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Was Joan Rivers Irked By Miss Piggy’s Cake Slam At QVC Soiree?

March 3, 2014

We watched part of QVC’s pre-Oscar red-carpet show, which was broadcast live Friday night from Beverly Hills. But did we miss a spat between jewelry vendor Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy? We did, according to The New York Daily News.

When we were tuned in to the star-studded program, we saw Rivers touting a large necklace, priced at $273, that she was wearing in black.$uslarge$

The News ran a story Sunday on the event with the headline “Miss Piggy gives Joan cake lift at pre-Oscar party.” The item said that Rivers and Miss Piggy “squared off” at QVC’s event. Did anyone see this exchange on-air?

The News reported that Rivers wisecracked to the porker, “What are you selling, half-baked hams?”

Missy Piggy apparently was not amused. She shot back at Rivers, “Oh, a pork joke, how original,” and then repeated the phrase “plastic surgery” several times, according to The News.

Rivers wound up with a cake in her face. Perhaps this was a planned bit, but the photo of Rivers doesn’t look like it. Rivers appears angry and upset.

See for yourself.
“The comedian was then seen running from the hotel with icing all over her face,” The News wrote.