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Page Six Spots HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English — Apparently Over His Broken Engagement — Drinking, Dancing On A Banquette And Playing Air Guitar

January 31, 2010

The New York Post’s Page Six continues to track HSN celebrity chef Todd English as he cavorts following leaving his bride at the altar last October.

Today Page Six says that English, who sells a line of “green” pans on HSN, was “embracing his bachelorhood” by drinking Belvedere, dancing on a banquette and playing air guitar at Bagatelle in Manhattan.

English’s jilted bride, Erica Wang, claims he left her at the altar on the day of their wedding. English denies it, and filed domestic assault charges against Wang. She may be taking anger management classes and doing community service to get the charges dismissed. Isn’t love grand?

Thank God the Post isn’t watching our whereabouts, otherwise they would have seen us sloshing down two huge margaritas with a gang of journalists at the Diva Lounge in Montclair, N.J., last night. With our buzz on, we sent out one of those e-mails last night that you wish you could pull back.