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Paula Abdul Is Selling The ‘Star’ Bracelet She Wore On ‘American Idol’ On HSN, Says She Gifted A ‘Variety’ Exec With Some Of Her Jewelry

December 12, 2009

After an unexplained cancellation of a visit this fall, former “American Idol” judge and singer Paula Abdul was on HSN Saturday to celebrate the first anniversary of her jewelry line, Forever Your Girl.

And she told a juicy tidbit about an exec at Variety, the sister publication of the trade magazine where we used to work.

Abdul was showing off a tricolor knot ring and matching bracelet that have pave stones. Abdul said that she recently attended an event honoring famed director Steven Spielberg, and she wore both those tricolor pieces. Abdul was sitting “next to the woman who runs Variety,” and the woman started raving about the jewelry, according to the singer.

Abdul took the ring and bracelet off and gave them to the unnamed Variety honcho. “She was just so happy,” Abdul said.

“We haven’t seen Paula since July,” HSN host Marlo Smith told viewers. She failed to mention that Abdul had been on HSN’s program schedule in October, but that appearance was canceled without explanation.

Abdul’s “Reach for the Stars” pave bracelet and ring, which she wore during “American Idol” telecasts, were both on clearance for $10 each.

Abdul says she gets stopped in the street when she wears that jewelry. “Everyone says, ‘That’s the ‘American Idol’ bracelet,'” Abdul said.

The singer also said she wore several of her various bracelets stacked at the recent American Music Awards.

We were eyeing Abdul’s nail polish, which was gold with sparkles. It was a little over the top, which Abdul later admitted on-air.

“Forgive my nail polish, I think it’s a little much,” Abdul told viewers, adding later on, “My nails are ridiculous.”

Girlfriend, we love you for being honest.

Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Set To Return, With Son, To QVC This Weekend

October 8, 2009

High-end jewelry designer Judith Ripka’s work can be found in upscale stores like Saks and Bloomies, and on QVC. She is one of several well-known and renowned designers, such as Robert Lee Morris, who do moderately priced jewelry lines for the No. 1 home shopping channel.

We have stood outside Ripka’s shop on Manhattan’s ritzy East Side and just peered at the window, where her high-end gold and silver merchandise — some studded with diamonds — is on display. We don’t dare go in, because we know the prices are exorbitant. That’s where QVC comes in. 

Ripka, who has vehement QVC fans, will be back on the network Sunday, Oct. 11, with the Today’s Special Value, a sterling bracelet collection.

Our blog is going to quote Ripka’s blog. On, Ripka recalls the time in 2006 when actress Sandra Bullock was on the cover of Vogue magazine wearings Ripka’s cuffs. Ripka says it was a high point in her career, and that the TSV will echo the design of the cuffs Bullock wore.

Ripka may be a Park Avenue type, but she is utterly gracious to her QVC fans and obviously loves her work. For QVC, she works with vividly colored gemstones in sterline silver, with an ornate and very distinctive look. Some of the pieces are quite affordable, but larger things like big bracelets are expensive.  We have one of her enhancers, in white quartz.  

In her blog Ripka said that her son Brian, the president of her company, will be on the air on QVC from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Oct. 11. As curious as we are to see him, that’s just too late — or too early — for us.