Diamond show at 9 p.m. tonight, but we wonder if the remaining Herkimer jewelry will sell out before then.

HSN’s Herkimer Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

March 10, 2012

We are such rock geeks, it’s pathetic.

We have been counting down the days until tonight at midnight, when HSN’s TS will be a Herkimer Diamond tennis bracelet from Debby Guyot.

HSN host Colleen Lopez, who is as big as a gem nut as we are, wrote a blog about Herkimer Diamonds when she got back from the Tucson gem show. But we’ve been aware of them since The New York Times did a a story about them and the place in New York State where folks like us can go to find them.

There’s a great jewelry shop, Academy, in Chester, N.J., that had a Herkimer Diamomd big necklace and matching bracelet we were checking out a month ago. The necklace alone was $1,500. We hope the TS is a little cheaper.

We suspect it is, since HSN already has a bunch of Herkimer Diamond pieces — the tennis bracelet, earrings, necklaces and pendants — on its website. They are in the $80 to $250 range.

Here is part of Colleen’s great blog about her Herkimer Diamonds find in Tucson.

This year, we actually found “Diamonds in the Rough” when we stopped by the Herkimer Diamonds booth at the show! We had a chance to visit with the owner of the Herkimer Diamond Mine, Dr. Renee Scialdo Shevat, and we were fascinated to learn all about these 500 million-year-old, natural beauties!

Herkimer Quartz crystals are double terminated stones. They have points on each end and are mined in Herkimer County, New York. They form in pockets of the Cambrian-age host rock, called Little Falls Dolosite, and were deposited over half a billion years ago!

They were first discovered by the Mohawk Indians and early American settlers, and have always been held in high esteem for their exceptional beauty and unique properties. Herkimer Quartz crystals are naturally formed in a diamond-shape and have eighteen natural facets. They come out of the stone pockets looking like cut diamonds, hence the name Herkimer diamonds!

Herkimer Quartz diamonds are said to have many metaphysical properties. In fact, some believe that these stones activate the “third eye” and enhance the dream state. Herkimer diamonds have been used for prayer and meditation for centuries. I have to admit – we were all mesmerized by these dreamy stones and loved hearing all the history and lore attached to them!

Anyway, we’ve already spotted Herkimer hoop earrings and a Herkimer trapeze necklace that we have to have.

Is Lady Gaga Doing A Line For HSN? Read Elle’s Story On Mindy Grossman

February 18, 2012

If you want a good read about HSN and CEO Mindy Grossman, we advise you to check on Elle magazine’s profile of home shopping’s most celebrated head honcho.

Here is the link:

The article, headlined “Mindy Grossman’s Sell-A-Vision Success,” includes interviews with not only Grossman but HSN vendor Iman, super host Colleen Lopez and home designer Jonathan Adler. Once again, the story is about how Grossman has “morphed HSN from a cheesy and weird guilty pleasure into a flourishing business energized by the talents of the fashionable,” according to Elle.

In the story, Grossman says that the entertaining lifestyle programming she had seen on HGTV was the model for her transformed HSN.

The story describes Lopez as “the unrivaled queen of the HSN hostesses: Its top seller.”

“We’ve gone from nerdy kid in class to, like, the homecoming queen! We have street cred,” Lopez told Elle.

HSN hosts are expected to read WWD to keep up with fashion trends, we’re told.

There also some intriguing tidbits about Grossman meeting with the execs from Facebook and Google in Cali.

But the kicker is the end of the story. I won’t give it all away. Let’s just say thet Grossman has met with Lady Gaga about doing an HSN line.

Read the story.

Jewelry Designer Loren Ridinger Brings Her Honkers To HSN, Eva and Khloe Call In

December 13, 2011

There was a nice breath of fresh air on HSN last night: gorgeous jewelry.

We’ve barely been watching HSN or QVC, since with our DNA a new iPod or Nook doesn’t really float our boats.

