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Ex-JTV Host Avi Vieira Resurfaces As Watch Rep On Evine Live

July 1, 2015

Former Jewelry Television host Avi Vieira has come back to where she once was: a watch ambassador on Evine Live, once ShopNBC.

Thanks to a tip from a reader, we learned that Vieira resurfaced on Evine Live Tuesday night as a rep for Watchstar timepieces.

Avi Vieira

Avi Vieira

“To me, she seems a little dry and stiff,” our tipster wrote. “I hope she’s enjoying it, but she doesn’t really seem to. Her LinkedIn page says that she went to work for the Knoxville Opera after leaving JTV.

Vieira quickly posted a response on our blog.

“Oh no!” she wrote, “I hate that I seemed stiff. Sadly, I literally was, being that I pinched a nerve in my back and can barely move my neck. I guess skydiving for my birthday wasn’t the best idea after all… I’m not as resilient as I once was. Haha!! I do indeed work for Knoxville Opera. I’m the Develpment Manager there. I feel so blessed to be able to work for a non-profit and support the arts! Thanks for watching the show! :-)”

Ironically, Vieira had been a a rep for a watch vendor for then ShopNBC, before she joined JTV as a host. But her tenure wasn’t that long at the Knoxville home shopping channel.

We didn’t catch her presentation, but the Watchstar pieces looked gorgeous.

Jewelry Television Cans Host Avi Vieira, ShopHQ Alum

March 5, 2014

A kind tipster let us know Tuesday that Avi Vieira’s brief stint as a host at Jewelry Television has abruptly ended. We saw her make one big boo-boo that no doubt didn’t do anything to lengthen her tenure in Knoxville.

Vieira, who joined JTV after serving as a watch spokesman on ShopHQ, came clean on her own Facebook page.

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining  JTV's Stretch Pay while on-air with JTV host Sharon Scott

Avi Vieira, left, misspoke when explaining JTV’s Stretch Pay option while on-air with fellow host Sharon Scott

“I was sadly let go… I will miss my JTV home,” she posted last week.

Our friend had a theory about why Vieira was given a pink slip.

“I’m guessing she didn’t have enough of a Southern accent for that channel,” he said.

However, we saw Vieira mess up one night, when she was co-hosting with Sharon Scott.

Vieira was explaining how JTV’s “Stretch Pay” — its version of QVC’s Easy Pay and HSN’s Flex Pay — works. She told shoppers that they had to qualify to use Stretch Pay. Our ears perked up, because we knew that was just not correct, and Scott looked shocked, like she was going to have a cow.

Scott quickly corrected Vieira, explaining to viewers that shoppers only had to qualify to get a JTV charge card, not to use Stretch Pay.

That little episode we’re quite sure, didn’t help Vieira.