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Earth To JTV’s Charles Winston: You’re Annoying, Not Funny

February 16, 2014

We used to watch bling king Charles Winston on other home shopping networks, namely HSN and ShopHQ, if memory serves us correctly.

Why has he become so damn annoying on Jewelry Television, here he hawks his Moissanite jewelry line?

His not-funny attempts at humor are cringe-worthy, so much so that we feel sorry for JTV’s hosts. They seem ready to kill him at times. We don’t blame them.

Home Shopping Vet Charles Winston Lands At Jewelry Television

November 6, 2011

Has jewelry designer Charles Winston become the new Judy Crowell?

He is apparently following in her career path, now joining her at Jewelry Television, and moved on from CZ to Moissante.

Winston used to sell blingy fashion jewelry on ShopNBC, and then went on, and off, HSN.

We were checking Facebook tonight and learned he is now on JTV.

Here is what he posted:

Thank you all for making this last 2-hour show a huge success! I look forward to seeing you all at the NEW 2am that would be 2am EDT….for 1-hour and then again tomorrow evening at 8pm – 10pm EDT. Thank you one and all for making JTV my new home away from home.

Crowell has bounced around like Winston. She was a host on QVC and HSN, and then became a vendor on ShopNBC. Now she is selling jewelry on JTV.

We did a bit more checking, and apparently Winston first appeared on JTV in September. Thanks for letting us know, Chuck.

Another Facebook post:

Be certain to mark your calendar for Charles Winston’s appearance on JTV. During Charles’ last appearance this past September, almost every item shown, sold out in minutes. It happened so quickly, Mr. Winston barely was able to explain the benefits of each item and what his inspiration was.

Here is JTV’s spiel on him:

At the age of 17, Charles was brought into the jewelry industry via the family business. He developed a keen eye for quality and style and thought about how nice it would be if all women could afford to wear elegant creations of fine jewelry.

Charles Winston then formed his own jewelry manufacturing company creating fabulous jewelry utilizing sterling silver or gold. He incorporated cubic zirconia in lieu of diamonds and used lab-created (synthetic) gemstones rather than their natural counterparts.

After the success of his CZ jewelry collection, Charles recognized the need for a line of jewelry that was a step up from CZ yet still affordable. He solved that problem by partnering with Charles & Colvard, the sole source for the most beautifully created gemstone in the world, Moissanite.

Charles Winston is internationally recognized as a leading jewelry designer of diamond jewelry, Moissanite® jewelry and CZ jewelry. His focus on cutting edge design, high quality and value has been the key to his success. He can be seen on television shopping networks worldwide.

Bling King Charles Winston Is Switching To New Home Shopping Home

March 5, 2011

Cubic zirconia bling king Charles Winston says he is moving to a new home shopping network.

The question is where will it be, since he’s already done stints at ShopNBC and HSN. And we don’t really see him as a fit for QVC.

Charles Winston

Back in September Winston’s scheduled shows on HSN were abruptly cancelled due to legal issues, which Winston was unwilling to clue us in on.

Then this week on Facebook, he posted that he will be on the move.

“As many of you have suspected, my last appearance on the air was a huge hit,” Winston wrote, and we assume he is referring to HSN.

“I have decided to switch networks,” he wrote. “I have been in intense negotiations with several networks over the past 3 months and have made my choice. I will be announcing, hopefully as early as next week, which network you will be able to see my shows once aga…in. I am looking forward to wowing you with my over-the-top and some more conservative styles…all of which are fit for a queen.”

We hope they are more conservative, because his jewelry for HSN was too over-the-top for even us!

Bling King Charles Winston, Off HSN Since September, Says Legal Issues Soon Resolved

January 16, 2011

Bling jewelry designer Charles Winston cancelled his shows on HSN in September, due to pending litigation, and he hasn’t been on the home shopping network since then. Perhaps that is changing.

Last week Winston posted on his Facebook page that news will be breaking on his situation.

“Huge announcements, press releases etc are expected to be issued some time next week. Stay tuned,” Winston wrote.

Charles Winston claims news is coming

He didn’t tip his hand much beyond that. When askd for more details, Winston wrote, “That is all I can say until several documents are signed.”

Prodded for more info again, Winston said, “I dd hope everyone considers it good. I know I do. I am expecting papers to be signed on Monday.”

Winston had been on ShopNBC before coming to HSN.

CZ King Charles Winston Cancels His HSN Shows

September 22, 2010

Charles Winston MIA on HSN

Jewelry designer Charles Winston and HSN are having problems.

On Wednesday Winston posted the news that he pulled the plug on his HSN shows this week, but didn’t explain exactly why, on his Facebook page.

“To all my Facebook friends that watch my shows on HSN, it is with deep regrets that I had to cancel my shows scheduled for this week on HSN,” he wrote.

“‘HSN and I have a very stong bond as business partners. I assure you, I shall return with the most amazing CZ jewelry as soon as I get some things in order. This was not an easy dec…ision for HSN or Charles Winston, Inc. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have temporarily suspended my show schedule until further notice. Please be patient….I hope to have resolution in the next week or two. Thank you again for your patience and loyalty to HSN and the Charles Winston brands.”

Mmmmm, sounds rather mysterious.

UPDATE: Winston later posted this on Facebook.

“I promise, I am not disappearing,” he wrote. “It is just a little glitch that I need to clear up for the sake of me and HSN. Believe me, they have been more than patient and willing to work with me through this. More so than anyone could expect a client. They have added new meaning to the word partnership in my mind.”

In a later post, Winston says he hopes the issue will be resolved in a couple of weeks.

We have e-mails in to HSN and Winston.

HSN is Winston’s second home shopping venue. He was previously at ShopNBC.

Bling King Charles Winston Heading To HSN From ShopNBC Next Month

December 26, 2009

Looks like more musical chairs at the home shopping vendors, with blingy fashion jewelry designer Charles Winston headed to HSN from ShopNBC.

According to a sharp-eyed poster on QVC’s jewelry forum, actually, Winston is set to debut on HSN Jan. 9, with an early-bird show from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and then another show at a more godly hour.

There are already three items from Winston’s costume jewelry line up on HSN’s Web site, including a tanzanite-look CZ pear-shaped ring for $80 and a fancy CZ bracelet for $130.

Winston had been on ShopNBC for some time, but we guess we should have known his days were numbered there when his jewelry started showing up at TJ Maxx.

Jewelry and apparel vendors are constantly moving back and forth between HSN and ShopNBC, with Suzanne Somers the most famous one to move after more than a dozen years at HSN to go to ShopNBC in September.

But a number of veteran ShopNBC vendors moved to HSN, as well, including upscale jewelry designer Dallas Prince.