But yesterday a new jewelry line called “Yours by Loren” debuted on HSN, featuring a collection by Loren Ridinger. Her pricey couture pricey line has a celebrity following, and last night her clients actress Eva Longoria and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian called in to wish her well.

Loren, a gorgeous cat-eyed brunette, had some striking gemstone and sterling pieces, which host Colleen Lopez showed off nicely.

Our favorites were two go-big-or-go-home rings, “honkers,” as former QVC host Kathy Levine would call them. First, there was a 24 carat smokey quartz ring, which was enormous. And then there was a 12.6-carat crystal quartz ring that Loren said was exactly modeled after a real diamond — yes, I said diamond — ring that her husband gave her to replace her original CZ wedding ring.

Now that’s a good husband. Those big rings were $200, on special.

We also loved a white topaz heart pendant, for $160.

There were other pieces we loved, as well. Check out the link:

Scorpios Infest Home Shopping, Like HSN’s Colleen Lopez and QVC’s Lisa Robertson

November 9, 2011

Why are a whole bunch of home shopping hosts Scorpios?

Not for nuthin,’ as we say in Jersey, but QVC host-with-the-mostest Lisa Robertson just celebrated her birthday Monday. She worked, and said it was a great way to spend a birthday. She must have been drinking before she went on the air.

Tuesday was veteran X-ray thin HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter’s birthday.

And HSN jewelry diva and host Colleen Lopez celebrated her birthday last Thursday, Nov. 9.

We have Scorpio rising in our horoscope and an old ex- who had that sign.

Don’t mess with us. You never know when our stinger will strike.

HSN Host Colleen Lopez Explains The Chemistry Of Bronze

August 20, 2011

After we wrote a blog headlined “Bronze Is Not A Noble Metal To Us, HSN!,” we got a nice response from HSN host Colleen Lopez.

We were complaining, what a surprise, about Marianna and Richard Jacobs being the latest HSN vendors to be doing jewelry in bronze, rather than silver and gold, whose prices have skyrocketed. Colleen had described bronze as a noble metal, and that sparked a debate about whether bronze was in fact “noble.”

Here is what Colleen told us today:

Hi Homeshoppingista!

I wanted you to have our thoughts on Bronze…. First – we love the warm patina, the wearability and affordability of bronze. As you have noticed, many of our designers are working with silver, bronze and copper.

The bronze we sell on HSN is 92% Copper (with zinc and/or tin as used in the alloy). Copper is often referred to as a noble metal. Although it’s not technically categorized as a noble metal, like gold or platinum, it does have some properties that allow it to behave similarly to the noble metals.

Copper or Bronze is very resistant to corrosion and will never rust. Copper is used in the alloy of other noble metals (gold and silver) – in fact 10K could technically have as much copper as gold in the formula.

Just wanted you to know where we were coming from when talking about Bronze. Hopefully metal prices will come back down to earth so we can afford the true noble metals – in the mean time, we love being able to offer a beautiful, long lasting alternative.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Thanks for taking the time to write us, Colleen.

Bronze Is Not A Noble Metal To Us, HSN!

August 15, 2011

Et tu, Brute?

Yes, we’re talking to you, Marianna and Richard Jacobs.

This married couple, formerly of ShopNBC, does a jewelry line called “Sajen Silver” for HSN, made by hand in Bali.

Now we have Sajen Bronze on HSN, on host Colleen Lopez’s Designer Gallery show on HSN Sunday night.

Sajen's bronze peacock pendant

With the cost of sterling silver and gold skyrocketing, HSN’s silver vendors are now using cheaper metals such as bronze, copper or doing vermeil.

First it was Studio Barse doing bronze. Then it was Michael Anthony, formerly USA Gold, doing vermeil pieces. Then it was Chaco Canyon doing copper. Now it’s Sajen Silver doing bronze.

Colleen may be praising it to high heaven.

“It’s a noble metal,” she said.

Richard chimed in to say that it was so exciting to introduce a new metal.

but it stinks. We want silver!

“Genuine bronze” indeed, HSN.