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Carolyn Pollack To Debut American West Jewelry On QVC April 29

April 21, 2012

This is a lovely present for the day after our birthday.

Carolyn Pollack, who sells Southwestern jewelry and her higher-end Sincerely Southwest lines on QVC, will premiere her American West Jewelry line on QVC next Sunday, April 29 (our B-Day is April 28). Or so she says on Facebook.

Here it tis:

Tune in to QVC on Sunday, April 29th for the debut of American West Jewelry. For more than 25 years we’ve been bringing our line of Southwestern Jewelry to QVC, and now with American West Jewelry we’ll be bringing you new designs inspired by the Southwest as well as designs that draw on a greater range of influences from the entire American West.

Carolyn will be your guide to the American West, bringing you more romance, more stories, more style and more amazing jewelry inspired by this breathtaking region.

Join us for two shows of all brand new designs inspired by both the Southwest and the legends, lifestyle and lore of the entire American West. Through sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, Carolyn will tell the story of this amazing place and the rich cultures—Native American, Spanish and Cowboy—that have met and flourished here.

As always, all of our jewelry is proudly made in the USA, right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the heart of American West!

We’ll be chatting live right here on our brand new American West Facebook page during both shows! At the end of each show we’ll play a little trivia and one winner will take home a lovely piece of Southwestern Jewelry.

The show times on QVC are:

Sunday, April 29th from 1-3am ET

Sunday, April 29th from 7-9pm ET

Facebook also says, “American West Jewelry celebrates the rich heritage, landscape and cultures of the West through symbols, stories and artisan-inspired designs. Our jewelry is proudly designed and crafted in the American West from sterling silver and natural gemstones.”

The American West Jewelry Facebook page already has more than 3,200 “Likes.”

HSN Rock Star Jay King’s Buddy Marty Colbaugh, Owner Of THE Kingman Mine, Doesn’t Play Favorites: He Sells Turquoise To HSN Rival QVC

June 26, 2010

Kingman Mine owner Marty Colbaugh (on the right, we think)

Marty Colbaugh, the owner of the Kingman Mine in Arizona, doesn’t play favorites in terms of which home shopping network he sells his turquoise to.

QVC’s Today’s Special Value Saturday is a blue Kingman turquoise necklance and enhancer made from Kingman turquoise that was found in a huge vein in the mine last year.
So Colbaugh is appearing in on-air promos on QVC and on videos on the network’s website.

But Colbaugh is also a business associate and friend of Jay King, who does the Mine Finds line for QVC rival HSN.

HSN's Jay King, Marty's friend and business associate

Just over a month ago, Colbaugh appeared live on HSN with King when the Today’s Special was a Kingman turquoise ring.

The blue Kingman turquoise used for both pieces is apparently from the same “find” last year, and there has not been such a turquoise score at the Arizona mine since the late 1960s or early 1970s, Colbaugh said on both HSN and one of his QVC videos.

When QVC host Jill Bauer said that the Today’s Special Valyue was manufactured in Albuquerque, N.M., we almost jumped out of our chair, because that’s where King’s factory is. But of course he is not making the QVC necklace.

Veteran QVC Southwestern jewelry vendor Carolyn Pollack, who like King is based in Albuquerque, is making it.