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Famed Fashion Designer And Ex-HSN Vendor Arnold Scaasi Dies At 85

August 6, 2015

One-time HSN vendor Arnold Scaasi, a storied fashion designer whose dresses were worn by actresses and First Ladies, died at age 85 On Tuesday.

Scaasi was born Arnold Isaacs, but he reversed the letters of his last name early in his career. He did a line of costume jewelry for HSN several years ago that was truly gorgeous, and was so inexpensive it was unbelievable.

But we blogged about him because whenever he appeared on the home shopping network he was incredibly rude to the hosts, very haughty.

We guess that’s because he had made such a name for himself designing clothes for folks such Barbra Streisand, Barbara Bush, Joan Rivers, Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor.

The New York Times obit on Scaasi had an anecdote about how the designer lost Jacqueline Kennedy as a customer when he wanted her to pay wholesale for his designs for her, rather than comping her the items for the publicity he would get. Jackie turned to Oleg Casini instead.

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams had a great story about Scaasi.

“To judge the Miss Universe pageant, I once brought him to Puerto Rico,” Adams wrote. “Tragedy struck. Fellow judge Lynn Redgrave’s luggage went lost. Scaasi grabbed the hotel housekeeper’s yellow bedsheet. Draped, wrapped, tucked, and it became a Grecian goddess gown. I added my own coral brooch, earrings, necklace and out to the cameras and half a million viewers paraded Lynn. Like a queen.”

HSN Starts Hunt For ‘Next Big Idea’ In Promotion With Seth Rogen Film

October 26, 2012

HSN has cooked up another promotion linked to a new movie, this time with Seth Rogen’s “The Guilt Trip.” Our fellow Taurus Barbra Streisand is also in it.

In the flick Rogen plays a struggling inventor traveling across the country to sell his product, and the deal is that HSN going to to conduct a nationwide search “for the next big idea,” it announced Thursday. The home shopping network is partnering with Paramount Pictures, part of nutty Sumner Redstone’s realm, and “online inventor community” Edison Nation, so were are told.

Coming Christmas Day

Aspiring inventors are invited to attend an open call at Paramount’s Hollywood studios on Nov. 17 or submit their ideas online at

“Long established as a launching pad for entrepreneurs, HSN will give one inventor the chance of a lifetime – to present their product at HSN,” the press release says.

“Once again, HSN proves to be an innovator in creativity and programming with this incredible tie-in to the film,” LeeAnne Stables, President of Consumer Products for Paramount Pictures and head of global marketing partnerships for the studio, said in a canned statement. “Creating an opportunity for inventors nationwide to have a chance to appear on HSN is a fantastic compliment to the storyline of an inventor on a cross-country road trip with his mother (played by Barbra Streisand) to pitch his product.”

Following the online search and at the live event, Edison Nation’s team of product experts will review the submissions and present the top concepts to HSN on Dec. 4. A panel of judges will select the final product and the inventor will have the opportunity to appear live on HSN during the primetime “The Guilt Trip” Event on Dec. 23 (Jeez, Christmas is coming) to share his or her inventing experience.

Their item will be sold at HSN next year.

“HSN has always been an incubator for bold and creative entrepreneurs,” our buddy Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development said. “Their passion, dedication and vision have greatly contributed to HSN’s success today. We are thrilled to be involved in this heart-warming, hilarious film and look forward to working closely with Paramount and Edison Nation to discover the next ‘big idea’.”

Got a product you want to pitch? You can show up at Paramount’s lot Nov. 17. Inventors are encouraged to preregister for the live event online at in order to be guaranteed a spot in the prescreening product review.

Or go to Edison Nation ( now through Nov. 12 to submit ideas. It is free to join Edison Nation and costs $25 (mmmmmmmmm) to submit an idea, which covers a portion of the cost the company incurs to review all ideas.

Here’s the boilerplate on “The Guilt Trip.”

“The Guilt Trip” stars Rogen as Andy Brewster, an inventor about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, and who better to accompany him than his overbearing mother Joyce, played by Barbra Streisand. After deciding to start his adventure with a quick visit at mom’s, Andy is guilted into bringing her along for the ride.

Across 3,000 miles of ever-changing landscape, he is constantly aggravated by her antics, but over time he comes to realize that their lives have more in common than he originally thought. His mother’s advice might end up being exactly what he needs. “The Guilt Trip” is directed by Anne Fletcher, written by Dan Fogelman and produced by Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn and Evan Goldberg.

The movie opens Christmas Day.

HSN is also creating a week-long programming event tied to the opening of the film. “The Guilt Trip” Week, which runs Dec. 17 through 25 on HSN, is a celebration of independent inventors and ingenious products that gives customers an inside look at the multichannel retailer and the product creation process of some of the most popular brands and must-have products from HSN.

Crabby Designer Arnold Scaasi To Shutter His Couture Business, But Continue His HSN Jewelry Line

July 22, 2010

One of Scaasi's HSN pieces

Mr. Charm and Warmth himself, Arnold Scaasi, is shuttering his apparel business after 55 years of supplying dresses to women like Barbara Bush and Barbra Streisand (he designed the see-through pants she wore to the Oscars in 1969).

But never fear, home shopping queens, Scaasi will continue to do his fashion jewelry line for HSN.

The New York Times had the news Thursday about Scaasi ending his dress line, in a story headlined “No More Flattery From Scaasi,” which we believe was a sarcastic hede. We hadn’t been aware of this, but Scaasi apparently has criticized Michelle Obama’s fashion style. We guess he feels he’s qualified, since he has dressed five First Ladies during his career, according to The Times.

Scaasi, who had been making 20 custom gowns a month, has a glorious jewelry line on HSN. The pieces are gorgeous, and really well-priced.

But he is a nasty jackass on-air, being rude to hosts such as Colleen Lopez, who gave it right back to him — in a nice way. He acts like he is above selling goods on a home shopping channel.

Well, if Badgley Mischka can come to HSN and not be condescending, so can Scaasi. We don’t care how many First Ladies he has dressed.