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HSN Jay King Update: More Turquoise Bowls Are Coming In November

October 4, 2009

On HSN Jay King’s large turquoise bowls were such a hit that they sold out Saturday. We couldn’t even find them on the home shopping channel’s Web site. But King said that he will have 500 smaller turquoise bowls coming to HSN in November.

He also had a bowl made of gorgeous blue lapiz on display during one of his afternoon shows, but there was no word about when that will be available.

King has the Today’s Special coming up for Sunday.

HSN ‘Rock’ Star Jay King Is Back This Weekend, With Teases About His Long-Awaited Bowls

October 3, 2009

Turquoise king Jay King, a fixture for 14 years on HSN with his “Mine Finds By Jay King” shows, is on all this weekend to kick off the network’s October gem month.

King travels around the world (he’s a pilot who flies himself around a lot) to find unusual stones to use in jewelry made by his company, which is based in New Mexico. But his main specialty is turquoise jewelry, due to the great contacts he has among Arizona turquoise mines. 

For the past few visits King has been talking about an expansion of his line beyond jewelry: bowls crafted out of turquoise. These bowls will arrive at HSN this month.

We did not stay up late last night to see his first shows this weekend, but on the HSN online forums viewers quoted King about the bowls. He said he will have 100 in a large size that he showed on-air, and 500 smaller versions of the bowl for sale.

Some of King’s fans are clamoring for the bowls, but fear they will be costly, in the $350 to $400 range.

In its spots promoting King’s shows, HSN depicts him as a real-life Indiana Jones. He is a bit of a character, telling stories about the trials and tribulations he goes through to find his “rough” in out-of-the-way corners of the world.

For rock hounds like us, it’s fascinating to hear his stories. He tends to repeat himself a bit, but we don’t mind. It’s like hearing your boyfriend or husband tell the same sweet anecdote for the 100th time.

Female viewers have taken a shine to King, and asked about his personal life. But he’s got a home-town honey stashed away in the Southwest, last time we heard.