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JTV Caps Diamond Month With Finale On Our Birthday, April 28

April 19, 2013

April is Diamond Month, and even more importantly, it’s our birthday month.

Jewelry Television has been featuring diamonds all month, with the grand finale set for April 28 — our birthday! Holla for Taurus.

“There will be diamonds of every shape and color available online and on TV,” a JTV spokeswoman told us.

JTV blue diamonds

JTV blue diamonds

Now, we hate to throw a water balloon on JTV’s parade, but we don’t dig the quality of its while diamonds. We don’t expect flawless diamonds for bargain prices, but we don’t want cloudy ones, either. But the network’s colored diamonds look OK.

“Many consumers don’t realize that diamonds come in every color of the rainbow,” Natalie Parman, JTV’s vice president of merchandising, said in a canned statement. “JTV’s diamond month finale will be full of color featuring unique blue, champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds alongside traditional white diamonds.”

More blue diamonds

More blue diamonds

According to JTV, the top trends in diamond jewelry include diamond earrings in numerous shapes and colors, as well as diamond cross and heart pendants.

“The hottest trend is blue diamonds,” Parman said. “Our customers clamor for any piece of jewelry featuring blue diamonds.”

Diamonds are known as one of the hardest substances in the world and are still the number No. 1 choice to signify love and commitment. Diamonds are also the traditional birthstone for the month of April. Yes indeed, it is our birthstone.

“Jewelry Television’s diamond buyers canvas the globe searching for the best buys on diamonds,” the network said in a press release. “JTV’s vast international network and purchasing power allow the network to offer a diamond selection difficult to find at traditional jewelry retailers.”

ShopNBC Does ‘Twilight,’ And We’re Talking About Black Diamonds, Not Young Vampires

April 19, 2010

On its 30-hour Diamond Day Sunday, ShopNBC introduced a new line of black diamonds, called the Twilight Diamond Collection.

In fact, the network’s Today’s Top Value was a one-carat black and white diamond sterling silver stick cross.

The cross was $188, at five $38 Value Pays. We know we shouldn’t have, but we ordered it. We collect crosses, and a black diamond one was too much to resist. If it is really sparkly, we’ll keep it. If not, it goes back.

ShopNBC’s rivals have been selling colored diamonds for some time. QVC, as part of its trademark Affinity diamond line, offers Skylit Affinity blue diamonds, as well as champagne, black and yellow diamonds.

HSN sells black and blue diamonds, although not under any special name.

And just like QVC has its diamond expert, Michael O’Connor, ShopNBC trotted out its counterpart to him, “Jewelry Expert” Liz Bucheit, on Sunday.