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Designer Dell’Olio Says ‘Open Issues’ Need To Be Settled For His Collection To Stay On QVC

April 23, 2010

Fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio met with QVC officials Thursday to discuss the future of his clothing line, but said that there are still issues that need to be resolved in order for his collection to continue to be sold on the home shopping channel.

On his blog, Dell’Olio left a somewhat cryptic blog about what happened Thursday.

Here it is:

My dear friends.

First, I must thank you for all of the support and love you have shown Jac and myself. If it weren’t for all of you, this meeting would have never taken place. Jac came with me to the city for moral support. I also went into the meeting with all of your suggestions and good wishes.

I am pleased to be able to report to you that I met with the QVC representatives in New York City at the Linea offices, to discuss the future of the Linea/QVC relationship. The meeting was a positive one, but there are certain important matters yet to be agreed upon. It is my hope that this can be accomplished quickly and satisfactorily.

 I will be able to continue to provide you with my Linea collection through QVC. I will report back to you as soon as the open issues are resolved.

Blinddogs, if and when this should happen, I need to know which green you want matched….an A# would help!!!!!! All my LOVE….and a big THANK YOU……………Louis

Dell’Olio’s QVC fans, who call themselves the Linea Ladies, mounted a campaign to keep the designer on QVC when they heard the network planned to dump his Linea line in the fall. They phoned the offices of QVC president Mike George and John Malone, the chairman of QVC parent LIbery Media, and sent letters to the companies.

On the heels of that campaign, where the Linea Ladies threatened to boycott QVC, the home shopping channel asked to meet with the designer to talk about the future his QVC collection. That’s the meeting that took place.

Here’s hoping that Dell’Olio irons out any “issues” with QVC, because we like his clothes, too.

Hot Flash: Designer Louis Dell’Olio Meets Thursday With QVC Officials About The Future Of His Clothing Line

April 20, 2010

It looks like the QVC customer campaign to keep designer Louis Dell’Olio on the home shopping network may be working.

On Monday Dell’Olio wrote on his blog that he has a meeting set for Thursday with the honchos at QVC.

Here is his post:

My Dear Friends,

As of this posting, my “discussion” with QVC regarding Linea’s future will take place this Thursday afternoon. I want you all to know that I am taking all of your thoughts, suggestions and ideas with me. I have continually read all of your postings and can’t thank you enough for your untiring support and guidance. You have aided me in focusing on what is most important for Linea. You are one strong, intelligent group of women. It is an honor to know you. Obviously, you a force to be reckoned with……….always, with Love……..Louis

As we’ve said before, campaigns by fans — and threatened boycotts — to keep a cancelled TV show on the air, for example, only rarely work.

But it looks like all the irate phone calls that Dell’Olio’s “Linea Ladies” made last week and Monday to QVC president Mike George and the honchos at QVC’s parent Liberty Media, John Malone and Greg Maffei, may be working. These ladies were threatening to boycott QVC and take their disposable income elsewhere.

Last week Dell’Olio, who just celebrated his 10th anniversary on QVC, wrote in his blog that the home shopping channel had informed him it wasn’t placing any new orders or reorders for his Linea line come the fall.

MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ Episode Where ‘Snooki’ Gets Punched Adds Fuel To Call For Boycott Of Show, New York Tabloids Report

December 10, 2009

MTV screen grabs from New York Post report on the punch episode

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is back tonight, and the debate over the sleazy show continues, at least in the Big Apple media.

The New York Times, New York Daily News and New York Post all have follow-up stories Thursday on the reality show, with the latest rub being that one of the self-proclaimed “guidettes” in the cast, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, gets punched by some jerk at a bar in the Dec. 17 episode.

MTV plans to run a PSA after that installment saying that violence against women is a crime, and providing the number for the National Teen Dating Hotline, according to the News.

UNICO, an Italian American group, is calling for advertisers to boycott the show. So far, Domino’s Pizza and American Family Insurance have pulled their ads from “Jersey Shore,” the Post and Daily News reported Thursday.

The New York Times did a story on “Jersey Shore” in its “Our Towns” column. The piece quotes a guy we’d like to get in touch with, Robert Galinsky, who coaches reality-TV performers at the New York Reality TV School.

He postulates that our beloved Garden State has become “reality central” because of its diverse and feisty population, who’ve “got that chip on their shoulder because of New York,” he tells The Times.