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QVC Brings Back California Gold Rush

January 24, 2017

Kudos to QVC for bringing back its 24-hour California Gold Rush even after an absence of three years. We are promised more than 200 new designs.

When gold prices soared, it put the kibosh on the QVC mainstay for a few years.

And vendor Imperial Gold, which hasn’t been on the home shopping network for seven years, has returned for the gold bonanza.

Is An LG HDTV Set A Home Theater System? QVC Seems To Think So…And How Did The Gold Rush Pan Out?

February 6, 2010

Yesterday we wrote that QVC’s Today’s Special Value would be a home theater system from a new vendor to the network, LG. Why did we say that? Well, QVC’s program guide described LG’s midnight show as “LG Home Theater,” with a blurb talking about the manufacturer’s home theater systems.

Well, the QVC TSV is from LG, and it’s a 47-inch high resoluton HDTV set, at $895. Last time we looked, a TV set is not a home theater system. A home theater system is speakers, surround-sound, etc.

So why did QVC lead customers and snooks like us to believe the day’s best deal would be a home theater system, not just a TV set, in its online program guide? You tell us.

By the way, we’re still waiting for the QVC PR department to put out a press release on the network’s Jan. 24 annual California Gold Rush sale. QVC was boasting that it had than $30 million worth of gold jewelry to sell.

QVC never told us what happened with the Gold Rush, which means one of two things: It did not sell all $30 million worth of merchandise, or it did and the PR department was too lazy to put out a release on it.

Either way, it not good for QVC.

QVC Offering Free Shipping And Handling For $30 Million California Gold Rush Sale

January 18, 2010

With home shopping networks cutting back on selling gold jewelry, with the price of that precious metal at an all-time high, we’re waiting to see what kind of merchandise QVC will be hawking during its 23rd Annual California Gold Rush Sale Sunday.

During the all-day event QVC will be selling more than $30 million in 14K gold jewely to commemorate the 162nd anniversary of the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, Calif., which was the largest gold strike in U.S. history.

QVC is springing for free standard shipping and handling for the event, which the network says will be “featuring lots of new designs reflecting the latest trends (including big, bold gem looks), plus over 100 additional sale designs on that you won’t see on-air.”

According to the World Gold Council, QVC offers the largest assortment of 14K gold jewelry in the United States, the network says on its Web site.

QVC’s 23rd Annual California Gold Rush Sale will offer the network’s our largest selection of 14K gold until August.