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Jersey Guy Dan Dennis Joins Liquidation Channel

November 22, 2015

HSN veteran Dan Dennis is back at a home shopping network, resurfacing as a gem expert for The Liquidation Channel. He debuts on Thanksgiving Day.

Dennis posted the news on Facebook, saying he had relocated to Austin and finished negotiations with the network.

He said he will be appearing on the channel 30 to 40 hours a week, part of a roster that includes Evine Live veteran Shawn Wilsie.

We love Dennis, because he’s from Clifton, N.J., a fellow North Jerseyite, and attended Montclair State University.

Apparently, Dennis was at the Liquidation Channel back in 2011.

“There you have it — I’m actually back doing what I love to do best, with all my friends both at work, and all my friends on the airwaves around the country,” he wrote. “Hope you can find the time to watch me work my magic!”

Congrats Dan!

The Homeshoppingista’s Excellent Adventure To Interview ‘Jersey Couture’ Folk, And Wondering Why We Never Knew Actor Jon Seda Was A Neighbor In Montclair

May 15, 2010

We were in Freehold, N.J., to interview the Jersey Couture cast

It’s 1:35 a.m., so why are birds chirping outside?

Sorry no blog yesterday folks, but we were busy working.

Thursay we interviewed actor Jon Seda, who played hero John Basilone in HBO’s “The Pacific,” for a story we’re writing for Seda, of Puerto Rican descent like us, grew up in Clifton, N.J. And he lived in Montclair, our town, until a few years ago.

Friday, we drove down to Freehold to Diane & Co., the formalwear shop this is the setting for Oxygen’s new reality show, “Jersey Couture.” Loved the family that runs the shop and stars in the show, the latest in a flood of Jersey reality shows.

Did interview and then met BFF Ann McGettigan at Freehold Mall, where we had lunch at my fav, PF Changs. We had an apple martini, Ann was good.

We checked out Territory Ahead, where we bought a freshwater brooch that was on sale. Checked out the stuff we can’t afford at Nordstroms, then went to Borders where Ann installed The Homeshoppingista’s new blog logo.

We and Ann parted, and The Homeshoppinsta stopped at TJ Maxx. We bought an Our Lady of Guadalupe medal. She’s our special saint.

Stopped for chocolate milkshake at McDonalds.

Went to New York Sports Club on Route 9, to work off milkshake.

Drove home, opened mail, checked e-mails, wrote this blog.

Listened to and watched “Beautiful” music video by 10 years about 2 dozen times. That song is so haunting. We saw that video while on the elliptical at Freehold NYSC.

The Jon Seda profile and “Jersey Couture” story will be coming soon to