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Jewelry Designer Barbara Bixby Will Be A No-Show At QVC

November 6, 2019

Another veteran QVC vendor has decided to no longer make that long, lonely ride to West Chester to do on-air product presentations.

You won’t be seeing jewelry designer Barbara Bixby, whose creations are divine, on the Q any more. We found out about it not via Barbara, but through a third-person Facebook post on “Barbara Bixby Designs.”

The post said “Deciding not to do on-air presentations at QVC was one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make but after 20 years it was time to do the things that is also passionate about as well as continuing with her jewelry.”

The post said Barbara will continue to sell her creations on as well as

Recently fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio, who lost his wife and sometime-QVC model to cancer a few years back, also announced that he would no longer be doing on-air presentations.

We don’t blame these folks for not wanting to trek to QVC. We did it once, and it is a hike. But we enjoy listening to creators, especially people like Barbara, explain the inspiration for their work.

And with this development, we quite frankly wonder how long Barbara’s jewelry will continue to be sold on QVC.

The Homeshoppingista Takes First Shot At Selling Dallas Prince Diamond Cross On eBay

December 28, 2009

We’ve in the midst of our first experience trying to sell something on eBay, a large Dallas Prince gothic diamond cross.

We purchased the designer cross, with almost one carat of diamonds (our birthstone), from ShopNBC five years ago.

We turned to eBay after reading QVC’s jewelry forums, where posters often mention buying designer jewelry, from Barbare Bixby and Judith Ripka, on the Bay.

Since we made our purchase, the lovely blonde jewelry designer Prince has since shifted and is now selling her upscale pieces on HSN.

We’re such eBay novices that we didn’t even realize that the price we put up was the minimum bid. We thought people could bid under or over that.

We also had no idea that the bidding process had a one week limit.

A family friend was kind enough to post our Prince cross, and we’re waiting to see what happens.

QVC Gives Jewelry Lovers A Gift With Day Dedicated To Jewelry Gifts, With Judith Ripka TSV Button Earrings

December 8, 2009

Loyal QVC viewers — us included — who have been griping about the lack of jewelry shows on the home shopping network should be happy Tuesday.

QVC has dedicated most of the day to “Jewely Gifts of Distinction,” kicking off the event with a Today’s Special Value from Judith Ripka.

The TSV is gem button earrings, for both pierced ears but also in clips, that come in five different gemstones, including our favorite, crystal quartz. The earrings are $100, on three Easy Pays.

Today QVC is also offering jewelry from high-end designers Stephen Dweck, with his new Dweck Diamonds line, Michael Dawkins, Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Echo of the Dreamer, Barry Cord and Ann King, who is married to noted jewelry designer Steven Lagos.

So far, we have not seen Judith Ripka on herself. Her son seems to be subbing for her. At midnight, host Jane Teacy introduced the TSV and mistakenly said it was from Joan Rivers, leaving Ripka’s son looking a little uneasy. But Treacy then went on to get the name right — Ripka, not Rivers.

We guess Jane wasn’t used to be up past her bedtime, on the air at midnight.

Jewelry Designer Barbara Bixby’s Husband Hits A Sour Note On QVC: His CD Is No Special Value

November 10, 2009


Bixby's husband Frank Carillo

God is going to get us for writing this. We tuned to jewelry designer’s Barbara Bixby’s 7 p.m. show on QVC Monday, and heard some annoying background music, with vocals.

Well, it turns out it was Bixby’s husband, guitar player Frank Carillo. We’ve never heard of him, but Bixby whipped out a copy of his latest CD, “Someday,” and plugged it. QVC is selling the CD, which features Carillo and his group the Bandoleros, online.

It turns out Carillo is a Cancer, born July 14, so he’s OK in our book, although we’re not so sure about his singing.

His wife Bixby has QVC’s Today’s Special Value, an initial enhancer with an indigo pearl necklace at $135.

The talented designer must be one of the most petite women we’ve ever seen. She looks tiny next to host Lisa Robertson.

This visit Bixby has a white topaz cross bangle bracelet, at $329, that matches a cross enhancer that’s part of her collection.

We ordered the cross once, and it was pretty, but too small for our taste. Our motto is go big or go home.

Jewelry Designer Barbara Bixby’s Fanatic Fans Can’t Wait For Her Return To QVC Monday

November 7, 2009

There are no more fanatic jewelry lovers than the women who buy Barbara Bixby’s pieces on QVC. It’s like a cult.

These collectors are the most active on the channel’s online forums, and do countdowns to the jewelry designer’s visits. There are at least a half-dozen threads on Bixby right now.

This group of jewelry geeks is in heaven because Bixby will be back on QVC Monday with the Today’s Special Value, which one snoop suspects is a teal-colored pearl necklace with an initial enhancer.

But QVC already has that necklace online, which it does not normally do with TSVs. So maybe the TSV isn’t the pearls and enhancer.

Bixby’s pieces are pretty, but a little pricey for us. We’re more of an Ann King fan, whose line also sells on QVC. King, by the way, is married to high-end — and famous jewelry designer — Steven Lagos.

Guilty Of Returning Too Many Jeanne Bice Tops And Joan Rivers’ Jewelry? Irate QVC Customers Accuse Network of Reneging On 30-Day Unconditional Return Policy

September 30, 2009

For many months now, some posters on QVC’s online forums have been complaining about “the letter.” A number of customers claim they have received letters from the No. 1 home shopping network warning them that they are returning too many items. The gist of the letter is apparently that these excessive returns are costing QVC too much time and money.

Customer complaints have surfaced again this week, on a QVC forum thread called “The Letter! The Q Has A Lot of Nerve!” Several irked customers claim they were sent the letter, charging that the warning violates QVC’s stated policy of merchandise being able to be returned within 30 days, no questions asked.

Skeptical posters said if such a letter exists, how come nobody has posted it on the forums. But other customers claimed that the letter and excerpts from it have been repeatedly posted, only to be quickly deleted.

It’s unclear how many returns trigger a warning letter, or what the precise consequences are if you keep sending back products. Are you banned from placing future orders with QVC? Is your Q Card revoked? Some posters claimed QVC was threatening to close the accounts of compulsive product-returners.

Let’s put it this way: We have been reading complaints about this “letter” for at least six months now on QVC’s jewelry forum. Unless mass hysteria has hit QVC’s viewers, or they are compulsive liars, we’ve got to believe the letter does exist and is being mailed.

We’d love to see it, by the way, if you have a copy. There’s got to be some fans of Joan Rivers, Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Michael Dawkins, Judith Ripka and Jeanne Bice who have gotten it.

QVC declined to comment on the matter. “QVC’s practice does not encompass sharing any information pertaining to our customers,” was the response from the home shopping channel’s PR department.

The purported letter has sparked a lively debate on the “Lot of Nerve” thread. There are 13 pages of comments. Some complained that they were returning more items because the quality of QVC’s products had gone downhill, or because of inconsistent sizing of its clothing. So customers shouldn’t be penalized for returning merchandise that’s not up to par, they argued.

“The new arrogance and greed of QVC never ceases to amaze me,” wrote one poster, who suggested people write their own letters to QVC’s president.

Another poster cited QVC’s return policy verbatim. “A customer may return an item to QVC (and its subsidiaries) for any reason within 30 days of the customer’s receipt of the item. QVC wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, send it back within 30 days of receipt for exchange or full refund of the purchase price, less applicable Q Return Label fee.”

She wrote, “If the above is NOT, in fact, QVC’s return policy, and QVC has some unwritten rule about the number of returns a customer can make, then what is stated above is clearly false advertising. I can’t imagine why QVC wouldn’t want to be as forthright as possible concerning their business practices.”

Others defended QVC, saying that “serial” returners were taking advantage of the 30-day return policy by using beauty or food items for nearly a month – or wearing clothes for special events — and then sending them back for a full refund.

Others argued that QVC was doing out-of-control shopaholics a favor by allegedly threatening to put the kibosh on their buying.

“I don’t blame QVC,” wrote one poster. “You must return close to 60 percent of purchases to get the letter.”

And still others said if customers are so dissatisfied with QVC’s products, whey do they keep shopping there?

“I do not think the letter is nervy,” yet another QVC defender wrote. “It’s good business.”